11th Jan 2015 06:13 - 9 years ago
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Description : This track was like the inhale after an exhale of aggressive industrial-electro-sludge tracks that I had put out that summer and fall. This was the more reserved, and introspective winter track. It's nothing spectacular, but I still really enjoy it. I hope you do too. Take care. V.

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If you have time take a listen and give ValveDriver some feedback.

ClickbaitCabaret 30th Jul 2023 01:20 - 12 months ago
Pretty spectacular stuff. Definite prog rock vibe. Fantastic job.
ValveDriver replied 30th Jul 2023 - 11 months ago
Thanks, man. I appreciate it. At the time, it was a different area for me. Most of my stuff then was some kind of electro-sludge-digi-metal type thing. I'm glad you liked it.

Take care.
dimestop 30th Jul 2023 00:56 - 12 months ago
Aaron this might be an old track to you, but it was before my time so its new to me.
excellent production mate sound quality is fantastic. the guitars are screaming hot, great bass, great keys the organ tone is spot on, the drums are rock solid too, the intro was brill and the outro had class stamped on it, top work.
ValveDriver replied 30th Jul 2023 - 11 months ago
Thanks man. I appreciate it. I originally posted it in 2013, (I think.). It doesn't seem like it's been a decade, we are!
BananaLu 4th Sep 2021 11:23 - 2 years ago
shiiiAAAAAt brainfuck damges 100 Percent. Thank you that you comment on my track so that it would lead to this track. i´m blown away. I like the carlos wendy synth indrudaction and sense of harmony miexed with 80´s drums on and dreamy wave lsd night. There is a lot of detail and clearity in your production. getting a lot of energy from it. can we work together? i need a beat and i totally get this voice idea from you and will try it on this track. I can send you my email.
ValveDriver replied 5th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
I think working together could definitely be a possibility. I'm not doing anything with this track. I've already collaborated with someone once before on it. This one is done.
However, I have a whole shit load of tracks that I haven't finished because they're either boring or I lost inspiration. Maybe we can do something with one of those.
Get a hold of me, we can work out the details.
Boon 9th Jan 2021 03:18 - 3 years ago
wow, brilliant track very much in the vain of some of my favourite sounds, great progression and build up, good work.
BONEZONMARZ 15th Dec 2020 20:09 - 3 years ago
This reminds me of Alan Hawkshaw.. a great instrumentalist. Hope you take that as a compliment
ValveDriver replied 2nd Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
BONEZ, man, I am sorry for the late reply. It's been a mad house around here over the holidays. My apologies.

I can't say that I've ever heard of Alan Hackshaw, but if this track reminds you of him, then he's probably someone I would like. I will check him out.
I always take it as a compliment when someone tells me my work reminds me of a big name.

Hey man, thanks for the listen, and the kind words. I appreciate it.

Take care.
Zootman 14th Dec 2020 08:44 - 3 years ago
Sublime, especially the middle section. If that's you playing the guitar then respect!
ValveDriver replied 14th Dec 2020 - 3 years ago
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Take care.
DirtyDeeds0867 3rd Dec 2020 19:24 - 3 years ago
Really nice sound man..Keep it up
ValveDriver replied 7th Dec 2020 - 3 years ago
Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Maybe it's time I revisited this style. It's been a long time since I've made this one, or one like it.

Take care.
Festivaltiger 26th Jul 2018 11:28 - 6 years ago
Wow !!!
I've only recently joined the Looperman community and it's really inspiring to hear what you guys are doing. I'm a bedroom guitarist who enjoys playing along to these tracks. You've really nailed the PF sound on this one. I tried soloing over the top but in the end realised it didn't need my guitar as I was cluttering it up. Its spot on as it is. Really impressed. Well done and thanks.
HenryPascal 16th May 2018 15:37 - 6 years ago
Oh gosh.... lemme download this please! It's a trip that makes me sung something un-sense in Matt Bellamy's style! :D
nicetones101 15th Apr 2017 21:29 - 7 years ago
Hey Valvedriver

Nice mellow track.Nice work,I really enjoyed it.
StaticNomad 6th Mar 2015 00:42 - 9 years ago
Yo again. One thing that's happening to this mister is that he has just bought an electric cello. Not an instrument I've ever played before but I have wanted to expand my playing for a while and have always wanted a fretless instrument. Not got a bow yet so just plucking for now though fear I'm playing it too much like a bass or guitar. When I put it through my regular heavy distortion setting, it sounds exactly the same to me as my guitar, which is kind of a bit disappointing. Was hoping it would be different.

