19th Sep 2022 22:16 - 1 year ago
Description : Now out as part of an EP on Spotify, iTunes and all the other ones. Thanks for all your encouragement, it means the world to me!
This particular poem consists of two 1000 year old Japanese "renga", short "word flowers" about the autumn rains. They inspired me... and I hope you will like them too.

Comments (23)

If you have time take a listen and give BaoBou some feedback.

rockoff 25th Sep 2022 21:00 - 1 year ago
dude i listened to this again your getting way better at what you do there is lots of improvements
BaoBou replied 30th Nov 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanks a lot for listening and commenting man. There's only one Santana, that's for sure, the man is unique!
rockoff 25th Sep 2022 20:53 - 1 year ago
by the way was the band Santanna back then not just Carlos
rockoff 25th Sep 2022 20:52 - 1 year ago
good stuff I wouldn't compare guitar to carols I actually was with him back stage when i was 10 I had a friend handicap her mom worked at Saratoga springs performing arts center in the ticket office we needed good handicap access so was back stage during show 19 80 I believe nice work tho man kep up good work
midiman007 25th Sep 2022 17:43 - 1 year ago
Great Track. Funk, Rock and jazz ,. Nice change ups in the song.
BaoBou replied 30th Nov 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanks a lot buddy. Yeah I'm finding my own style, and these are all types of music that I like... so I'm happy with that :)
pseudoble 25th Sep 2022 01:27 - 1 year ago
Nice work - really well crafted song and the guitar work is a standout - yes sounding somewhere between santana and clapton (but leaning a little more to carlos) but very nice - all the other elements sound very nice too to me also(but Im only listening on the laptop speakers so hard to hear the real quality of the mix and production sound. What I can hear though is a fantastic song and great playing : )
BaoBou replied 25th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanks so much my friend!!
Kirkoid 24th Sep 2022 21:12 - 1 year ago
That rain is way better.
BaoBou replied 25th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Yeah you were right. Thank you :)
crucethus 24th Sep 2022 03:56 - 1 year ago
So what I like about this: 1. guitar, you are what you are an awesome bluesy somewhere between clapton and santana, no issues, no worries. 2. I agree on the percussion and drums, but I believe this song could use a tasteful snare here and there, and maybe a fill or 2 as I like the playfulness of going all out and then reigning it back in again. 3. I disagree with Manu about the piano at 1:20. It just sounds like an old upright piano and it gives the tune character. 4. Your vocals are the best Ive heard so far from you. and I like the doubling effect you used, all and all a really good track and fav'd
BaoBou replied 25th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanks so much Steve! Yeah I feel I'm starting to hit the sweet spot at times :)
MPOProduction 23rd Sep 2022 16:05 - 1 year ago
very nice ...
BaoBou replied 23rd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you!
2Sisters 22nd Sep 2022 17:58 - 1 year ago
Well at least you can drink the case of cider yourself *laughs. I have all my fingers crossed for you and whatever else I have that you do your homework well and the producer sticks up for you. Kind regards Manuela (Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar)
BaoBou replied 23rd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Ohhhh... Tanzania - liked that better than Kenya but didn't make it to Zanzibar. Well, at least the bar I'll be tomorrow is also called Zanzibar, so that's close enough ;)
2Sisters 22nd Sep 2022 09:45 - 1 year ago
Hello, first of all the drums are not muddy and your voice is a good voice that fits this sound perfectly! I find the song very bluesy and soulful. And Soul, in my opinion, sums it up best. The song is straight from the heart and very soulful. The guitar is dominant, that's how it should be, after all it was played by an excellent guitarist. But the tuning to the keyboard is not clean in some places, for example at the transition at 1:20. There the keyboard is pushed too far by the guitar. i think you know what i mean Maybe a small mixing or mastering problem? But great play has something of Clapton from his earlier days. Greetings Manuela
BaoBou replied 22nd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanks for your comments! Great stuff!
The guitar being slightly out of tune is also something I had noticed in places (0:50, 3:09) but it was a bit like you said on the other track, if anybody notices I'll give myself a case of cider ;)
Good catch though!
I still disagree with you on the drums (although this is probably my best vocal effort ever). I showed the track to a producer yesterday (a couple tracks) and he said that the drums is the weakest part of them, to the point where stronger drums would really finish them.
So... I have my homework!
You said you're half a world away... if you're in Asia tell them I miss them, if you're on the US westcoast tell them I miss them even more, if you're in the Caribbean... tell them see you soon ;)
Thanks as always Manuela, it's great to have solid constructive comments from a real artist!
xstokes 21st Sep 2022 20:12 - 1 year ago
sung and played with such complete conviction— i wouldn’t change a thing, man. you are like penetrating some far out mysteries here!
thank you for introducing to a new form, the selections you made are masterworks, you give a timeless perf on this. dude did you translate these, that is a hella thing in itself.
BaoBou replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you so much man, very moving words!
No, my Japanese is pretty non-existant beyond konnichiwa and sayonara ;)

