1st Mar 2010 06:52 - 14 years ago
Tags :
Description : At first with this one i was lost, just couldnt figure out how to incorperate the loops provided into a track! But after some chopping and effects i maganged to use- bassloop 1,Pad 1 which was chopped and the smallest amount used but worked pretty effectivly, both synth loops, dusthills for the main synth, then chopped synth 2 with a slight phaser and wahwah added with some echo too and it suprised me how well and effective it turned out! The tabla loop thrown in for some background beat in the middle of the song, and the smallest insignificant woodwind loop that i chopped and reversed. I recorded my didgeridoo for the middle section, ive been meaning to get some into the mix so that good too. All with some nice dubstep style drum, so i spose ill put it in that genre! so i hope you all enjoy.

Comments (8)

If you have time take a listen and give GHOSTthatcheR some feedback.

JaNgLz 20th Oct 2010 14:52 - 13 years ago
loving the chill out wah wah synth... kinda feel like the drums never go in... i keep waiting for the song to go in but it neva does... i agree wit haneef88 def a them song to a big up mate... good stuff
GHOSTthatcheR replied Unknown
thanks for the review man, keep listening.
Mosaic 14th Mar 2010 10:56 - 14 years ago
G'day ThatcheR

Interesting track this one, in a good way, love the build up from the intro, I dont know to much about Dubstep but like what I am hearing here mate, seems like a couple story lines running here but all working together into one story, great work man...Fav'd...Peace...Estefano...
GHOSTthatcheR replied Unknown
Thanks for listening bro, i had some fun working with this one seeing it was for the comp. So im glad you liked it man.
DJBoO 6th Mar 2010 05:51 - 14 years ago
Totally LOVE IT!!!! nice work!!
GHOSTthatcheR replied Unknown
Yo! thanks for the words. Stoked you like it! keep listening!
Sprawl 5th Mar 2010 04:34 - 14 years ago
love it bro...

dubstep is crazy man... it's like wacked out hip hop beats, with mad ass LFO bass... damn bro, this is nice...

this is like the 3rd tune i heard in a week with those beats though... the kick is amazing. butcher has some crazy beat loops. ima ask him to make more.

tossing up between 3 now to vote in round 2..

literally ima pick it out of a hat..



GHOSTthatcheR replied Unknown
thanks for the review man. Its good to here what people have come up with using the same loops for the comp. But each in some different way! Glad you like it. the drum work its nuts hey, smooth and hard! nice!
thaks man
Demoniality 4th Mar 2010 21:25 - 14 years ago
really cool track. The build up was intence and the dige was boss
GHOSTthatcheR replied Unknown
thanks man, your the first to write something bout the didge, sweet, thanks, i dont seem to incorperate enough didge into my tracks so im working on getting it into more, get some more trippy sounds outa it. Thanks for listening man.
NtaT 2nd Mar 2010 18:52 - 14 years ago
verrryyy psychedelic man! i love this, good work!
GHOSTthatcheR replied Unknown
Thanks for listening man, glad you liked it bro.
Bioscape 1st Mar 2010 13:52 - 14 years ago
Ah dubstep cool stuff man. Very nice breakdown half way in. Liking that bassline. The tabla loops worked very well there. I also like how it transitioned back to the original synth loop section.

Good Luck
GHOSTthatcheR replied Unknown
thanks for the review man. i found looking back at the track on acid, that i acidentally ran a line of a "boom loop" through the middle section of the track too, that was so anoying to find! but yeah, i like breaking up the songs pretty dramaticaly and im glad you liked it man.
Haneef88 1st Mar 2010 07:32 - 14 years ago
I hope you don't take this the wrong way cause money is money...But this sounds like a theme for a show...multiple shows actually...since it changes a couple of times. I'm not sure if you're associated with a society (BMI, ASCAP), but if you are, you may wanna market your material in that manner. Like I said, a check is a check, homie!
GHOSTthatcheR replied Unknown
thanks man, i went on the bmi site and it looks interesting. it might be worth me having a serious look at it. Thanks for listening man

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