Description : This is my city. The city of Portland, Or. Right now. The audio clips were taken from today's (July 23) news coverage of the last 56 days of protests, and the unmarked federal officers "detaining" people and disappearing with them. Some of which, still to be heard from. This is my city. Right now.

This is a true-to-form Valvedriver track. Heavy, Raw, and driving. All synths were made with Serum. By me. Just for this track.
Take care.

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  1. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Sat 1st Aug 2020 - 5 months ago

    Great track, intense for an intense time. It would be nice if popular people were smart, but unfortunately we got the prom kings and queens calling the shots. High School for adults :)

    I have a job where I have to interpret these laws and ordinances that are written by the lawyers hired by the special interest super-packs and signed by politicians that can't step away from telemarketing enough to actually read the footnotes their aides gave them, and that's about as far as the conversation usually goes...

    I hope your city is soon healed.

    Reply by ValveDriver

    It's going to be awhile. Last night it was reported that Trump withdrew the federal officers from the city. But, a reliable insider source of mine says they didn't go anywhere, but to a new hiding spot. Thus, giving the masses the illusion of "Victory". Sadly, The People aren't able to see the militaristic strategics coming down on them. Meanwhile, all I can really do is sit back and watch it unfold.

  2. terryjmhitsong
    terryjmhitsong on Wed 29th Jul 2020 - 6 months ago


    Reply by ValveDriver

    I'm honored. Thank you, sir.

  3. Stereonomicon
    Stereonomicon on Wed 29th Jul 2020 - 6 months ago

    Fantastic electronic abrasive sound. Synths convey an important current affair story very effectively. Your use of the recorded voices reveals great mastery and control of the sound material. You got a song of immediate impact but at the same time with a fascinating sound. I have friends in Portland, they are the organizers of the Lovecraft Film Festival (which this year, like many other events, will take place only remotely) and they tell me about a difficult moment. My thoughts are with you with the confidence that the situation will improve soon. Very often good things can arise from the darkest situations. The whole world for a variety of reasons in these complicated times is experiencing a significant historical junction but strangely I have the feeling that all this will eventually evolve in a better direction. "Ex tenebris vita".
    Best wishes from your friend Marco

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Marco, Hello

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I have heard of the Lovecraft Film Festival. Sadly, I've never been able to attend. My work schedule is quite unconventional and has never landed on a time that I could make it. Hopefully, with the changes in my own life right now, that will be something I can do in the future.

    "Very often good things can arise from the darkest situations. "

    This is so very true. About 5 years ago my life took a very dark turn. But, from it, came the greatest thing that could have happened. It's much like the seasons. Out of the darkest winters come the most colorful springs.

    Take care, sir.

  4. DsideK
    DsideK on Tue 28th Jul 2020 - 6 months ago

    Wow the sounds combined with the unsettling vocal recordings is an awesome combination. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this. Its not so in your face that its distracting from the main message but just enough to make you think and listen. I love it. Great job!

    Reply by ValveDriver

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

    Take care.

  5. crucethus
    crucethus on Mon 27th Jul 2020 - 6 months ago

    Portland is the American Reichstag Fire. It will be the Fascist catylist to suspend Habeas Corpus (already happening) and For Allowing emergency Police powers (Already happening) In Germany it was Blamed on the Phantom Communists, in the US its the Phantom Anarchists. Same playbook, One Lifetime later. But Great Song and expertly mixed. I enjoyed that with a Heavy Heart.

    Reply by ValveDriver

    What you say is true, and it saddens me. What saddens me even more is the fact that the American people are so blinded by stars, stripes and bald eagles that they refuse to see that our freedoms are being taken away right in front of us.
    Another thing that saddens me is the fact that while racial riots are undoubtedly a noble and necessary cause that must be fought for, they are being used as the doorway to allow in the new regime.
    Funny thing is, Steve, back in the 90's , I started saying this is going to happen. But, ya know, who takes a 20 year old, metal head stoner seriously?
    Hopefully, Wayne (theHumps) was correct, and Trump gets voted out and the bullshit will follow him out the door. But, really, I don't think this is a Trump thing. I think it's much deeper than than that. I think they just found themselves the perfect puppet willing to play the game.

    Oh well. I guess it just means I will have more material to keep making more music. Which, really....isn't that what it's really all about?
    Thank you for stopping by. I always look forward to hearing from you.
    Take care.

  6. theHumps
    theHumps on Sun 26th Jul 2020 - 6 months ago

    In a couple months he will be gone and then he will go to jail for money laundering along with many other crimes he's committed. I feel so bad for these communities being assaulted and people being kidnapped by unmarked "police". It's Nixon all over again, the "law and order" prez, yeah right.

    I think your track captures the tense feelings of anger and frustration that people are experiencing across the country. The clips certainly add chaos and mayhem to the picture. Nice job putting this together, mix is tight and sounds right!