I based this actually on a Dutch blog post. That guy deserves all the credit, because this is also 1000 year old poetry. is the post - you may not speak Dutch, but you'll see how pretty he shaped the words.

Awesome job, and I tried to capture that spirit.
Thanks again my friend!
Gixxie 21st Sep 2022 11:05 - 1 year ago
You kidnapped Carlos Santana!!

You definitely have enough for an EP, you just need to EQ it a bit to master it i think, maybe a little bit of compression on the master track to blend/glue the rain sample together with the rest of the track.

I use Soundcloud as my distribution service to all other major music streaming platforms. Soundcloud has a 'Pro Unlimited' account where you can ditribute unlimited tracks, you just pay a fixed amount per year but you can ditribute unlimited tracks instead of paying per track to distribute.
BaoBou replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hahaha je hebt mijn geheim ontdekt, yep, hij logeert op mijn bank, vastgeketend aan de verwarming ;)

Goeie tips! Ja dat is geen gek idee, dan kan ik eerst beilig op SOundcloud publiceren, misschien een beetje spelen en tracks uitwisselen, en als ik tevreden ben naar Spotify etc. Goed idee!

Mixing en Mastering is idd niet mn sterke punt :eyeroll: :D ik probeer het te leren, maar het zou helemaal niet gek zijn om 4 tracks te kiezen, exporteren en naar een expert te sturen om er het meeste uit te halen.

Mijn dank is groot!
RitajustRita 21st Sep 2022 05:03 - 1 year ago
Again a nice track with voice Baobou!!
I think you have enough for a ep?
And you have a distrobution service to put it on spotify etc?
BaoBou replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Yeah that's what I need to think about. I haven't brought out anything on Spotify/iTunes, but I think it's slowly slowly getting to a decent quality. Maybe clean up a bit more and master it, then pack up 4-5 songs (the poems) and bundle it.
But most likely I'll do that on my Soundcloud first ;)
Spd2 21st Sep 2022 04:44 - 1 year ago
Gorgeous piece. Smooth and silky. Ooh la la. Sipping my cup of java while I'm listening. Your musicianship is stellar. I dig the timbre of your voice, it has a unique ring to it, and I think it suits the music very well. Look forward to hearing more of your music. Faved.


o o

BaoBou replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Wow, those are great words and beautiful comments to wake up to. Thank you intergalactic!!
DijamMusic 21st Sep 2022 02:29 - 1 year ago
Hello, my dear friend B.
Or should I have called you Mr. Robert Lee Frost?
Mate in this track your voice is really good and clear but really the ear candy is the sound of your guitar.
I loved it mate.
Great track.
Well done
BaoBou replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hahaha in this case the credits go to Fujiwara no Akisuke and the Japanese "Shika Wakasu" ;)

Actually the credit maybe goes to a Dutch blogger who wrote a post on these 2 small poems ("word flowers").

He added an image with the graphic representation of rain falling on a car window, and that got me thinking... I made a quick rhythm on the drumset... Some keyboard chords... And then the song wrote itself. Some songs just have a mind of their own.

Thanks for listening and your always positive words Maj! But I need more criticism from you, you have the knowledge after all :)
rockoff 20th Sep 2022 22:14 - 1 year ago
i wouldnt say rain sounds like hail sounds like a movie projector pretty kool track
BaoBou replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
OMG a movie projector :D

OK ok ok, I will have to admit that my girlfriend is right as usual. I changed the rain sounds... let me know if it's better now :D
Kirkoid 20th Sep 2022 20:09 - 1 year ago
The material suits your voice well, the track sounds great with it. If I were being picky, I'd say the rain sounds like hail.
BaoBou replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hahaha picky is good!