Anyway, I guess I'll get better at it and getting good at bowing should help differentiate it from guitar/bass playing.

I was wrong about Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. It's on the fantastic One Of These Days that Gilmour plays awesome pedal steel. STCFTHOTS is not in that concert but I did also watch it in their Pompeii gig. I could never forget the title but had forgotten the piece of music.

I hope you're familiar with the rather interesting hypnotic bass and drums stoner duo Om as STCFTHOTS is pretty much the blueprint for their style. Check that band out if you don't know them. I hope you also gave another recommendation of mine from ages a listen - Genghis Tron. Easily my favourite most extreme band of all time. I don't listen to much extreme screaming music but these guys make a true artform of it. Just listen to their Board Up The House album and be blown away.

Yes, I've now found the version of this track featuring Tumbleweed. No idea why I couldn't find it before. Not looking hard enough, I guess. Must remember to comment.

I've heard you say before that you're somewhat influenced by the seasons and chill more during the winter. I'm pretty sure that no weather or anything else going on in the world or my life has any bearing whatsoever on my music making. That's because I do such far out stuff that I think I get transported to somewhere completely removed from my life and surroundings so I just shut everything out and trip out into other worlds inside my imagination. And then try to create them in nice track bro form.

Yes, get yourself a guit fiddle. Well, if that's what you're comfortable with. Go with a triangle or accordion if they speak more to your soul and feel better to play. After all, a triangle is pretty damn metal, right? Solid piece of metal there.

Finally, I have a new track, featuring shitloads of vocals (not mine) and variety plus some definite badassery, especially in the second half (eg the d'n'b). It's 17.5 mins long so strap in, stuck up on food, drugs, alcohol and maybe a pillow for the long haul psychedelic extravaganza. Made 4 years ago but recently updated and improved. Something quite different for me.

Old Man Tribal

Keep pushing the pistons...
DanGoldstein 2nd Mar 2015 12:33 - 9 years ago
i love how everything developed at the beginning into the main groove at 1:21. very patient, organic development. the solo works and effects are very cool. sometimes I strive for a bit more transparency. that is vague I know but maybe it gives you a clue for further improvements. nice work! Dan
ValveDriver replied 24th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Dan, thanks for the listen. Sorry for the extremely late reply. Life gets busy sometimes, ya know?

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed making it, too.

I will keep your suggestions in mind, thank you!

Take care.
StaticNomad 10th Feb 2015 21:52 - 9 years ago
Pink regreetings, Floyddriver.

Was thinking about you as I watched PF's excellent The Delicate SOund Of Thunder concert film from 1989. Awesome stuff. Never seen Gilmour play lap steel before but he did endless cool playing on Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.

I'm still slightly surprised they're your favourite ever band but I don't actually know you so can't really be too surprised. I don't have a favourite band but Floyd are right up there, as are The Beatles, who I believe are easily the greatest and most popular band of all time (and may well always be).

I was actually going to leave a comment on your version of this track featuring Tumbleweed but you have deleted/hidden it. What I was going to say was that after one listen, I really didn't hear his guitar improving it at all. I might be wrong but can't go back to check.

Anyway, I'm, unsurprisingly, very much enjoying listening to this again. What I'd like you try to to do is something you may well without my encouragement. This track shows you're a master of PF emulation but it doesn't have your regular facemelting crunch. So, I want you to try to merge this beautiful chillout style with more of the concrete face smearing. Basically, take those Floyd boys to hell and fry their British butts.

