24th Oct 2015 19:02 - 8 years ago
Description : A typical Valvedriver synth track.
Enjoy. Take care. V.

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If you have time take a listen and give ValveDriver some feedback.

Stereonomicon 28th Jul 2020 18:27 - 3 years ago
This is a very fascinating song with a solemn and threatening pace at the same time. The rhythm is very articulated and the voice goes very well with the sounds of the guitar. You know how to blend characteristics of rock very well with those of the most refined electronics and the result is truly excellent.
A cordial greeting
ValveDriver replied 29th Jul 2020 - 3 years ago
Marco, Hello.

To be honest with you, I forgot about this song! I made this one in a dark and difficult time in my life, and kind of just pushed it out of my memory with everything surrounding it. I had to go back and listen to it again.

I think, as far as the guitars go, there could be some adjusting. I may revisit this one for the mixing.

I think the blending of rock and electronic is more instinctual than a conscious effort. I've listened to rock and metal since I was a kid in the 70's, so it's become ingrained into how I hear music. Therefore, it comes through in my own creations, no mater which genre I work in. Which, honestly, is perfectly fine by me.

Marco, thank you for taking the time to go back through some of my older works. Not only to listen, but to comment as well. It's greatly appreciated.

Take care.
DanGoldstein 17th Mar 2016 00:28 - 8 years ago
that is a great effect at the end - the sustained voice against those hard synth hits. very effective. all the sounds blend into something very rich and exotic. it was quite a ride. def will listen to this again. Dan
ValveDriver replied 19th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Dan, a late reply is better than no reply at all, right? For this, I apologize.

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it.

Take care. V.
85dcizzle 16th Mar 2016 08:08 - 8 years ago
@Sloedirt, Yo what's up man! Jus wanna show love say you killed this track bro, you definitely going places with this. I really can't imagine this track being anymore perfectly composed than this. You should feel very proud, super dope work! Im my humble opinion, I feel everyone here should take a page outta your book. Keep up the great work bro. Peace.
toastedavalanche 16th Mar 2016 07:53 - 8 years ago
Woah, what a great sound! You've created a very rich and rewarding track that I had to listen to more than once. You've clearly worked hard to get the sound you want and it's paid off. So congratulations and thank you for sharing.

TeeGee1965 15th Mar 2016 08:51 - 8 years ago
I love this track, there are so many good things going on. The main thing I like about it is because it merges several types of music, I like that. I myself try to marry Hiphop/trip with blues and rock based elements, so I "get it". You did a great job, this is really good!!!
Orlando51 22nd Jan 2016 18:58 - 8 years ago reminiscent of Valvedriver, with all the best elements we've known for a long time...Great track, kept me focused all the way through! Faved!:)

Compliments and respect_____Orlando
ValveDriver replied 3rd Feb 2016 - 8 years ago
Orlando, how are you? Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you for the kind words. It's good to know it kept you focused. That's actually something I worry about with my tracks. That they get boring or too repetitive. So, usefull feedback from you, sir!

Thank you, again.
Take care.
BradoSanz 22nd Jan 2016 06:14 - 8 years ago
This is some great music. Your music and its depth astounds me. There were some parts where the guitar sounded a bit hard on the high-mids but overall, a great track! I'm glad I came across this one :)

ValveDriver replied 3rd Feb 2016 - 8 years ago
Brado, thanks for listening and commenting.

I'm glad you liked this one. Thanks for bringing the mids to my attention. I'll get back in there and tweak them a bit.

Take care.
7venth12 22nd Jan 2016 04:28 - 8 years ago
Great work, the vibe is on point!
ValveDriver replied 3rd Feb 2016 - 8 years ago
Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

Take care.
ReonN 15th Dec 2015 04:07 - 8 years ago
Liked the electric guitar there XD
the track also feels like you're on the land of the arabs because of the vocals.
I like it and keep it up XD

ValveDriver replied 22nd Jan 2016 - 8 years ago
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

Take care.
DijamMusic 15th Dec 2015 03:20 - 8 years ago
Wow this is good.
ValveDriver replied 22nd Jan 2016 - 8 years ago
Thank you.
crucethus 28th Nov 2015 03:21 - 8 years ago
Nice Phrygian scale my friend. Burying ValD among the desert ruins under the pyramids with this one. The underlying bells that you have on this song remind me so much of the Game Civilization. The mix is sublime. The pella is amazing with the wahs and wubs you have created. A fine rebirth into the Slöé gin soaked world of wonders you are creating with your new persona and music. You mentioned that I am falling into Avant Garde. You might be too. Check out new Bowie.
ValveDriver replied 22nd Jan 2016 - 8 years ago
Mister Cruman-chu! How are things going, my friend? Well, I hope.

