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9th Jun 2024 16:43 - 5 days ago
Description : dimeNflares
my vocal on Robin's track 'been away'
indie ? hip -hop vibe ?
hope i done your track justice Cyberflares
your return has inspired my writing, thanks bro
17th May 2024 02:23 - 4 weeks ago
Description : COLLAB me and our colleague Vintage Nights, Oli sent me a tune asking if i would put a vocal to it, he asked for just a dry vocal, i obliged and gave him Carte Blanche to lay it out how he wished and mixed and produced how he wanted, i only sent him my vox, so i cant really claim any credit here, i was stoked to say the least and even more chuffed that he asked me to host his work and Oli came up trumps with the title too. wow what a gift,
sharing more personal about growing up
8th May 2024 18:26 - 1 month ago
Description : sticking with Cyberflares, hope this is a surprise Robin, as an artist i believe certain tracks are made for you and this is one off them
his track Smacking Hard he posted as rap,
bro this was so more powerful than rap, this smacks hard :))
5th May 2024 02:53 - 1 month ago
Description : indie rock maybe?
my vocal on Robin(Cyberflares) People Watching track, and this is what I've seen lately, across the world. i think most have been taken advantage of over the last decade. wars lockdown deceit higher tax, less money increase in lifes necessities, food, utilities and inequality growing ever faster
big year politically this year, choose wisely and just remember mandates are worthless, they never deliver
26th Apr 2024 17:19 - 1 month ago
Description : UPDATED better reverb and warmer studio sound
hi guys, my vocal again on another of Morash' tracks, R&B Hip-Hop. its very delicate, it is a protest song of sort
lyric sheet is available.
8th Apr 2024 17:30 - 2 months ago
Description : i had fun with this :)
my latest on Morash' Afro V beat,
i thought i was chugging along well lately, comments seem to confirm this, apparently not, i dont know my own vibe according to CINCO.
that's fine bro if you give me some substance, I'm all for critique, ive had plenty. this one's for you and i most certainly knew the vibe i was looking for on this :)))
31st Mar 2024 16:29 - 2 months ago
Description : UPDATE: lengthened, me on TheMilkyMan's dope track of the same name, i just added LEVELS.
it was only 1.57 a bpm of 180. i had to work on it 5 edits, half timed and settled on 96bpm to get 3.32
you've all been giving me positive feedback on my flow of late thankyou, this though i personally consider my best delivery but im sure you'll tell me your thoughts.
switch it up loud, you'll all be bouncing on 18 secs :)
all vocals/harmonies are me apart from the get get part. go check the original
25th Mar 2024 22:34 - 2 months ago
Description : this is just so English, its like a stick of Blackpool Rock. like taking you back to the time of the court of King Arthur, Wizards, or Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham dont let the tender melody lull you in to a sense of false security its back to bar fests :))
18th Mar 2024 23:20 - 2 months ago
Description : this ones to flairsoundz track of the same name almost, it was only 1.11 long so had to double it with the tail reversed and glitched and overlaid it with the intro to get the length.
you got no idea what's coming. the wa wa is me too.
you tell me i write good songs so here goes, more intelligence
13th Mar 2024 22:24 - 3 months ago
Description : hi guys something different, this is to zivon music's beautiful Lo-Fi piece called recovering overthinker.
never tried this genre before but i believe i can write a good vocal to any style.
i'll never be the greatest vocalist, i openly admit that, i have improved and will continue to do so hopefully, although i consider myself an all rounder my strongest skill i believe is song writing, hope you like this i thought it was a little gem
8th Mar 2024 15:51 - 3 months ago
Description : where's all the rappers at.
i always consider it an honour working on this guys work, one of our finest, my verse on BeatMakers track of the same name.
@ BeatMaker4real, we've had some good one's bro, this is up there with 'em. a lesson in the art of flow.
i read an article recently saying rap is dead, nonsense rappers albums 1 2 & 5 in the hit list and another 2 in the top 10, who writes this shit.