Not quite sure who makes more aggressive Floyd music. No one springs to mind though I guess there are a few.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

In addition, I have been busy and have some more badass riffage for you:

Questions Screaming For Answers

and some chillout dance music:

A Little Bit Of Infinity

Evisma also has an interesting new, Asian sort of track. Pretty far out stuff that's a bit different for him.
ValveDriver replied 2nd Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Mr. Static, what's happnin' mister?

Sorry for the super late reply. I haven't been on much. That's not just Looperman. I haven't been on line much at all. Due to some crap with an oil pipeline over here, my hours are all kinds of messed up.

I agree, The Delicate SOund Of Thunder truly is awesome stuff. I had seen him play the lap steel before. It's always fun to watch. More fun to listen to, though. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun is one of my favorites of theirs too.
I'm not exactly sure what it is about Pink Floyd that does it for me. But ever since the first time I heard them in 1979 I was hooked. Even as a 5 year old, I knew that was some high caliber music. It's to the point where I don't really listen to their music, as much as I do merge with it. As cheesy an analogy as it is, it's like soaking up the sun.
As far as the Beatles go, I love them to. Not anywhere near as much as I do Floyd, but I do love me some Beatles. Even the "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah," era. Moreso the psychedelic era, though.
I'm not sure why you weren't able to play the other version. It's still right where I left it. Someone else even commented on it after you made this one. (Which I need to reply to, yet.) I don't think I was really looking for a major improvement as much as I was a fun collaboration to give it a different dynamic. I've never done a collaboration before and Ed seemed like the right man for the job. I figured if anyone could work around my lack of proper chord progression and knowledge there of, it would be him.

I do have a couple of new tracks I'm half-assedly working on when I manage to find more than 20 minutes to do so. They aren't the full ValveDriver crunch. But they've got a couple surprising new elements in them. I wouldn't rally say they're Floyd influenced, though.
During the winter months, I tend to slow down and do more subdued, less aggressive pieces. Come late spring when the weather gets nicer, I'll start rolling out the chest kicking brutality that people here have come to know and love. (at least, I think they do.) I've been toying with the idea of picking up a real life guit-fiddle. I've had a couple in the past, I just never learned how to play one proper. So, I could probably fake my way through some riffs long enough to put together a couple of loops until I do learn to fully brutalitize the masses.

I checked out "A Little Bit Of Infinity" earlier today, just before I checked out Evan's new one. Thanks for the link to that, byt the way. I'll check out "Questions Screaming For Answers" soon, and get back to you on both.

Until then, Take it as it comes...leave it as it goes. Whatever the hell that means.
GalanticMusic 24th Jan 2015 11:59 - 9 years ago
ValveDriver replied 25th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you!
crucethus 24th Jan 2015 02:08 - 9 years ago
Beginning has a foreboding feel, then the pads kick in and I feel a Floyd vibe kicking in. Some where between Meddle and Dark side this would fit. I also am channelling a bit Pete Bardens as well. The Mix spatially is fantastic my friend. 4:00 the long slow phased pitch bent solo sound is cool. The subtle piano is not to be overlooked as well.
What eighteen said about the wineglass, I think he meant when you rub your fingers around the lip of the glass you get that deep hollow square wave flute sound which is like a pad in some ways and you have a similar sound in there as well. You sir have without a shadow of a doubt upgraded your game with this one. I look forward to hearing your creative output over the next few weeks.
ValveDriver replied 25th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Crucethus. What's happpnin' man?

Pete Bardens, believe it or not, doesn't ring a bell at the moment. Which now is even more incentive to look him up.

Thanks for clearing up the wineglass thing. Once you said that, it made sense. He's probably talking about the higher chime-like sound.

"You sir have without a shadow of a doubt upgraded your game with this one."

Which is a good thing, except now I have to work harder to top it. I guess I'll put out a few "sketchbook" tracks until I find the next one that steps it up.

