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Tags : 130 bpm | Pop | 707.21 KB | Male | Singing
Description : i wrote this please dont use autotune if you use it. i would like a dark style like billie eilish or au/ra but do whatever you want with it
Description : Free for personal use only.. ie. Soundcloud
Not free for monetisation or commercial use.
For commercial/profit use, contact me.

My soundcloud: Cole The VII

Contact me for dry vocals, or anything else, like vocal stems etc..

Email: TheMusicVII(at)gmail.com

C Major
Description : VARIETY
Description : adlibs to the vocal named My dream - they are the same length as the main vocal road - just put them together - beginning to beginning.
Description : 75 bpm - Am - G - Dm - G
Am - G -Dm
Dm -Am - G -Dm
ref- G - Dm - G - Em
It's aboutfalling stars dreams and devotion
Description : auto tune vocal
Tags : 109 bpm | Soul | 2.64 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Its a Hare Krishna Saturday, or Sunday if you live on a mountain!
Another Shamoozey acapella masterpiece and a 109 BuMP. Perfect!
Get in touch for rights to commercially produce this dream pella for money! And feat. Shamoozey, the bald one himself.
in YOUR musical creation. Yeah!
Description : Electronic vocal. Chords Em Am C G Please credit me and send me links to finished tracks. Contact me for commercial use.
Description : Credit #KaCajun in your production if you use my voice! #KaCajun 1 OF 14 #acapellas you can download Now on www.Looperman.com https://soundcloud.com/kacajun
improv vocals that I layered a ton in my version 92bpm Key of C + A# Have fun!

You are free to use and post. If you sell the song or get royalties, please contact me for percentage split.

my take
Description : PLEASE CREDIT DREAM VACATION. some vocals for a song we're working on. 102 beats per minute.
I believe it's in the key C. Free to use of remixes and post. If you put it up for sale or royalties, please contact me and we'll work out a percentage to share. Thanks!

My files was actually at 101.9997 bpm but that shouldn't matter when chopping up vocals. Also some verbed out AHHHS at the end.

my version
Tags : 128 bpm | House | 5.20 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : A deep Acapella by Shamoozey aimed at the 'House' genre. Old vs New! lol. BPM 128. Any key will suffice. If you want to release 'commercially' please get in touch for contract.
Description : Just another version of an idea. Please credit me if you use.
Description : when i made this beat and hook i wanted the hook to tell you not to give up and keep pushing for your dreams to come true. so basically as you dream you here a voice telling not to give up. also check the beat i made for this on my looperman page called DREAMS
Description : Just thinking about a few bad decisions when I did this. Please credit me if you can use. Thanks
Description : a woman that can roll a blunt im singing i do this allday
a mans dream lady all genre allowed
Tags : 90 bpm | Pop | 2.89 MB | Male | Singing | Key : D#
Description : Here is my Pop/Rock-vocal from my own track "The Dream Of My Life", but im sure it can be used in any genre. This acapella is free for non-commercial and non-profit use (such as Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube etc.). Just credit me in the title (feat. Martin Gunnarsson) For commercial purposes (iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, label releases etc.), please contact me for License Agreement. Email me at: Thank you and enjoy!
Description : Moses appeared to Shamoozey last night in a dream with a Bob Marley hat! This was the result - full version. BPM is 110. Key of "C". Chord change @ 1:10 mark-up one fret. Must have an early night!
Description : Going for the record here with the shortest lyric ever in a musical piece! Hey, i can dream, right? We all should! Remember, they said it couldn't be.

The BPM is 120 and the Key of Am
Chords are Am, G, F, D, Am

My teacher tells me never to use reverb or echo, hopefully he wont hear this!! tee-hee

I guess this little ditty can be used in pretty much any genre from Techno to Chill out. I will put it in the Rock category for now.

Some cool music/beat to this and it will sound gorgeous! Echo n all.

Cheers and remember to LOL :-)
Description : if used include feat. metaled in the title
Description : if used include feat. metaled in the title
Description : its a Cover Song, I liked how it sounded so I tried it myself... BPM: 76.5 KEY: E-Flat
Description : Feel free to use this. If you do, please give credit "FT Flowstone" in your track title. Also, please provide a link to your track so I can hear your work.
Description : Just messing around thought i'd throw it on here ... do not ask for

NOTE:I am unable to collab with other artist as i am busy with other things ,. ENJOY! permission automatically accepted
Description : Track off my new Otto's Daughter album ARC OF A DREAM. Please credit Otto's Daughter. Enjoy!Thank you.
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