I had to look up Phrygian Scale. What with me just being the Jackson Pollak of sounds. Isplash a bunch on the canvas, an somehow it all comes out right, as if by chance. Now that I don't have a family surrounding me at all times, I'm starting to find the time to learn all the "good stuff".

It's a damn shame about Mr. Bowie. But this last album and the events surrounding it just further boosted my respect for him as an artist. Instead of going out crying in a media circus sideshow, he turned his own death into his final work of art. And that is fucking class right there.

Take care, mi amigo.
Burtsbluesboxes 27th Nov 2015 22:51 - 8 years ago
Love the pella! Music fits with it perfectly! What a ride. Do you rust in the shower? being so metal and all... ;) I love metal with that 'world' sound to it, like folk metal. Hope you got more like this coming. I got a celtic loop pack been hoping to work into some metal tunes. Check out Dalariada. Ever seen accordian, oud, fiddles used in metal? HAhaha! If I remember right you use vst guitar, that sounds so real could've fooled me and I play guitar! Good to have your music back to enjoy :D Hope life's treating you better now.
ValveDriver replied 22nd Jan 2016 - 8 years ago
PK, what's up, man? Sorry for the super late reply. Life's been a whirlwind!

Folk metal us freakin' awesome...if it's done well. Admittedly, I haven't delved too deeply into the genre, but that which I've heard is pretty damned cool. I will definitely check out Dalariada. I'm always up for finding new music! Thanks for the suggestion!

I do use VST guitar. I had bought a Warlock with the intent to learn, and use, but the Ex had other plans. However, I'm coming up on a possible replacement for it, now that the smoke is starting to clear.

Thanks for the kindness, my friend. As always, it's appreciated.

Take care.
Spivkurl 31st Oct 2015 18:02 - 8 years ago
Well, that was interesting! Longer than I expected! I'm trying to think of things to say, and I'm having trouble... maybe I've used too many words already today. I suppose that honesty is the best policy though. I found the combination of the vocal stylings and the metal influenced music to remind me of my least favorite time in pop culture, which is pretty much 1997-1999. This may be partly the stripper music influence though... which is totally not my scene. I suppose one thing I can say is that the mix sounds very cool. I think there are aspects in this song which I could enjoy more deeply, if it weren't for the surface which is hard for me to get past. Really any negative stuff in here is not about your artistry, but about the distance between this and my preferences, so please don't take it wrong at all. I know that you know what you are doing, and I want you to keep on doing it!
ValveDriver replied 26th Nov 2015 - 8 years ago
What's happnin' Spiv?

Stripper music isn't necessarily my scene either. But a friend who used to be one wanted me to make a track just for her so she could work it into a private routine for her husband. Lucky summbitch right there!

I don't take it wrong at all, mister. I wouldn't go so far as to say I know what I'm doing, as much as I'm learning along the way. But, I suppose that applies to all aspects of life, doesn't it?

Thanks for the listen, and the comment. Your feedback is always appreciated. No matter what you say. And yes, honesty IS the best policy!

I hope you're having a good Thanksgiving....if you do that sort of thing.

Take care, man.

Danke 31st Oct 2015 10:40 - 8 years ago

3rd attempt on the track and it's got me...I didn't catch that waw waw synth for example from 4.14...but I have now...:-)
Guitars are awesome...always loved your 'corroded' sounds...with that 'lively' drums it's got a creepy overall that vocal sample too...
Lovely Aaron composition :-), electrock with your special bouques...
Sahara, Arabic culture, water, camels, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (movie)...just some words and phrases, I caught til listening this work...

Congrats and handshake, Danke
ValveDriver replied 26th Nov 2015 - 8 years ago
Danke! What's happnin' Mister?