Thanks for stoppin' by, mister. As always, I enjoy your visits.

Take care.
soundhound 24th Jan 2015 01:51 - 9 years ago
Everybody has said all I'm going to say about this track except, it's a
solid piece of work...Almost a chill about the track...
A Graveyard thing comes to mind,*@**## wipe that out of mind right

Cool tough stuff Man...

ValveDriver replied 25th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
TG, how are you? Good, I hope.

There is a bit of a chill to it, isn't there? That's just how I like 'em.

Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words.

Take care.
OdotZED 24th Jan 2015 00:58 - 9 years ago
Man..this is so good..and sounds real clean..been a while since i heard your stuff..
ValveDriver replied 25th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Odot. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you.

I've got stuff posted. Some better than others. You're always welcome to listen!

Take care.
FreeRadical 19th Jan 2015 10:34 - 9 years ago
Sounds great, It sounds very pink floydish and it's been beautifully arranged. I'm hearing some great stuff on this site at the moment and this is definitely up there with the best. Really like what you've done with every part of it, that wailing synth is great with excellent wobbly effects. I hear something like this and it's so good it makes me think i should just give up lol.
Totally different from what i'm used to hearing from you and it shows you're a force to be reckoned with.
Cracking track!!!!
ValveDriver replied 21st Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Wow, man! That's probably one of the best comments I've received here. It's not only good because it's nice to receive such kind words, but also because it makes me set my own bar higher.
Dude, I hope you don't give up! What you do is pretty awesome. Just in a different arena. Just today I was telling my wife how you have the ability to consistently make 10 minute tracks that never get boring or monotonous, and each one is completely different from the last. That's pretty impressive, man.

"...a force to be reckoned with"

I'm not gonna lie. I like the way that sounds. lol But, it's like I said in my original profile page..."I'm not trying to get famous. I'm trying to get good" That's it, man. My only goal. It seems to be working. Very slowly, but I'm learning.

I'm glad you liked this one as much as you did, and I definitely appreciate what you had to say.

Take care, mister.
StrikingDaggers 19th Jan 2015 02:55 - 9 years ago
Great track ValVedriVer! I loved the atmosphere that you created with this. I also really liked the organ and the guitar. It's very trippy overall. The mix sounds solid too. Thanks for posting, it was such an enjoyable listen. This one's a Fav. Truly nice work.
ValveDriver replied 19th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Shatner, Thanks, man!

I'm glad you liked this one. It's not my usual style, so it was definitely a learning experience. One of the good kinds, ya know?

Thanks for the kind words and for the Fav. Both are greatly appreciated.

Take care.
DeLaBeatz 19th Jan 2015 02:42 - 9 years ago
Very space like. I enjoyed it, good work!
ValveDriver replied 19th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Take care.
topvega 15th Jan 2015 01:04 - 9 years ago
Solid Track with a definite Floyd vibe running all through it.
Nice job.

ValveDriver replied 16th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
TV. Thanks, man. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's not often that you comment on my work, but when you do, I appreciate it.

Take care.
Eighteen 15th Jan 2015 00:31 - 9 years ago
wow, the wineglass sound ( I dunno what to call it),
really gets to me, the ambiance it gives,
totally gets me hypnotised when listening xD.

the guitar is also really great, the solo and the weird sounds so every now and then.

Overall a very relaxed track, very nice to listen to


ValveDriver replied 16th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Eighteen, how are you?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "wineglass sound", but it seems to be a good thing, so thank you!

I'm glad you liked the tune.

Take care.
Evisma 12th Jan 2015 07:02 - 9 years ago
Floyd yes. I hear "Sheep" in the beginning.

The drums sound like they were played in a parking garage. Seem to have a good bit of reverb. I do like!

2:42 tone is trippy as hell. This one seems to show more real composing. I dig this deeply. Also reminds me a bit of late Rishloo, off Feathergun.


ValveDriver replied 14th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Evan, what's happnin', man?

