11th Mar 2017 12:29 - 7 years ago
Description : Part one of three.

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If you have time take a listen and give ValveDriver some feedback.

bringerofDOOM 15th Jul 2020 18:44 - 3 years ago
This is the best sounding mix of the three. The upper register guitars don't have any harshness and you can crank it up.

All three were fun to listen to. I see you are making some new stuff after a pretty good gap. Looking forward to it.

If you ever want to collaborate, I can go the death metal rout all day, and my drummer's nickname is "makes everything metal." He'll do double bass on a ZZTop cover :)
InsipidB 17th May 2018 02:35 - 6 years ago
All three of your tracks ae fire.IM so stoked...what if i said i would expsnd my lyric into all thee of your a 25 min epic....I could do t...I could easily do it. I have never heard a song that long...WHat you say to either one segment of your three we collab or all three we collab? Please give me a chance. Bes regrds Brad
ValveDriver replied 26th May 2018 - 6 years ago
Like I said in my reply on Overmyth III, these are all finished and a part of a very personal collection, and I'm willing to work on something new, though.
Evisma 3rd Apr 2017 02:38 - 7 years ago
Regreetings, driver of thine valves.

"Are you thinking the Crowbar cover, or the original Zep version?"

Tool's version-

If you've never heard this version, I just made your motherfuckin day! This is off of Salival, one that not everyone has. The absolute best version of "Pushit" is from that album.


" It might be a little too sizzly"

Not necessarily. I was really just saying that I would have taken too much out of the highs. I'm glad you didn't rob it of that energy.

Mr. E
ValveDriver replied 4th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
I should have known it was the Tool cover. But, I had forgotten about that one. I don't know why I did, though. I actually love that version. I like the way they completely transformed it into something different without losing the essence of the original. This one is actually responsible for my wanting to do a cover of Sweet Dreams. Which I did, but not anywhere near executed as well. Maybe I'll try that one again.

Maybe not. I'm already 2 tracks behind in the Overmyth set, not to mention finding something for The Bastards. I have a general idea of a track for that one, but I've been having trouble finding the connection between idea and fruition. Getting the foundation to sound like it does in my head has proven to be slightly misaligned.

From Valvehalla to just South Of Evan,
crucethus 29th Mar 2017 03:37 - 7 years ago
Loving that intro.....Nice Spaghetti western guitars. Fender if I am not mistaken? and that is before I read the comments. I feel the angst of the nineties Seattle sound and I hear the dynamics of a progressive sabbath sound. But I also feel the soul of our Neanderthal ancestors battling the cold and Grey glaciers for a morsel of food. The Blast beat drums give it a 2000+ feel as well. I don't know by 3:55 I felt Equally angry at Farmers and Bankers which is sort of a queasy place to be in. I think you just invented the genre Anti-industrial. Jesus H Christopher this song is just dripping with dread and cold and calculating evolution. This is the kind of music that will send those young earth creationists to stop and point and yell, "SEE that's what there all like..see! and then it just ends in a nihilistic cloud of vacuousness!
Creepy, entangling and an evocative piece of work Aaron. oh and damn good!

ValveDriver replied 2nd Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Steve, how ya doing?

The spaghetti western thing was totally unintentional, but once it was pointed out, I liked it, and ran with it.

Ah yes. The angsty nineties Seattle sound. One of my favorite genres. Not only because I plunged head first into music during the nineties, but because Seattle is just a couple hours from here, and I was heavily exposed to it. So, much like I said in my reply to Evan, I'm sure the influence bled in.
Sabbath has been one of my favorites ever since I was about 5 years old. there were 4 songs from back then that I credit as the door way to my love for metal. Iron Man, Another Brick In the Wall pt.2, Tom Sawyer, and Black Dog. Whenever I heard them on the radio, I would stop what I was doing and just listen.

" I also feel the soul of our Neanderthal ancestors battling the cold and Grey glaciers for a morsel of food"

It's cool that you said this. This is the first part of three "Overmyth" tracks. It's supposed to be like the beginning of a darkness that comes over early man. Parts 2 and 3 are still in the works. I'm kind of jumping back and forth between them. Hopefully part two is finished first. You know, chronology and all.

