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Tags : | Industrial | 8.62 MB

Description : I used Serum and Sylenth1 to create all the synths and basslines. I used random percussion samples for the drums. It's not dubstep, and it's not Drum and Bass, but it's elements are heavily drawn from both to create an experimental industrial track in it's own class. It's heavy, aggressive, and driving. Some will like it, others won't. As always, mixing tips, suggestions and advice is welcome. Take care. V.

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  1. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Mon 15th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    I have absolutely no mixing tips or suggestions, sorry. But I thought "hey you don't listen to any industrial stuff, hit play, go ahead." Hehe. And I still do not know enough about the genre to appreciate it, sorry again, but I hit play so I wanted to leave a comment.

    It is great quality and I hope to one day make muzic that is as well mastered as this, so crisp and attentive to the detail of the sounds...I love the transformers, I can imagine this being a part of a movie soundtrack. :-)

  2. HenryPascal
    HenryPascal on Wed 16th May 2018 - 3 years ago

    Kinda Muse feat. Skrillex!!!! Maybe fit in some vocals and in the final part it deserve an hardcore kick (and tempo), then a build up to end with an explosion... just to make who listen to this lose his mind! Yeah!

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Nicolo, thanks for the kind words. I like your vision of this track. Maybe someday if I finish the remix I've started. I'll keep your suggestions in mind.

    Take care.

  3. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Fri 8th Dec 2017 - 4 years ago

    So I stopped over for a listen...mainly to give you shit for being way behind in posting....so I hit play on this one...and hot dog....totally fits the title to a T (so to speak)....you up an done the sound track andf if its dark...then so be it...so was that day...but its the one that produced the light....you d` man....do more....Ed

    Reply by ValveDriver

    More on the way! ;)

  4. nicetones101
    nicetones101 on Sat 15th Apr 2017 - 4 years ago

    Dude nice work!!!

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Thank you! (He said, a year late.)

  5. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Fri 3rd Mar 2017 - 4 years ago

    And so, the one and only master of dark industrial atmosphere is back in full form. What a treat! This really attacks all the senses...attacks physical body even. Constantly threatening tones and merciless brutality
    is not a joke...and it's done and executed brilliantly...just the way
    we've all been used to get the lesson from Valve Driver. I hope this
    masterpiece forecasts much more to come...Excellent!

    Compliments and respect_____Orlando

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Orlando, Hello!

    First of all, thank you for checking this one out. I know it's not exactly your kind of music, so it means a lot that you did.

    There is definitely more to come. Some will be like this one, some will be straight up heavy metal, and there's even a few that I don't know what the hell you'd call it. Just....Valvedriver.

    Take care, my friend. I hope life is treating you well.

  6. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Thu 2nd Mar 2017 - 4 years ago

    I was entirely surprised to come across a track tagged "ValveDriver" today! It's a pleasant feeling!

    I would definitely think industrial when hearing this, though I agree with the dubstep and DnB references. I was interested regarding your reply "It's not the typical industrial BPM, but it dies fit." I've never thought of industrial as having a typical tempo. Did you think that this was too slow, or too fast for typical industrial? Possibly it is the metalhead difference, since those who dig metal the most seem to listen to a different sort of industrial compared to those who are not metalheads. I listen to a good amount of pure industrial which is quite a bit slower than this, and also some which is much faster... so it's hard to judge what's up,

    Either way I liked the idea for the song. Some cool riff based passages, and noisy industrial drums. I did find the mixing to be very mono-tone... Like all of the instruments were fighting for the same octave. Possibly this was due to after the fact processing though, I don't know.

    Was very fun to hear some new work from you, and I hope to hear more!

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Spiv, how ya doin' man?

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's always a pleasure to hear from you.

    " Did you think that this was too slow, or too fast for typical industrial?"

    I thought it was too fast. If I remember correctly, most industrial is usually about 120-130 bpm. This is running at 140. So, it's not a lot faster, but faster than typical.
    You make a good point about meatalheads and their preferences towards industrial. I know I tend to lean more towards the Ministry, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, side. usually that with more guitars than synths.

    You also made a very good point about everything fighting for the same octave. I was going for heavy and relentless, but after going back, it could definitely use a little more in the higher range.

    "...and I hope to hear more."
    There is definitely more in store. I've been on a block for about a year. I've started a lot of tracks, but got nowhere with them. But it seems as if the block is, at the very least, temporarily lifted.