where's Kanye when ya need him :))
getting sued for not clearing loops he used
2nd Mar 2024 22:26 - 3 months ago
Description : me on Morash' track of the same name being brutal and truthful and oh so righteous.
if i like your tracks guys i will put a vocal on it, its giving back to the community, we joined to share and learn. i will always promote working together. although ive done many before this is my 3rd in a row on looper tracks more to come too.
switch it up, if your not bouncing your already dead :))
my mates thought this was a banger
21st Feb 2024 22:01 - 3 months ago
Description : hi guys im now working with a new vocal chain so still messing really, i'm now aiming to get my vocal sounding the same for familiarity.
anyway back to good old dimestop after my luv doctor tour:))
i've been in good writing form, this is the first of 3 lined up, a collab with iamlegendary my poetry to his track of the same name, this one i dedicate to my American friends in your presidential year, are they worth your vote? VOTE ME. my backing harmonies are lit.
lyric sheet up
14th Feb 2024 18:38 - 4 months ago
Description : More sweet, my vocal on Morash' track of the same name.
this ones for the ladies :))

the stage was large but i think i balanced it this time, im sure you'll let me know.

new vocal processing chain.
11th Feb 2024 01:51 - 4 months ago
Description : the title says it all. my tribute to you :))
30th Jan 2024 23:21 - 4 months ago
Description : collab with looperman colleague JodyJames J.O.D BEATZ
i thought his track Outkast was dope, i was working on something close so had the perfect vocal for it just needed to change the title and collabs are much better for the community so restructured my work
put loads of work into the vocal processing, loads of hype this hits hard
if this isn't laying down the gauntlet i don't know what is, as a rapper i wouldn't be able to resist :))
lyric sheet is up
18th Jan 2024 19:03 - 4 months ago
Description : Happy New Year to everybody my first of 2024
everybody seemed to like my UK Drill so, typical dimestop my first attempt at UKGrime
lyric sheet is up too.
if you dont get the Ronaldo skit
even though he's super famous, he wants all the attention and stands on tip toes for photos
dimestop on the other hand would just stand in front of everyone :))
And yes the real photo of my profile caricature pic won a world photography award for the photographer. most shared photo
12th Dec 2023 21:16 - 6 months ago
Description : JUST-IN --following the huge success of his recent Rock collab, dimestop hits back at critics who said he'd sold out
"I light up any genre, FULLSTOP"
once again he's back with a bang, this time its UK Drill, 65 bars with biting witty lines and an ego bigger than the UK itself
president trump said "this guys ego is bigger than mine"
snoop hissed this dude' not fuckin'
Elon Musk Tweeted from the Asylum "im feeling better already"...full story @6
30th Oct 2023 22:25 - 7 months ago
Description : Happy Halloween, I WANT YOUR SOUL :)))
24th Oct 2023 00:07 - 7 months ago
renowned R&B Hip-Hop & Rapper dimestop has shocked the music industry with his latest drop, he's produced and singing vocals on a rock track with Rock Megastar Danke.
Rolling Stones magazine say a grammy in the making....hip hop insiders claim he's sold out
snoop dog was reported saying careful that motha fucka rip your heart out
Time Magazine state this is epic
Elon Musk tweeted #he's my Rocket man... more to follow as the story unfolds.
5th Oct 2023 00:02 - 8 months ago
Description : I've been waiting for this moment all my life :)

i just had to, sampled this banger you'll all know. vocals sheet is up too
19th Sep 2023 01:45 - 8 months ago
Description : hi guys this is my biggest production so far all the music and beats were written by me and all played by me on my midi keyboard
self-biographical its raw its powerful, its positive, this is dimestop all dressed up in his Sunday best, a subject i know all about, its real life its genuine a cause i support and promote the lyric sheet is available
listen with a headset close your eyes look at it as a private consultation from me, shed a tear if you have to it starts with you
12th Sep 2023 00:58 - 9 months ago
Description : this is a fun little piece, this explains to everyone why dimestop is dimestop, it certainly feels longer than just over 2 minutes believe me its packed. waxing lyrical as always. also there's a little request from CINCO in there, he asked me to say it for him, so i obliged and set it with the lines before, lets call it product placement for the American market, lyrics available enjoy
31st Aug 2023 00:12 - 9 months ago
Description : my last track caused controversy (object achieved), although the stats were meagre they seemed to suggest more people agreed with me. I was trying to stir this place up a bit, its gone stale you can all see that surely, its supposed to be a community, hardly anyone comments other than a small number of artist, we could all do better.
anyway my response track,
this community is better for me. I back myself 100% I'm kicking in doors
22nd Aug 2023 23:03 - 9 months ago
Description : protest sort, tell me people dont think the same, its controversial yes, but controversy is my middle name :))
my vox on BeatMakers dope track Victory, see what i done there
its political its crude but its current. i slay the bastards dimestop style
like i say 'i own this, delivered softly, spoken with contempt
lyric sheet available
Tracks 1 - 25 of 49