8th May 2024 18:26 - 1 month ago
Description : sticking with Cyberflares, hope this is a surprise Robin, as an artist i believe certain tracks are made for you and this is one off them
his track Smacking Hard he posted as rap,
bro this was so more powerful than rap, this smacks hard :))

Comments (9)

If you have time take a listen and give dimestop some feedback.

pseudoble 14th May 2024 18:58 - 1 month ago
great job paul - loving what Im hearing from Robin and you seem to be getting stronger and stronger as a lyricists, vocal performer and producer - well done my friend
dimestop replied 15th May 2024 - 1 month ago
thanks for the kind words Ian, and yeah Robin has come with so great tracks recently and for me now feeling more comfortable vocally, to be able to provide a vocal to my oldest friends on the loop is more satisfying to me to be honest, its always good to here from you mate
deanp 14th May 2024 10:59 - 1 month ago
Paul, just to say I commend you for having the guts to get your voice out there. Mine would likely drown a thousand cats. I like the detail you put into the productions, and your capacity to explain it all. To me, the music you are creating is entertaining, and it's worth listening to the words because your music contains messages, which as I've said before, adds value to what you are doing.
dimestop replied 14th May 2024 - 1 month ago
i try real hard to write lyrics that have a meaning or some form of substance and i use the expierences from my own life as a template, whether it be a good or bad expierience to make it believeable. i also have the added bonus of fx to make my vocal sound better than it actually is. dry it would also drown out just as many cats :))
thanks for the stop off listen and comment its always appreciated dean as we've discussed before, it makes it more worthwhile although i do music for me first and foremost as i enjoy story telling. its still nice to recieve feedback.
im also sure your voice would'nt be bad, you Welsh are renowned for your voices, give it a go im sure you'd be fine, and you got all the fx too if not, and like me the first time i sung and listened back i just wanted to throw up.
JohnSmokey 13th May 2024 02:29 - 1 month ago
Nice job Paul! Stellar track, great thoughts to put on the record. Life's better with rhymes, these are good bars. Not rushed in the delivery at all. Really letting the instrumental shine through. Then you punch in with some solid ideas. Thats what its all about.
dimestop replied 13th May 2024 - 1 month ago
thanks for the stop off and kind comment my friend, i really connected with this one
Morash 10th May 2024 22:58 - 1 month ago
I like the facts that you are trying different genre, nice one
dimestop replied 11th May 2024 - 1 month ago
thanks Joe appreciate the listen and comment bro
theHumps 10th May 2024 12:12 - 1 month ago
Dang man, you are pumping out these tracks like crazy. Things must be going well in your life. I know I am more prolific when things are going well. It's a good collab, music and the words go well together and you make some good points with the lyrics. Well done to both of you guys!

dimestop replied 10th May 2024 - 1 month ago
thanks Wayne, putting the world to rights is me all over. i aint got a bad life tbf roof over my head, good health close family tight friends, Robin' return invigorated me and got me writing outside the rapping box. thanks for the stop off and comment mate
BeatMaker4real 10th May 2024 04:21 - 1 month ago
Nice work on the track dimestop,cyberflares got down on the beat.
dimestop replied 10th May 2024 - 1 month ago
thankyou bro, its nice to see you around, hope your well too. yeah Robin' had a good return, i jumped on a couple of his similar theme about the struggles of life and the politics involved
2Sisters 9th May 2024 09:05 - 1 month ago
Hello Paul, you are incredibly creative at the moment. You release one song after another. Your play with the right-left effect of your voice is typical of your style, but I think you sometimes overdo it. It would perhaps be better to position the core message of your text centrally and place or alternate the opposites or questions and answers on the right and left. To be honest, I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed when listening. I also think it would make sense to include musical breaks without singing. You have so much to say in your lyrics. I think you should give the listener a chance to absorb and process that.
Overall, once again a great job!
Happy Father's Day (is it celebrated in England?)
dimestop replied 9th May 2024 - 1 month ago
thanks Manu, i agree there is too much backing, im just passionate about my verses. i really liked this track and you know i have a lot to say :))
my main vocal is central with no panning but the two backing tracks are panned left and right but to close together so all feels like its panned to much. i also have delay on the backing just a few millisecs i will make the changes and give some breathing space like you said, dont ever feel overwhelmed, just tell me all the time what you think, im still learning remember and your feedback is vital as you no far more than me about singing and of course i will take your advice forward its not that it hasn't been said before, check it later, and yes fathers day is celebrated here but its the 16th of June thanks again for checking it out
Cyberflares 9th May 2024 07:21 - 1 month ago
YOU Swine i never knew you downloaded this one haha
this is ace shawn ryder aint got a look in this def has a indie sound now its amazing add a vocal and it totally changes it.
your vocals fit perfect you should be well chuffed with this i know i am quality right track
dimestop replied 9th May 2024 - 1 month ago
Robin it was a great track, i was singing feel held back say we on the right path immediately on listening and had it wrote in half hour. i was a little worried it was to vocal heavy, i tend to write too much tbf, my son has said it before he says you give them too much, Manuela has pointed that out above too, so will take some backing out to give the listener a breather, so check back later, i love this music so will make the changes as ive been advised, its always a good idea to listen to your listeners especially if you sort of agree too
Leo4455 8th May 2024 18:32 - 1 month ago
Hey, actually I like a lot, thx )
dimestop replied 8th May 2024 - 1 month ago
i like your comment a lot levas thankyou :)

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Description : Free for use, for whatever u want.
just give credits uwu

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Description : Vocal cover of "Hypnotized" by Fleetwood Mac
Instrumental is original Fleetwood Mac recording.
Vocal stem available for download.

31st Mar 2018 21:21 - 6 years ago
Tags :
Description : Looking for your feedback.
6th Jun 2021 05:10 - 3 years ago
Description : Experimental. Give me a chance! Not something I'm comfortable with, would really love feed back on this genre and this type of stuff. Im not too used to it.

Thanks for your time, and thanks to Cyberflares and the other Looperman users that helped make this track possible
Much love all
Hope to hear from ya down below
Take Care

P.S Find the production on Looperman , track number 227353