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Description : lack of motivation physical incapacity


Description : just some random trap drums I did, I couldn't use them myself so I'm posting it here.

Description : Enjoy!

Description : dope marimba plucks for Afro Pop

Description : to the end of ignorance

Description : Chords are I - V - vi - IV

If you use this link the soundcloud/youtube and I will like and republish! (soundcloud)

Thanks - Vargoose

Description : Email for midi or stems

Drop what you make, I will always listen!

Hit me up for a free exclusive custom loop :)

Description : once upon a time in America

Description : s/o to CrackerBeatz01 for requesting for this.

For this, I used:
Cymatics Astro Divinity Kick
Cymatics Astro Bystander Snare

Description : For this, I used:
3x Osc (Then I just messed around with it)

Description : I made the drums for the legendary new song by Joyner Lucas called "Devil's Work".
Listen to it. Its FIREEE!!

For this, I used:
Cymatics Astro Divinity Kick
Cymatics Astro Divine Hihat
Cymatics Astro Bystander Snare

Description : Enjoy!

Description : Just a few chords. I recommend to stack this with a synth bass (for example a jupiter bass) that plays the basic notes of the chords (F D A B). Please send me your song.

Description : A flute melody. I recommend to stack this with my other loop (Piano chords) and put grossbeats over it.
Please send me your songs.

Description : man is the most foolish species: he worships an invisible god and slaughters a visible nature

Description : I was just having fun with ableton push, hope y'all like it!

Description : files to be processed

Description : spaceship room design

Description : Aaron 17
1 year old today 24/04/2019

Description : the zero instant

Description : unconscious parents, please don't let your underage children hang out on the streets doing stupid things, otherwise it will come back to you.

Description : Our leaders have an archaic vision of the state's intervention power

Description : samsara 2011

Description : don't lose a thing

Loops 1 - 25 of 701
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