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Description : I don't know specifically which genre this is. I just know that The Drifter is on his way. Endlessly speeding across the land. Collecting on his contracts. I made all the synths and subs with Serum, Sylenth1 and Massive. Enjoy. Take care. V.

Description : I was challenged to do something completely out of my wheel house. So I did. This is it. I'm callin' it Lo-fi. Some may argue that it's more on the Rap side. Go easy on me. It feels weird. It's waaaaaay out of my comfort zone.
I can't remember the two "Scratch" loops from here on Looperman, or the vocal guy's name. For this, I apologize. Otherwise, I would totally credit them.

Description : I don't know. It is what it is. Some might like it, some might not. I don't think there's going to be any middle ground. Let me know where you land. Headphones suggested. Now, sit back, get comfy and hit play. See you on the other side...if you even listen all the way to the end.

Description : As far as genres go, I'd say it's more Electronic Rock. Either way, it's Another old one. This one was when I first started experimenting with VST Guitars back in 2014. Featuring the ramblings of a schizophrenic patient.

Description : I heard OldGoon901's "Tomorrow" and my brain ran with it. He graciously gave me permission to remix it. So I did. It's more of a remake than a remix, though. The synths and the sub are done with Sylenth1 and Serum. The strings are done with Philharmonik. I kept all elements of his original track...just kind of...reworked. Best through headphones. You should stop by his original track, listen, and give him some love as well. Take care.V.

Description : Another one originally uploaded in 2014. A Remix of Spivkurl's "Nightr8". It was part of a fun little remix competition here on Looperman. Back when we all still did that kind of stuff. I'll post a link to Spiv's original in the reply to the first comment.

Description : Another of the re-uploads. Originally uploaded in 2014. This is all done with Sylenth1, Massive, Kontakt's Vintage Organs and EZ Drummer. This is back when I was experimenting with all synth industrial metal type tracks. From a creative standpoint, I think it worked. Mixing could have used some work, but hey, I didn't know what I was doing then. Enjoy.

Tags : | Dubstep | 12.82 MB | FL Studio

Description : Continuing in the re-upload project, this was originally my first upload here on Looperman in 2012. I wish I hadn't lost the vocal files or I'd go back and remix the percussion to be louder in the mix. If I had more room here, I'd tell the backstory to this. It's kind of neat. Anyhow, enjoy.

Description : I'm re-uploading some old tracks. This one is an odd one I did in 2014. All done in FL Studios with Sylenth1 and probably massive. Enjoy. Or not. I'm not the boss of you.

Description : Here's a kind of industrial type thing. Kind of. It's a little more 4 0n the floor compared to most of my stuff. Enjoy.

Description : A dark D&B track made with Massive, Serum, Sylenth1. All percussion, bass and synth loops created by me, from scratch. Let me know what you think. Hopefully it doesn't sound like crap on your system.

Description : A friend of mine just disappeared one day. But that was no surprise. He belonged to no one, and no one tried to keep him. If he's *gone*, I imagine he went down in a battle against the gods.

Here's to you, mister. Wherever you are.

Oh, yeah...the song. It's all Sylenth1, Piano One, and EzDrummer. That's it. Nothing else.

Description : A dark Drum and Bass tune.

Description : When someone lives in your walls, watching, waiting. Not one of my darker tunes, but it's a little menacing at the very least. All synths, and basslines created by me in Serum, sylenth1 and always. I suggest speakers, or headphones that can pick up deep sub bass.

(Edit: I adjusted some of the melody synth levels. They were buried too deep in the mix. I also brought the percussion down a touch. Hopefully this is better)

Description : This is my city. The city of Portland, Or. Right now. The audio clips were taken from today's (July 23) news coverage of the last 56 days of protests, and the unmarked federal officers "detaining" people and disappearing with them. Some of which, still to be heard from. This is my city. Right now.

This is a true-to-form Valvedriver track. Heavy, Raw, and driving. All synths were made with Serum. By me. Just for this track.
Take care.

Description : About five years ago I made a dubstep track called Labyrinth Of The Absurd. This is part 2. Check out part 1 if you haven't yet. This is a Dark D-n-B. Or whatever.
I used Serum, Massive, Sylenth1. I used no presets, and no prefabricated loops. This is all original content from scratch. The only exception being the vocal samples.

Description : A dark, droning and high intensity piece about a sociopath mother and the conditioning of her already mentally unstable son.
I used some VST's and stuff to make it. Headphones suggested, but not required. (Edit: I adjusted the vocal track volumes. You should be able to at least understand some of it. Transcript is under "Lyrics" tab if you have trouble.)

Description : For those of you who remember Valvedriver's earlier electronic work, then you should dig this one. It's all in my old pre-metal style. All electro, all synths, all VSTs. I used Sylenth1, Massive, and Serum for all synth leads, basslines and accents. All sounds created from scratch just for this track. (Except for the Toy Piano). I suggest headphones for this. Enjoy, and take care. V.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 16.00 MB

Description : Living in the Pacific Northwest, USA, I am surrounded by countless acres of forests and mountains. Having experienced them, I know that with as beautiful and serene as they can be, so too, they can be cold, deadly and unforgiving. That's what this song is about. The wide spectrum of emotions one can feel when alone in the forest. Whether you want to be or not. Let me know what you think. --- Take care. V.

Tags : | Rock | 9.99 MB

Description : I had some fun with a wah-pedal effect in this one. It's nothing too remarkable, but a fun little Rock piece none the less. Enjoy. V.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 16.00 MB

Description : part 3

Tags : | Electronic | 16.00 MB

Description : I'm not sure how to describe this one. Listen to it, and then maybe you can describe it for me in the comments. Everything, with the exception of the drums, I made from default settings in both Sylenth1 and Massive. Everything from the E-piano sounding synth, to the chimes, to the "vocal" synths, and everything in between. Enjoy. Skol. V.

Description : Part two of three. EDIT - 04/05/2018: I went back and adjusted a few things. I cut some of the hi-mids in the guitars. Boosted the overall low end bass frequencies, and brought the drums forward a little.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 16.00 MB

Description : Part one of three.

Tags : | Industrial | 8.62 MB

Description : I used Serum and Sylenth1 to create all the synths and basslines. I used random percussion samples for the drums. It's not dubstep, and it's not Drum and Bass, but it's elements are heavily drawn from both to create an experimental industrial track in it's own class. It's heavy, aggressive, and driving. Some will like it, others won't. As always, mixing tips, suggestions and advice is welcome. Take care. V.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 28