I dig the fact that it resembles Floyd, but at the same time, It does feel kind of like a ripoff. That wasn't my intent, but...

I did use a quite a bit of reverb on the drums. Actually, I used quite a bit on all of it, really.

I haven't heard of Feathergun. But given your musical tastes, I'm sure they're good, and I will definitely be looking into them.

Thanks for the kindness, brother.
Take care.
promenade2239 12th Jan 2015 06:48 - 9 years ago
hi. Yes, that organ sound and use of reverb effect remind PF for sure but I was thinking about Tangerine Dream when listening to your song: Everything here sounds really fine and I enjoyed a kind of a cinematic ambience in the background. If I will be looking for any improvements for track like this definitely I'd recommend to work more on the composition itself: chord progression, more variations on bassline, guitar solo part melodic structure etc. than really on a sound-image. It doesn't mean that something is missing here at all of course, quite the opposite: the track does sound very realistic and you did a great jod composing and arranging all the stuff.
Really nice song, the rock genre works well. I enjoyed the music. Thanks, Alex
ValveDriver replied 14th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Alex, hello.

I can always count on a tactfully honest review from you. You will be glad to know that your suggestions for improvement are all things already on my list. I've just recently started learning these things. So, basically, this is the first stepping stone on my long trip to becoming a real musician. Ya know?

Thanks for taking the time, mister.
Take care.
Tumbleweed 12th Jan 2015 02:33 - 9 years ago
Oh Man...What have you done here...this is beaming in from far above anything I have listened to lately (and that listening seldom involves a radio)...wheather or not you intended it...Your brain has soaked up the whole Floyd vibe...the force is with you Aaron...I was going to hit the download button but its not there (I totally understand why)...This is a version of ValVedriVer I really like...and while the more usual you does a lot of great mixes...this one is stellar man....comes with big emotion...a ton of feeling....(oh love that organ bit too)...but you likely know I`m a Floyd fan..... ..awesome.....definite fav from this ol boy.....Ed
ValveDriver replied 14th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Ed, sorry for the late reply. Between work, family and flu, I haven't been much use to anyone lately.

First, thanks for the outstanding comment!

I'm kind of in the process of taking music a little more seriously. Like, actually trying to learn. I'm hoping that in the future, I'll be able to put out more like this one, but with more of the "ValveDriver" signature, and not so much the Pink Floyd resemblance.

Also, I'm sending Danke a copy of this. If you want, contact me here, I'll send one your way as well.

Thanks again for the encouraging words, Ed. It's always a pleasure when you stop by.

Take care.
Neomorpheus 12th Jan 2015 01:11 - 9 years ago
Once again you knock me to the dirt !
Dude this is straight out of Waters' and Gilmores' portfolio. Awesome arrangement and so well played. Holy crap I dig this ! Man, your raisin the bar bro. This is a classic piece of pure rock.
Un-freakin believably cool !
ValveDriver replied 12th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Neo, how's things, man?

As much I've loved the Floyd comparisons, I have a hard time with it. I mean, it's like a 3rd grader saying his crayon drawing is similar to a DaVinci masterpiece. I think the main reason this came out so "Floydian" is because...
A)I've spent the last 35 years listening to them. It's to the point now where, really, I don't even need the albums anymore. They're so burned into my brain.
B)More specifically, I've spent the last 3 months listening to nothing BUT them. So, I guess it's pretty natural that it would bleed through, ya know?

Either way, that reward part of my brain is loving the fact that what I did is reminding people of my all time favorite band. I guess that just means I might actually be starting to learn something, huh?

Thanks for stopping by, man. I always appreciate your feedback.

Take care.
3rdNippleMusic 12th Jan 2015 00:28 - 9 years ago
top notch intro man, especially when the bass comes in to lead us to floydian musings.. ahhh, soothing.

I kinda wish I could chill tf out like this myself... hah

ahhh, no more comments, just listened...
hah, thanks for that.
ValveDriver replied 12th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks, man!

