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Description : Your welcome to use this for free but just make sure to feature me in the song if you decide to use it! My artist name is Cabilo, thanks!

Description : Credit me when using on Youtube - AddisonZegan
If need for spotify etc. Contact me

Description : @Yaccnmusic

if you use my vocals please consider donating at least a $1 or more to my paypal account to fund my music
I ALSO DO CUSTOM VOCALS AND LYRICS and guitar and bass loops FOR YOUR SONGS FOR 50$ A SONG I also sell loops pack hit me up for more info

Description : Let me know if I should upload more :)

Description : Best remix will receive a cash prize! To participate you must be a patreon (link in my profile) or enter by purchasing this product gum.co/MaXXE DM me your remixes on patron! winner will be announced August 14th for more info go to patreon.com/feezmuzik

Description : You can use this acapella on every platform, BUT you must put my name on the feat.


Description : I was at home alone experimenting with my voice I doubt I'll use this but I love the energy.

As Always if you wanna work together contact me through LooperMan

Description : by jack macrath

Description : Hey Guys! My little cuz came to sing ths song he he made this sad vocal just for yall! I hope you like it

Description : I Had a beautiful dream..
Layered 2 wet vox together and split dry vox too..


Description : For Ruslan's Track Jumbo Dream which he used my beat loop..

Description : Vocal Stem from DREAM VACATION"s Hidden Life
please add ( feat. Dream Vacation) when posting. Thanks!
We didnt record to a click so this one ranges from 114 - 120. G, C, B

Cant wait to hear what you all do with this.

Description : Full song stem from Dream Vacation's EP

Starts in C + G

Description : please title (feat. DREAM VACATION) when posting. Thanks!

Full song - starting notes. F, C, B

Description : PLEASE PUT (feat. Dream Vacation) if posted. Thanks!
Full song. Loose format so there are a couple options for bridges and choruses. opens with chord and beat for reference.

Description : Hey, Yo, Fly, High, Yo,

Description : C# Maj Key

When something's happening in your life , but you feel that exact same thing has happened before?
Deja Vu!
May be in your dream, may be not!

Description : if used include ft metaled in the title donations are needed thank you

Description : I Literally just wrote an recorded this just to post up here lol, i'll be doing all type of music, request something an i got ya, i do trap, r&b i try to do whatever, whatever i blow up with first i'll be okay wit that?

Description : Had a weird dream the other night and decided to write about it, let me know what you guys think and show me what you do with it!

Tags : 110 bpm | Rock | 729.51 KB | Has Lyrics | Male | Unknown | Singing
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Description : For dreamers. Lost and Found.

Description : Spoken word. Please credit me and send me links to finished tracks.

Tags : 40 bpm | Spoken Word | 5.19 MB | Has Lyrics | Male | Unknown | Rapping
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Description : Check out this motivational snippet that I put out here from a larger series.

contact me at facebook kamal.imani or kamalsupreme

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 62
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