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Description : MODO Bass, ShaperBox2, Lexicon Verbs

Description : building off the previous loop using shaperbox2

Description : chops up nicely for unique arrangements

Description : BBC Symphonic Orchestra. Trumpets.

Description : EWQLSO Gold Edition

Description : Made with a Steinway 1967 plugin. 6/8

Description : BBC Symphony, MFlanger, ReaFir, FerricTDS

Description : BBC Symphony, Symphonic sphere, ReaFir, FerricTDS

Description : BBC Symphonic plugin

Description : BBC Symphony plugin, Lexchamber Medium, ReaFir

Description : BBC Symphony plugin, MFlanger

Description : BBC Symphonic plugin, Lexchamber Slap, ReaFir, Reapitch, mastered with Ozone 8

Description : Made with MODO BASS, needed for a recent song. Enjoy!
Notes - D Bb G A

Description : Third go at a guitar loop. Works with first and second.

Description : Second go at a guitar loop, works with first go

Description : First go at a guitar loop

Description : Made this quick to fill some gaps

Description : Can be easily chopped, doubled, offset, etc

Loops 1 - 18 of 18
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