"I kinda wish I could chill tf out like this myself..."

It's not a common thing for me to do. Most of my work is pretty dark, angry or aggressive. But every now and then, I just need to put it in neutral and coast awhile, ya know?

Thanks for taking a listen, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Take care.
BigPete 11th Jan 2015 18:07 - 9 years ago
totally Pink Floydest, and very well done, love the mood created and the musical journey you take us on. Great arrangements, everything gels to perfection, great job.
ValveDriver replied 12th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks, Pete.

I'm glad you liked it. Especially enough to want to leave a kind comment.

Thanks again.
Take care.
StaticNomad 11th Jan 2015 12:12 - 9 years ago
Word up, FloydDriver.

Feelin' the Pink boys here and entirely independently of any other comments.

Your most Crazy Diamondy track yet. Very skillfully done.

First criticism which isn't even really one is for you to pick up some other EZ packs as the drums here are almost identical to a few other tracks. Not a problem in this at all, just my desire to hear more varied drum sounds from you.

This is actually totally far out and damn hard to review because there's so much going on all the time but it's totally consistent in vibe. No veering off down crazy cul de sacs.

0:50 low guitar fading in is very cool and I tone I like and meshes with synths. But it's the pad work on top that is the star of the whole thing. Very beautifully done.

2:40 new little lead is great and the balance between the speakers makes everything wide and spacious and very rich.

3:52 nice soaring pitch bend to make things more psychedelic. I don't actually find this track at all dark. Guitar solo is really cool so no need for you to worry about your lead guit key fiddlin'. Many people will have no idea it ain't a real, played instrument.

Soaring, epic and those P Flunkers would probably be happy for this to be on an album of theirs. In that sense it could be said to be a bit of a ripoff but it's just so well done I don't think it matters.

My only real complaint is coming back for a touch more at 6:32. Should have just left the previous decaying notes sliding away into the distance.

Excellent work and a great progression of your sound.

Here's the greatest Crazy Diamond ripoff I've heard and it's 19 mins. Get the album!

Cinemascope - MLK Shadows
ValveDriver replied 14th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
What's happnin'?

I will eventually get some more drum stuffs. But most likely not Toontracks. I don't really care for their business ethics. I'm sure I'll find something better. Until then, you'll just have to be bored.

I take your compliment on my pads quite seriously, as I don't use presets. ALl of my pads and synthwork are custom built. Generally per track. There are a few that I use more than once, but generally, new each track. Same with the little lead at 2:40.

" Many people will have no idea it ain't a real, played instrument. "

They will now! Which is fine. I'm not trying to hide that it's VST.

"Soaring, epic and those P Flunkers would probably be happy for this to be on an album of theirs."

I'm pretty sure that if those boys heard this they would probably scratch their heads and say, "is this supposed to be music?" and then sue me for resembling their vibe.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a rip off, as much as it is unapologetically based on Pink Floyd's style, as an example, for the sake of learning how to build good music.

I appreciate the positive and encouraging feedback on this one. I've finally decided to get serious about making tunes. So, I guess it means I'm on the right track.

I'll go check the link now.

Take care, man.
EtherBlu 11th Jan 2015 10:26 - 9 years ago
Loved the intro... soft & dark at the same time. I Totally agree with Extraball about pink floyd'y vibe, loved the feel... and the mix is good. Only i feel if drums could have been lil boosted. Overall a wonderful track.

Looking forward!

Ether Blu
ValveDriver replied 11th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
EtherBlu. How ya doin' man? I don't think you've ever commented on my work before. So, extra thanks for that.

After you mentioning the drum levels I listened again, and you were right. They needed to come up a bit. So, I boosted them just a touch. It sounds good here now. Thanks for suggesting it. I'm glad you liked the track. I'll swing by your page and check out your work in the near future.

Thanks again, man.
Take care.
Danke 11th Jan 2015 10:24 - 9 years ago
Stunning prog rock Aaron!!!

