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Description : BBC Symphony, MFlanger, ReaFir, FerricTDS

Description : BBC Symphony, Symphonic sphere, ReaFir, FerricTDS

Description : BBC Symphonic plugin

Description : BBC Symphony plugin, Lexchamber Medium, ReaFir

Description : BBC Symphony plugin, MFlanger

Description : BBC Symphonic plugin, Lexchamber Slap, ReaFir, Reapitch, mastered with Ozone 8

Description : RAW loops

Description : RAW loops

Description : RAW loops

Description : Another banging 808 trackstarter, check my soundcloud if you like this

Description : C Major, one of the best 808's you could ask for

Description : Post rock guitar sample.

Description : Dusty vinyl lofi guitar sound.

Description : Old school Hip-Hop drum loop. Dusty vinyl lofi sound.

Description : Old track with some delay work Bm, E, D, G

Description : Same as Black Jam

Description : old track, progression is something along those lines Am, Dm, Am, E, Am, Dm, Am, E7, E

Description : Rock drum kit. 120 BPM

Description : fast funky beat in 140 bpm, recorded with one mic on acoustic drums

Description : ARIA Player vst
pizz, spicc bow, violin1,2 viola, basses, cello, strings full

Description : guitar 1: G, Bm, Em7, D, Cm7
Guitar 2: Em7Add9, Em7, Bm7sus4, Cm7, Bm7, Am7

Description : bit of a jazzy riff, let me know what you do with it

Description : Em, Em7, A, B

Description : Rhythm guitar track with some chorus on it

Description : Made with MODO BASS, needed for a recent song. Enjoy!
Notes - D Bb G A

Loops 1 - 25 of 211
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