    It was good to hear from you again, mister.

    Take care.

  7. Metabolic
    Metabolic on Thu 2nd Mar 2017 - 4 years ago

    Holy fuck man, never have I came across a producer striking at similar veins to me and fucking nailing it!

    I had to log in to give this it's props.

    Not a normal behavior for me but I implore you to check out some of my work, I get the feeling you won't regret it.

    I would recommend for you these two:

    https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/174722 Yog-Sothoth

    https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/180143 Slimebolt

    I'm only listening on my headphones (KRK 8400s) right now, so take this with a pinch of salt, but I feel the bottom end could do with a boost, I know it's difficult managing sub in this type of production but with a few techniques, it's possible and my god is it powerful.

    Feel free to shoot me a message if you feel I could help any :)

    I'll be browsing your page when time permits, phenomenal work dude.

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Hey man, how's it goin?
    First, thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

    I will take a listen to your tracks as soon as I get home.

    I recently deleted most of my work here. I like to keep a clean house, so to speak. But if you want to hear the rest of my work, find me (Valvedriver) on Soundcloud. I have all my tracks up there. It's a pretty eclectic mix.

    I'll take another listen to this to check the lower end. But if you're using KRK's there's a good chance you're not picking it up. I know mine have a hard time with the low end. Either way, I'll definitely look into it. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Again, thanks for the kindness.

    Take care.

  8. crucethus
    crucethus on Thu 2nd Mar 2017 - 4 years ago

    Fantastic, that sloe cure for VD did not work. And now VD is rampant again among the lands. Now that VD is raging everywhere bringing sores and pusfilled scabs for everyone who crosses his slow dearth march towards Golgotha I expect we will get some more of this angst filled pile driving industrial solvent for our aural chambers. It serves us right in the end. The sinner draws near, preying upon our fears , quenching his thirst in the blood stained world of pop music bringing steel hammers and iron cables crashing among the millennials. bringing forth....err a wow, ok yeah I'm in a dark mood tonight.. geez! Anyhow liked the song. Welcome back.
    Cru Cru Cray Cray!

    Reply by ValveDriver


    Thanks, man. Good to be back.

    I can't let the place start getting too pretty. Gotta keepvsome grit about.


  9. tekreck
    tekreck on Sat 25th Feb 2017 - 4 years ago


    Reply by ValveDriver


  10. kingmadi
    kingmadi on Sat 25th Feb 2017 - 4 years ago

    This track goes hard, but not in the way one would expect... I listened to it a few times before I understood what you were trying to do, but I really enjoy this!

    Reply by ValveDriver

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one, and thanks for taking the time to let me know.

    Just out of sheer curiosity, what is it that you thought I was trying to do? I like to hear different perspectives. What's yours?

    Thanks again.

    Take care.

  11. Evisma
    Evisma on Thu 23rd Feb 2017 - 4 years ago

    I take it Mr. Sloe is lying face down in the woods with a smoking bullet hole in the back of the skull, his purpose being served.

    Digital sludge! Very apocalyptic and chugging. Cymbals fill the air and keep the energy high. Maybe too electronic and glitchy for me, but fucking powerful.

    Calmer section sounds good and gives some relief from the onslaught, before it's sheltering safety is ripped away for more anger.

    Good to hear from you again. It's good to have the VD!

    Take care.


    Reply by ValveDriver

    Mr. Sloe has returned to the dirt from which he came! Its purpose has been served, and he has been dealt with just as we had discussed.

    "It's good to have the VD"

    I'm pretty sure this is the only place you can say that as a good thing.

    It may seem weird, but I really believe that the "Sloedirt" persona was so far out of sync with what I try to create that it was actually hindering me. You know, that whole body, mind, soul alignment horseshit.

    Take care, hombre.

  12. Danke
    Danke on Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 4 years ago

    Absolutely welcome back mr

    dear god, this is a monster horror underground with zombie faces and brutal metalheadz, though there is no guitar anywhere...apocalypse...0.55 that is a f...ing heavy synth riff for the beginners...it has to be like this...
    attack, monstrosity, elements, paint and the number 1. picture looking down for us, poor servants...

    I survived this and hope we get more cause we need pain...:-)

    but this is a beautiful pain...

    welcome back Master

    handshake, Danke

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Danke, thank you for your kind words!