    Reply by ValveDriver

    Wayne, thank you.

    This track was definitely meant to capture the tension, anger and drive of the people. .Even though the protests are consolidated in one small area of Portland, you can definitely feel the tension all over the city. Personally, I agree with their cause, and if I didn't have kids to think about, I'd be right down there with them.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. I always appreciate it.

    Take care.

  7. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Sat 25th Jul 2020 - 6 months ago

    Just saw this new track and wanted to give it a listen. I'm here at work and as you know I'm listening with a pair of ear buds. I usually like to wait until I get home and give it a proper listen through my headphones before commenting BUT, the last time I did so, I got side tracked and forgot bro. So, I will play it safe and drop some comments now.

    Before I get to the track I want to say a few words regarding the situation over there in your neck of the woods. I have some friends living in and around Portland, One is a girl who works at Legacy Medical Center there not too far from the Lloyd district. I'm not entirely informed on the day to day activity. What I know I've gotten from the internet and from talking to my friends. It's a seriously tense situation over there. I'm really concerned for the safety of my friends. So whats your solution, what do you think needs to happen? Are you for this protesting bit? It seems like these so-called protesters are doing more harm than good to your city bud and the mayor has obviously lost control of the situation.

    Hey on a brighter note, Right On is right on bro ! Back to your roots with the Heavy synth, slick transitions, back and forth tempo changes, tension forging arpeggiation. Its all there and all 100% Ass kickin cool! Again, the sound quality from these ear buds aren't giving me the best listen and cant do it justice so I'm really looking forward to better sampling of it later on. I also think you did a great job on the sound bites form the news. That stuff is not so easy to do. Getting appropriate, clear and defined examples is quite the task sometimes. Then you have to integrate them in the mix without making it sound hokey. You pulled it off pretty nicely.

    Man this bit of a hiatus from the ol grind is sure working out good for us ValveDriver fans ! A couple of tracks now in pretty short order. Ha ha, yeah we could get used to this !!!!

    Later bro.

    Reply by ValveDriver

    Hey man. Sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to make sure I could reply with quality content. Having the kids here this weekend did not allow for that to happen.

    "I'm really concerned for the safety of my friends."

    I wouldn't worry too much. Unless they are down in the middle of it, they should be fine. Portland is a pretty big city and protests are all pretty well contained to a block or two in the downtown area. Lloyd District is close to downtown, but not close enough for any danger. Also, the worst, and most dangerous parts of the protests are happening at night. The protesters, (speaking strictly from my own gatherings and perspective), are not down there destroying shit just to loot and riot. They're down there because of several injustices that need to be dealt with. Originally, BLM and the COVID shit, probably 30 more things, too, knowing Portland.
    Anyhow, it's become a small revolution against the federal military policing. It's about Trump sending in these unmarked feds with teargas and pepperspray, and beating unarmed people just before detaining them in unmarked vans without due process, or Mirandas.

    "So whats your solution, what do you think needs to happen?"

    Well, coming from a non-violent, and very peaceful man, what is happening is what needs to happen. I'm not for people getting hurt. Feds or civilians either way. They're all humans. But, it's one of those tough times where the ends justify the means. I think all of the major cities need to follow Portland's lead and stand up to this power-hungry, narcissist, hell bent on destroying the progress we've made over the last 60+ years. I personally think a revolution on a national scale needs to happen. We've let those at the top get away with too much.

    "...the mayor has obviously lost control of the situation."

    I'm not so sure about that. The night before I made this track, he was down there in the middle of it, right there with the people. The clip in my track that says, "We have federal officers on our streets, further escalating tensions, and causing harm to Portlanders, right now" is Mayor Ted Wheeler. I mean, I'm sure he's against the destruction of property and all, but I think it says a lot that he's down there getting teargassed with the rest of them.
    This is all just my own opinion, though.

    As far as the hiatus goes...shit yeah! I think in two weeks I've put out 4 tracks and a "lost" 5th one. Heheh. That's more than I've done in the last 4 years combined. I'm not sure what comes next.

    Eric, I always look forward to it, brother.

    Take care, mister.

  8. xstokes
    xstokes on Fri 24th Jul 2020 - 6 months ago

    trump’s goon squad aka ice has been given free reign for the entire term of this administration. these motherfuckers need to be sent home in boxes. necessary work, bro.

    Reply by ValveDriver

    I don't really care how they're sent home. Just get them out of my city.

    Thanks. For listening.

    Take care.

  9. terryjmhitsong
    terryjmhitsong on Fri 24th Jul 2020 - 6 months ago


  10. terryjmhitsong
    terryjmhitsong on Thu 23rd Jul 2020 - 6 months ago


    Reply by ValveDriver

    I'm glad you liked it. Although, I'm not entirely sure where the comedic element is. Maybe you mean the ridiculousness of Trump's exaggerations.

    Either way. Thank you for listening and commenting.
    Take care.

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