I'm glad it finally got you! This one is definitely an electrorock with my special touch. I'm thinking about remixing it into a more Dub style without the guitars, and with more attention to the subs. I'm thinking about thinning it out and making it much more spacious.

Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels is one of my favorite movies! The way he wrote that one and Snatch is brilliant!

I hope you're having a good time with life, and all is going well.

Take care my friend.
GoldenOokami 28th Oct 2015 01:38 - 8 years ago
This is some heavy stuff right here. It's like...the sound of the guitars and bass actually can be felt on my body, and I'll let you know...damn things aren't light. From beginning to end, I was hooked through it all. This is a beautiful, and aggressive fusion of Metal and Electronic, especially with the wubs you incorporated into the track. The vocals were oddly accompanied with your track (or shall I say the other way around) but in a sexy, kinky type of odd. Valvedriver has been mentioned in tracks with these types of styles a bit. I recall hearing Valvedriven by StaticNomad a while back, so it's awesome seeing lots of positive shoutouts and nods towards Valvedriver. Last I saw, he's taking a break or something, so it's always cool hearing things in which he would probably do or close to. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing! Fav'd man!

ValveDriver replied 31st Oct 2015 - 8 years ago

I'm glad you like this. It's funny you should say they're "sexy, kinky type of odd." Because, like I told Tumbleweed a few comments down, this was originally going to be used for a "dancer" to work into a very specific routine. But, it kind of got out of control and became a much larger, heavier version of what it was supposed to be.

As far a ValveDriver goes. He is me. I am He and we are all together. I chose to end the Persona due to some pretty hefty life changes that came about. Part of the contribution to those changes was the ValveDriver Persona, and what it had become. After the changes, and me dealing with them, it wasn't in me to keep that persona alive. So...I offed it.

Valvedriven, is a great track, man!

Thanks again for taking a minute to listen, and to comment. I appreciate it.

Take care.
Neomorpheus 28th Oct 2015 01:37 - 8 years ago
Hey Aaron, great to see the Sloedirt posting !
I havent been on here too much lately, busy working on some new material. I dig this track man, pretty cool pella and even cooler accompaniment. The keys in there are a nice contrast against the heavy rhythms. Actually gives it that sinister feeling. Pretty decent guitar work too, I'm already seeing/hearing you coming along with that. Its also cool to notice that remnants of the Valvedriver still lurks in the shadow of this new persona.
Happy to see you moving along my friend.
ValveDriver replied 31st Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
Neo, What's happnin' brother?

If your new material is the doom metal track I just listened to, I'm glad you were working on it! I left a comment for ya.

" Its also cool to notice that remnants of the Valvedriver still lurks in the shadow of this new persona."

I don't think that ValveDriver part of me will ever really die. It's like I told somebody in my reply to their comment on "...And Life Went On" I don't think the music is really going to sound that different to you guys, but for me, it's coming from a place that's far more pure and natural. With Valve, it was kind of a forced darkness with the intent to disturb. Now it's just a love for the darker sounds and making them fit together with a good natural flow. But, I guess that's pretty much all any musician does, right?

Thanks for havin' a listen and for the kindness, man. I truly appreciate it.

Take care, man.
Tumbleweed 27th Oct 2015 20:07 - 8 years ago
Oh yes...I hear that menacing darkness of the Valvedriver here..but as you does indeed take you along for that kind of ride where you know you are going to be cruising through anything you encounter on the journey...there is something epic about it and the vocals do give it a touch of "World music" vibe (particularly at the intro) the subtle distorted guitar rhythm...has that nice fat pumping vibe...whats to say...definitely a fav...its the kind of music that makes sites like LM important to me...its a bit like some of your fav artists getting together after their commercial days & doing something together that they/you just really like....great track Aaron....good to hear a new one from you...hope all is well in your world...I1ll be back for more when I catch up with myself.....Ed
ValveDriver replied 31st Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
Ed, hello.

Thanks for the kind words, my friend. It's always encouraging. Funny thing about this tune, It was originally supposed to be a slow sensual track that was going to be used for a dance...of the more erotic variety. But, the more I worked on it, the more I felt it needed. I suppose it still could be used for that, but it wasn't what I originally intended.
Anyhow, thanks again. As you know, I always appreciate your feedback.