    This is a brutal piece, indeed! I likw how you described it! It is kind of an underground apocalyptic survival sound.

    I will be back with the pain! Life is beginning to return to a normal pace. So I should be able to focus more on music again.

    Thank you again, brother. It's good to be back.

    Take care.

  13. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 4 years ago

    He has risen !

    With an "I dare you to piss me off" killer stare avatar and a ground pounding coordinated strategic assault of a track that literally cuts a path between your ears big enough to drive a tank through !

    I love every inch of this thing bro and I'll be damned if you haven't done it again. It isn't dubstep, and it ain't drum and bass. Its a whole new animal, a whole new breed, and it's out for blood. Right from the gate you realize this things got attitude and its all bad. The drums pound out a relentless cadence that's a combination of a viking ship row master and a fucking tommy gun. Wicked dubstep wobbles and growls leap from one side to the other in a distorted mechanized frenzy amid some of the most sinister and prime-evil sounding synth I've heard in quite awhile. Its a suicide roller coaster ride that the only way off is to jump. But who wants to take the easy way out? If i'm going out, i'm going out sreamin' !

    Haha, in case it isn't obvious, I'm pretty fuckin happy to see you back bro. Nice tune.

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Neo, Mr. Neo! How the hell are ya, bud?

    That avatar picture is from a set of portraits, (not selfies, but actual portraits with an actual camera), I did a couple years ago. It's subject was the ugly, dirty, gritty side of life. This one had the ficused drive that seemed to fit my approach toward my new life, and my music.

    "a combination of a viking ship row master and a fucking tommy gun."

    That's a great analogy!

    I also love the idea of a suicide rollercoaster. If you haven't used that for a track title yet, you should now!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, my friend. It's good to be producing again.

    Take care, man

  14. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 4 years ago

    The title made me think of Incantation's Onward to golgotha album. Definitely as brutal and dark \m/ Good to see you hanging around again. We can always use more dark tunes!

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Burt, how are ya?

    I've been a diehard metal fan across nearly all sub-genres since about 1985. Oddly enough, I've never listened to Incantation. Not by any choice, it just never happened. I may have change that!

    More dark tunes to come!

    Take care

  15. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 4 years ago

    Welcome back, Mr V.

    Oh look - you actually are Mr V again, driving some more dirty dubstep valves. And with a new, scary, scowling avatar.

    This is fairly oppressive, brutal, dark stuff right from the first evil crash. Kind of metalstep but without any guitar. Certainly a fat, brutal crunch, with repeated blows to the skull. Onward toward the crucifixion!

    0:55 that's a pretty dark and trippy, heavy reverb lead.

    This is very dark, druggy music. People would enjoy going mental to it in clubs. You can really dance to it as the groove is good and the vibe is really fucked up.

    Good breaks and pauses in this to break up what is essentially one consistent idea. Except for 2:36 where there's a new vibe. Just as relief from the oppressive earlier stuff.

    3:03 oh what a surprise that it comes back even more brutal. I thought it was going to go into some gentle country. Or gay disco.

    End section is perhaps a little brief but it's a pretty concise track. A short, sharp shock to the system. Very well produced so I don't really have any criticisms.

    Can you believe that this particular Nomad has actually made a bit of dubstep? Of course there are a whole bunch of other genres and moodsin this recent epic but there are definite dubstep and cellstep sections for you to groove to. Not dark, though.

    This Time All The Time

    Later, Mr Crucifier...

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Thank you Mr. S.

    Yes. The Sloe persona served it's purpose through a period that I needed it. I no longer do.

    It's a scowl, but it's a pure one.

    0:55- it's basically just a reese bass that I took a little further by adjusting the wavetables of each oscilator for a nice mix of harmonics and detuning.

    Honestly, I get a laugh out of thinking of people dancing to this. I imagine them slightly confused as to whether they should actually be dancing, or moshing instead. I see them standing there looking at each other shrugging in confusion.

    3:03- I'm sure you were thoroughly surprised.

    I was going to use some gentle, gay country discostep on that last part, but you don't have any of your files in dropbox that really fit the vibe for sampling. So, I went with what you hear. Maybe next time.

    I will listen to your mellowcellostep track after I catch up on replies.

    Later Cello Biafra.

  16. ElenaSatine
    ElenaSatine on Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 4 years ago

    I liked dubstep taste in this drum and Bass track .
    good job .

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Thank you.

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