In some places totally Pink Floyd...and when the long, slow-handed, melodical guitar solo comes in at around 3.50 is the peak for me...was a good choice to choose the hammond like organ tone too...
The whole track is flying, waving...incredible chords are used in it...very tasty, moody, kinda sad but hopeful number...

Shame not to download...:-) :-(

Huge respect and shake hands Mister, Danke
ValveDriver replied 11th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Danke! How are you, friend?

I'm glad the slow-handed guitar works. I was actually kind of reluctant about that. Mainly because it's VST and I'm not very good with leads. I'm also glad to hear the chords worked. I'm slowly teaching myself music theory, chord progression and all that other technical crap.

Contact me in the private messages about getting a copy of this one. I know you're good for it, and will treat it right. ;)

Talk with you later, brother.
Diskonnect 11th Jan 2015 10:04 - 9 years ago
Nice, really like that slowly building intro. Not what I expected when the guitar kicks in but sounds awesome, has a really pink floyd'y vibe. I like the little breakdown where it gives you a little chance to breath and then kicks in for one final push. Very well put together and the mix sounds fine here so wouldn't worry about that too much. Really enjoyed this one so well done! :)
ValveDriver replied 11th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Extraball, how are you?

Thanks for listening, man! I'm glad you liked it. I take it as a great compliment that it reminds you a little of Pink Floyd. It appears as if you're not the only one who thinks so, either.
I can live with that!

Hey, man. Thanks again for the kindness. I appreciate it.

Take care.

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22nd Mar 2020 13:51 - 4 years ago
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Description : Instrumental song, let me know if you wanna listen to song with lyrics but there is russian vocals
13th Jul 2019 06:47 - 5 years ago
Description : A mix of rock and rave from my early 2000
12th Jun 2020 23:21 - 4 years ago
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Description : lmloops=xmas gtrs+bs/bellz/same old drums/kush/stargate/creamy synth/ft katerina mufitek mrazkova/ft anonvx
3rd Dec 2013 06:09 - 10 years ago
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Description : BIG UPDATE 26/02/2014 - So, this was an 18 min track that I have now successfully split in two. 2nd half I uploaded a few weeks ago (Things That Should Always Be, with the bouncy 2 min reggae intro). This is the first half, which has a new mix, a mega chill, meditative ending and a little jazz thrown in for good measure. Takes a few minutes for beat to really kick in. Constantly evolving electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic drums and lead banjo driven by fat, busy 80BPM grooves with a bit of a reggae and shuffle feel. Also: synth choir voices, dulcimer, violin, cello, shimmering pads. Builds up gradually to nice and rocking and then gets taken back down for the big comedown chill. I really don't know what sort of genre this is except 'far out'. I think it sounds more like a live band than one guy playing instruments and manipulating a DAW. Not my best track but a bit of blissful, sunny island fun. Real positive vibe here so I hope you give it a chance to unfold and unfurl. Sit back, clear your schedule and immerse yourself in these trippy sonic experiments cooked up deep in my off-planet underground laboratory. I have to send the MP3 to Earth via space courier (not cheap).
22nd Apr 2021 20:51 - 3 years ago
Description : this is not who i am.
16th Mar 2015 20:23 - 9 years ago
Description : Guitar track produced with guitar loops from Nilooy.
25th Jun 2015 03:28 - 9 years ago
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Description : In the 1700's the Comanche Indians became known as the Lords of the Southern Plains. The Comanche ruled a region that stretched across New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and deep into the Texas Panhandle. The most feared and savage warriors of all the tribes of the old West.
Many believe their spirits still ride the night wind here.

Some Willie G style picking to a buffalo skin drum beat.
25th Apr 2023 11:32 - 1 year ago
Description : lyrics , vocals ; Diego
music ; Phantom Live Production
again my neighbor ! lol !
21st Jul 2018 08:29 - 6 years ago
Description : I need a singer
29th Apr 2021 13:43 - 3 years ago
Description : And for dessert, sweet cherries.