Take care.
hellfeatures 26th Oct 2015 18:46 - 8 years ago
hey just to clear things up. i posted this acapella, it's from my own band- nanu nanu
so its legit, we own the vocal and we posted it with some others from our 2013 album "unit 1" from my profile for looperman users to mix up into their own tunes
so enjoy them, and please notify & credit when you use
and btw nice mix dude
ValveDriver replied 27th Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
Good to know.

The credit's in the title, dude.

Take care.
Centrist 24th Oct 2015 22:03 - 8 years ago
WHY DOES THIS NOT HAVE MORE LISTENS. Holy crap man, how have I not heard your music before!? Make more. Like, not in the near future. Now. Every second is bliss man, I love this.
ValveDriver replied 24th Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
Hello, again.

I wish I could just make more "now". However, I really do enjoy the process of the whole thing. I left a link for you on the "Life Went On" comment, where you CAN here more NOW.

Take care.
StaticNomad 24th Oct 2015 21:44 - 8 years ago
Word up, SloeD.

I now find myself within your Valvedriven throwback. My specialised lab gear confirms that this is what I expected - another nice track bro.

Cool acapella that would suit my music nicely.

Ominous bass and then some clanging drums (not the same as your usual main EZX) and some restrained Shreddage badassery. Really coming alive now and those vocals are damn trippy.

1:42 and you're wubbing shit nicely up. I wonder: will The Evanator ever wub shit up? Maybe down?

Wubbing's OK - I only hate it when that's all there is going on in a track (ie the average shit wubstep track).

2:45 instrument with marimba/glassy tone. This is pretty chilled now, only a little menacing.

3:26 cool, restrained, minimal guitar solo. I'll assume that ain't you on the B.C. Rich. No - more Shreddage.

A break and back up for a bit more badass.

5:00-5:08 good filtered build.

Clanging, chilling end and then 6:03 nice note emphasis. A lot like a metal band chugging away.

Overall: a nice, trippy, psychedelic merger of dubstep, metal, slow, dark chillout (SloeDchill) and maybe something else.

Here's a new, nice little pop song bro for you to sing along to:

Nanoo nanoo
ValveDriver replied 31st Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
What's happnin' man?

It's a good thing you have your specialized lab gear on. There's still Valve oil all over this track.

No, these drums are a mix and match of digital samples I have laying around the place. A few layers here, and a few layers there. EQ'd and processed the shit out of em.

I wonder if the Evanator will ever let ME wub the shit up in one of his tracks.

"Wubbing's OK - I only hate it when that's all there is going on in a track (ie the average shit wubstep track"

I agree. I really like the wubwubs in dubstep, and D'n'B. But like you, when that's all it is, it's just a bunch of random noise to me. I like to think I have restrained and tamed the wubwub. Which when said outloud, makes me imagine a creature much like the Jabberwocky.

2:45- That is from Native Instruments' Vibraphone Library for Kontakt5. I picked it up quite a while ago. I have a few started tracks that feature it, but none of them are finished. Some probably never will be. But, you can expect to hear more of it.

Nope. Not me on the B.C. As quickly as that little treat came, so too did it go. Lawyer fees. Know what I mean?

" A lot like a metal band chugging away."

Metal is so heavily incorporated into my DNA, it's elements will pop up in every track at least once. I wouldn't be able to not do it. I could write a country western and still manage to work some form of metal into it.
Wait...I said "I could write a country western..."

No I couldn't.

I checked out your nice little pop son bro. I sang along, and I left a comment.

Lator to the gator.
joecramer 24th Oct 2015 20:35 - 8 years ago
This sounds in a way like world music to me.
And it is in a style made that i realy enjoy a lot.
It reminds me a little on Orange Blossom but realy in a total different way. I think it is the arabic sounding voice of this, choir like, female ahhhhhh.
Brilliant sounds you used here. And also very modern sounding mix.

very enjoyable work Sloe and i realy like it.
Your music fits excelent to the pella and you mixed both perfectly together

stay tuned
ValveDriver replied 27th Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
Joe. Thanks, man!

It does have a little bit of a "world" quality to it. Mostly in the vocal melody, I think.

I can't say that I've heard Orange Blossom before, but I will be promptly looking into them after this reply.

Thanks again, Joe.
Take care.

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