Growing up in the plains of the midwest america, I not only knew, but am related to a lot of farmers. I don't think they would be such assholes if it weren't for the bankers. So, I can jump on board with the being angry at bankers, but farmers hold a spot in my heart, and bloodline.

"Anti-industrial" elaborate on that. I'd really like to know how you came to this.

I'm glad you liked this one. There is a select handful of people here that I always look forward to hearing feedback from while I'm making tracks. You, sir, are one of them.

Take care up there.
Evisma 29th Mar 2017 03:24 - 7 years ago
How be ye, V to the D?

Opening swells reminds me of "The Creature Lives" off Once More 'Round The Sun. Goes a bit different with some effective drums. Distortion kicking in makes me think of "No Quarter".

Goddamn impressive guitars here. Cannot lie. Great job making it sound like actual guitar lines. Listening to this, I know I would have EQ'd and mixed the life right out of this track. I've got it cranked in headphones and there is a bit of high end I would take out of the distortion, but I never know when to stop and wind up killing energy with several cuts.

Outro is epic and finalizing. Got no advice or thoughts on improvements. Good heaviness with awesome tones. Beefy.

I hope all is well and getting wellerer with you.

ValveDriver replied 2nd Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
What's happnin' Mr. E.?
I'm doing ok. Things are a bit still at the moment, but tha's better than a decline. Right?

"Opening swells reminds me of "The Creature Lives"

Now that you mention it, it does. It would make sense. They are one of my top tier favorite bands. Not as much as Floyd, but they're up there.

" Distortion kicking in makes me think of "No Quarter".

Are you thinking the Crowbar cover, or the original Zep version? I honestly don't hear it. Either way, I've always liked that song. I know it's blasphemous in some circles, but I like Crowbar's version better.

" there is a bit of high end I would take out of the distortion"

Yeah. It might be a little too sizzly. I was trying to go for a razors edge on a sledgehammer sound. I may have just added too much high end.

Things are getting wellerer, I guess. Just very, very slowly.

Take care, my friend.
StaticNomad 19th Mar 2017 00:52 - 7 years ago
It's yet another regreet, Valvaaron.*

"If you had a dick, and two dick shaped testicles, I could call you Triple-Dick McGee."

You could indeed. But I was thinking more interesting would be someone with a testicle-shaped dick and two testicles, each of which is dick-shaped. People are born with all manner of abnormalities so maybe this will one day happen.

"I could have been drunk when typing it"

You're not getting drunk at work, are you? Sounds like a bad idea when there are heavy valves that need driving. Drunk driving!

" there was nothing that stood out as anything that would be a good basis for the next sluper track."

At least one of you two has got to get on this otherwise Tool will have put out five more albums before we've made even one.

"The B.C. Rih Midi Hammer?"

Yeah, that would work, as would the BC Battleaxe. The BC could also be a little pun ie Before Christ as it would look like an ancient battleaxe. So, with flint for a blade rather than metal.

"I have come to accept that I can NOT do cartoon/animation style."

I think with a cartoon, you need to keep it simpler and let the minimalism shine through. That's definitely a style that appeals to people. Same goes for music. I think you know what I do is not at all on the minimal side of things but I do sometimes have sections that are somewhat minimal. I've done some recent cello-dominated tracks that are mostly cello layers and drums and have a slightly simpler sound.

I think it's a lot easier to make interesting minimal music if you have vocals. Without them, I always feel I need to do more with the instrumentation to keep things interesting. Minimal dance and minimal ambient get away with their minimalism because you can either just entirely relax to it or just dance to it and not care that there isn't more going on.

"My brain just gets too deep and intricate for anything minimal."

Same here but sometimes you just have to have confidence in your few elements being really good and not needing anything more added to them.

"Mr. E, I haven't seen him around much"

He's still alive, making music and scaping the land. We're friends on Facebook and chat reasonably often. I let him know on there about this track so he'll no doubt be along soon enough to tell you how much he enjoys it, despite being firmly against guitar VSTs.

Later, intricate illustrator.

*Is that my best name for you so far? Sounds a bit like Wolverine.
ValveDriver replied 2nd Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
"You're not getting drunk at work, are you? Sounds like a bad idea when there are heavy valves that need driving. Drunk driving!"