Yeah my girlfriend said it sucked, and promoted another clip that I didn't like. I didn't want too "watery" sounds, I don't want people to run off for a pee before I can finish the track. Now I have to start to understand foley too? :D

If you can find a better one here, let me know...:
bringerofDOOM 20th Sep 2022 14:21 - 1 year ago
You've got good songwriting skills and good overall musicianship.

If you are looking for advice, I'd find a funky lick resource of some kind (tutorials are great), to increase the variance of your fills (across multiple instruments and songs). Then learn each lick in every key (I do them chromatically), so that you have a muscle memory library to pull from (this is an old bebop technique).

When it comes to vocal training, I would practice scales through the 12 keys. There is nothing wrong with your voice. If you want it to sound better (and you are too hard on yourself), you need to develop the muscles (probably via more tutorials). You would be amazed what a little sight singing and ear training can do. Get your 10,000 hrs in and you may scare yourself :)

Food for thought. Hope it helps, keep it up.
BaoBou replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Awesome points Ben, and thanks for the compliments.
I'm taling drum lessons at the moment; thinking to switch to singing - oh how I'd love to do both, but we only have 26 hours in a day after all ;)
Oh 24? That must be why it feels so rushed ;)
10.000 hours times 5 instruments, let me see... Ok, see you again in June 2028 ;)
Great tips man. Not sure I can all of it but it's well understood and definitely noted!
Zootman 20th Sep 2022 11:33 - 1 year ago
I think your track is rather beautiful. It has nature in it, just like the poems. Never fear about your voice man, I like it and on this track they are definitely on the money. A bit of Santana in this maybe.
BaoBou replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanks buddy, much appreciated!
Anyone making a reference to Santana is a friend of mine ;)
CelestiaAngel777 20th Sep 2022 06:35 - 1 year ago
I love the sound of the rain BUT anyways, I have to say that guitar is selling this song to me no end & got me hooked!...Very smooth! and tasty track here indeed and your vocals have a very soulful authenticity to it. Much enjoyed! Keep On!

BaoBou replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you so much Angelus! _o_

Maybe if you want/have time also give a listen to the "When you go" track - I wrote that with in my mind that you should sing it. It's a total mess in sound levels/mixing etc (in your words I can't mix for toffee), but... Well, in my mind, this could be a track for you :)

Thanks again, you know I admire your music very much and a positive feedback from you generally makes my day :)
CINCOCENT 20th Sep 2022 03:47 - 1 year ago
Hey man? Yea u a true artist.
Brilliant come in towards end.
Very creative and musical!
Enjoyed my listen.
BaoBou replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
That's a beautiful comment man. Thank you so much!
Jynxz 20th Sep 2022 01:07 - 1 year ago
I like the suspense in the intro.
The Guitar is soulful and the Vocals
put me in the mind of the singer for "Dire
Straights" loved it. If I just had to do something
different in this track; I think, I wouldn't be as hard
core with the stereo separation, especially for the keys.
I (my opinion) would have given the Piano and Guitar a little
nudge towards the center.

Great track..

BaoBou replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Ha yes, you're right about the panning! I generally try to get the music right before thinking about the mixing - however in this case I'd actually added a "utility" which added to the stereo image which probably makes it worse :D
I'll fix that one first :)
Thanks a lot and thanks for enjoying!
dimestop 19th Sep 2022 23:48 - 1 year ago
underground indie bro your vocal is tight, sounds better, but its sitting in the right spot your git i love, the drums need a little bit more space that hat is dominant i wanna here the snare kick and cymbal crisper they crushing each other slightly, love the intro outro, its shows you care about the whole production, but i think the vox are bang on bro
BaoBou replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Haha yes, is this Indie? I guess not, but what is it? It's BaoBou, that's the main point... Genres are silly.
Hm yes, you're right about the hats, snare and cymbal; I'm also not happy with the kick. The thing is I'm trying to figure out my electronic drum kit; there are some different sounds, but I may also need to play around with the levels. And I will also discuss the rhythm(s) with my drum teacher tonight - let's see what comes out of that.
Thanks so much for listening, commenting and enjoying Paul. Much appreciated:)

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