There have been plenty of times that I wished I could be drunk at work. Just to deal with some of the other people there. But, yeah. drinking on that job could end up with several dead people by the end of the shift.

"I think it's a lot easier to make interesting minimal music if you have vocals. Without them, I always feel I need to do more with the instrumentation to keep things interesting."

Yes. This exactly. I can listen to minimal music and be completely into it. But, if I were to make something along the same lines, I get bored as hell listening to it. Maybe I'll try another one after the Overmyth set.

Later Overcomplicator
Orlando51 16th Mar 2017 11:49 - 7 years ago
Wow...Aaron, this must be one of your best works if not the best! To achieve such an acomplished sound only with vst's is just incredible! This is beyond any doubt class A metal stuff, so masterfully arranged and produced and the most important it also shows ValveDriver's recognisable identity. I would download this if i the only thing that's left is giving this a FAV...and it's a big one and well deserved !

Compliments and respect______Orlando
ValveDriver replied 17th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Orlando! How are you?

That's some pretty high praise, my friend. I thank you for that!

I think you may be right about it being one of my best yet. I really like the way this one turned out. Which is a good thing. This is the first track of the Overmyth Trilogy. It would have sucked if I didn't like it!

I'm glad the ValveDriver calling card sound is still present. I was afraid it may have gotten lost in the lack of synths.

Again, sir, I thank you for your kind words!

LXjay 15th Mar 2017 07:38 - 7 years ago
nice is this a virtual software? nice
ValveDriver replied 15th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Thank you.

Yes. This is all virtual software. The guitar, the drums, the Bass guitar and the synths.

Take care.
Planetjazzbass 15th Mar 2017 04:28 - 7 years ago
Whoa man talk about shreddage the guitar tone and style are awesome! and considering that you played them via a vst is a real eye opener, that's some serious understanding of the software and instrument at work bravo!...The way you've mixed arranged and given this whole track excellent continuity is a testament to some real skills so don't sell yourself short I know some guitar aficionados who would be lining up to get this sound nailed down...very cool stuff! cheers Dave/PJB :)
ValveDriver replied 15th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Dave, I do believe this is the first time you've ever commented on my work. And to come in with such a positive and encouraging one. For that, I thank you sincerely.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know you're an old-school kind of guy, so for you to be so accepting of a totally new school method, means that much more.

Thanks again, man.

Tumbleweed 15th Mar 2017 02:49 - 7 years ago
Holy hit the great Pink in the sky here my friend....I have always felt that good guitar vsti`s were fantastic when used properly..and man did you ever nail it...The intro does carry a bit of the spagetti western vibe but it kicks into gear after that....I`m listening to the last section now & I think my hair is growing back in...(aw shit its not)..but I`m going upstairs & get me a beer & come back down to my music asylum & hit play again....freeking awesome Aaron...You D` man....may the Floyd be with you....Ed
ValveDriver replied 15th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Hey, Ed!

I think you just gave me my next silent challenge. To rock so hard it makes hair grow back! I better get started right now, too! I've noticed a fairly steady decline in my own over the last few years.
I'm glad you liked this one. Like I told Neo, having guys, (or gals, there just haven't been any if those yet), that play live guitars compliment my work is very encouraging. I'm hoping that in the next couple years things in life will settle down enough for me to start learning the real deal.
Thanks, Ed!

Skol, my friend!
StaticNomad 15th Mar 2017 00:00 - 7 years ago
Word up, sentence down, chapter across, paragraph where it is.

I like Phallic Nomad but you missed a trick as you could have gone for Phallic Gonad. Imagine a dick-shaped testicle. Or a testicle-shaped dick. Imagine them on the same body.

This NTB is the basis of a forum post I just made about guitar VSTs.

"Leads are my least comfortable thing ti attempt."

Same here - whether on synths or guitar or cello or whatever else. I'm much more of a groove/riff guy.

If you and/or Mr E can ever get round to putting at least something up for Slupergroup collaboration, you could well be the lead guitarist in the group. Sure - on stage with your mouse and keyboard you're going to look a bit pathetic next to me totally celling it up or getting my banj on or whatever. But maybe you can use a MIDI controller in the shape of a battleaxe or scythe. That would be rather cool.

"a bluegrass/gangster rap hybrid."

I look forward to it. One of the current tracks I'm working on is a dark, spooky hip hop track that, so far, sounds like some some rather authentic hip hop. But whenever I start adding guitar and so on to my hip hop beats, the genre always seems to shift to something other than hip hop. I'll try to keep this one more firmly in the hip hop genre but may fail if I find something cool that takes into some other genre.

Thanks for the detailed reply and congrats again on some badass Shreddage.
ValveDriver replied 15th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
I did actually think of "Phallic Gonad", but I was going to save that one for later. If you had a dick, and two dick shaped testicles, I could call you Triple-Dick McGee.

So, going back to re-read my response, I noticed enough typing errors to lead myself to believe I could have been drunk when typing it. I guess I should probably refrain from trying to rush in a reply while in the rain on a short smoke break at work. It's not pretty.

"If you and/or Mr E can ever get round to putting at least something up for Slupergroup collaboration, "

I went back through my old starts, and honestly there was nothing that stood out as anything that would be a good basis for the next sluper track. I've got a couple ideas for one brewing that still need to come to a little more clarity before I can connect them and send them your way. But, rest assured, I haven't given up.

"But maybe you can use a MIDI controller in the shape of a battleaxe or scythe. That would be rather cool.

Do I hear a B.C. Rich endorsement in the near future? The B.C. Rih Midi Hammer?

I get what you mean about attempting a particular sound, or genre, and then having it shift. I do that all the time. Not only in my music, but my artwork as well. I have come to accept that I can NOT do cartoon/animation style. My brain just gets too deep and intricate for anything minimal. I will start a basic cartoon thing, then the next thing I know, It's fully shaded, textured and nothing close to what I intended. But, such is art. A living thing that dictates it's own existence. I'm just here to channel it to our existence.

I look forward to hearing what the final hip-hop and whatnot track finally ends up as.


Ps. Speaking of Mr. E, I haven't seen him around much.
Daniall 14th Mar 2017 07:58 - 7 years ago
this is my first faved in this site .
I'm impressed , very welldone .
ValveDriver replied 15th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
3iad, I'm honored to be your first Fav. Keep digging around on the site, there are some phenomenal musicians here worthy of your Fave's.

Thank you.
FatalDecline 14th Mar 2017 05:49 - 7 years ago
This is SICK , I really want to dissect it and tell you what parts i like the best, but i would have to quit banging my head and smoking my pipe, so i will let those other fine gentlemen sum it up for me, and i will just say FUCKING EPIC ! Made my stoned ears very happy. Excellent fucking track \m/
ValveDriver replied 15th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Hey, man. What's up?
Thanks for giving a listen. I'm glad you liked it. If you ever feel like going into detail about what you liked, feel free. Truth be told, a lot of the music I make is geared toward people who partake in the greenery. But, with my life being where it is these days, I'm unable to do so myself. So any chance I get to have feedback from those who can, I greatly appreciate it.

Crypt 12th Mar 2017 15:32 - 7 years ago
Epic song man! Beautiful guitar tones. Every single lead is perfect. The music really painted a picture for me. I'm not a big fan of super long tracks but I listened to the entire song. I could see the accompanying film being set in a post-apocalyptic desert landscape. Well done!
ValveDriver replied 14th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Crypt, Hello.

Thanks, man! I'm glad you liked this one. Based on your description of the image you got, I'm guessing you're probably a fellow Fallot fan. May the steel be with you!

Neomorpheus 12th Mar 2017 05:36 - 7 years ago
Man this is fun bro !
Its like Quentin Taratinos Heavy Metal version of the Good Bad and the Ugly ! I really dig the spaghetti western guitar picking in the beginning segment but that soon gives way to a nice heavy chord groove. I really dig those chord changes and, oh yeah, that's some real tasty lead. Man this is all done in Shreddage? Unbelievable. You throw in some real ominous breakdown and then a nice return to the western vibe guitar twang and those peaking single coils. Real slick transitioning. The last section really amps things up to another high level of intensity, some real edgy progression with guitar and drums laying down a heavy triplet cadence. This is wicked man, and I love the build to the abrupt hanging note ending.

Yeah, I'm all smiles right now bro. So happy to see and hear the Valvedriver cranking it out once more!!!
ValveDriver replied 14th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Neo, how ya doin' brother?

I didn't really shoot for the spaghetti wedtern sound, but now that you mention it, it totally is! Works for me!

I'm glad you liked the chord changes and leads. Those were a couple of things I wasn't 100% confident with. Especially the leads. I'm really more of a rythym guy, so I tend to feel like my leads are severely kacking. Nit only in content, but structure as well. So hearing from a guitar man that I'm doing alright is encouraging. Thanjs fir that, man!
Yes. This is entirely done with Shreddage. Around the time I first got it, I saw a comment here in a forum post that someone else made, saying that the virtual guitars are good for back up, or accents, but can never be used for a complete track. I took that as a silent challenge. Honestly, though, I'm still not fully satisfied, so expect more where I've pushed myself even harder.
Funny thing is, about the triplet cadence...I didn't even realize I was doing it, so again, more encouraging words that I'm doing something right!

Hey, man, you take care, and thanks again for the positive feedback. It's truly appreciated.

StaticNomad 12th Mar 2017 04:34 - 7 years ago
Word up, Driven Vulva.

I recognise this title. It's one of the 50,000 rejected Slupergroup names.

Cool, long, slow organy intro.

0:21 awesome wobbly, detuned guitar note. 0:42 another. 0:50 that high note really stands out.

1:04 cool distortion and big crash.

1:25 slow, plodding stonervalves for a while.

2:08 distortion returns. Drums have a reasonably thin sound but that's not necessarily a complaint. A bit of a 70s vibe there.

2:29 nice lead. No one will know this track didn't involve someone actually doing some guit fiddlin'.

A pleasant epic, anthemic sound, especially from the awesome lead guitar. Don't know how the software works or how you're adding all those realistic bends and accurate guitar player touches.

3:55 back down for some slow, plodding stoner chill. Quite psychedelic.

Next thing to really stand out is 5:20 and the low chugging.

6:14 nice lead screaming and then some nice, dirty, low riffage progression.

You can headbang to this now.

The low chugging and lead work come together nicely for the last few minutes in a pleasing and very realistic far out metal onslaught. Not really that heavy a track but that doesn't matter.

Congrats on this NTB. Have a large, solid metal trophy as a reward.

I forgot to say that while you were away being Mr Sloe and killing Mr Sloe I made my heaviest ever track. Press play for some nice swing metal from a few months ago:

Fist Bumps Of Fury

Static MetalMad
ValveDriver replied 14th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Word sideways, Phallic Nomad

Yes, this title is a reject. I really liked it, and I'm kind if glad it was rejected.

I had originally used a more melidic organy intro, but in the end, I liked the sustained droning thing. It feels a little more hypnotic and capturing to me.

1:04. Kind of a preview of what's to come. An unofficial opening of the door, if you will.

2:08 I wasn't intentionally going for thin percussion, but like you said, it has a 70's-ish thing, so I just let it ride.

2:29 I'm glad to hear the lead worked. Leads are my least comfortable thing ti attempt. Being mire of a rythym guy, they often times feel to calculated and forced to me.

The bends are used with a reconfigured midi controller and painstakingly drawn in manually within the piano roll.

3:55 I've always loved the tom heavy breakdowns that Ufomammut and Yob use. It always makes for a good break while keeping the energy moving. It seemed like a good spot to put in some psychedellic guitfiddlin.

5:20 the low chugging seemed like a good way to start rebuilding the transition from the calmer break into the more intense final section.

6:14 In the first part of the track I had the left guitar track playing an octave lower than the right. In the second half, I had the right playing the same lower octave to give a little heavier feel. The overall track really isn't that heavy, like you said. But to the masses who aren't or haven't been exposed to a lot of what we have been, it us. I mean, most people think Metalluxa is heavy. But we know better, right?

I'll wear the trophy on a big gold chain around my neck as inspiration for my next track. It's a bluegrass/gangster rap hybrid. Should be a real banger.

I'll head over and give your track a listen right now.


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Description : Part two of three. EDIT - 04/05/2018: I went back and adjusted a few things. I cut some of the hi-mids in the guitars. Boosted the overall low end bass frequencies, and brought the drums forward a little.
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