9th Jun 2024 16:43 - 1 month ago
Description : dimeNflares
my vocal on Robin's track 'been away'
indie ? hip -hop vibe ?
hope i done your track justice Cyberflares
your return has inspired my writing, thanks bro

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If you have time take a listen and give dimestop some feedback.

2Sisters 24th Jun 2024 22:28 - 2 weeks ago
I'm glad to hear that I was able to leave a lasting impression on you. *smiles
dimestop replied 25th Jun 2024 - 2 weeks ago
you have Manuela, your support and advice have helped me to improve, using buss channels sidechaining reverb delay all on separate channels, so i have far more control, your explanation about blending dry and wet, i can use 4 vocals with different fx then blend them together im using less EQ, i here things clearly now quite a lot of my previous is pitched to high, im altering the mids highs and lows, using less compression on the vox too and your advice about keeping my main vox centered adding reverb/delay at the end of statements. this is valuable advice, i've still got a way to go tho this is the true meaning off being a community and building it, sadly not all are on our page. and having no forum does'nt help, i have one coming for the people who don't take part, you possibily wont like it, its agressive not your thing, its the truth tho' :))
next but one, its dimestop cabaret next :))
2Sisters 24th Jun 2024 07:27 - 2 weeks ago
Good morning, Paul. This is also a very beautiful lyrical text. I like these types of texts that identify people's daily problems from everyday life. I think you've discovered a new creative vein for yourself here. Away from the blaring, accusatory rap lyrics towards more sensitive but profound words. The music is very beautiful and your singing is constantly developing. You also worked a lot in the area of mix and master and developed a lot here too. I still remember old songs of yours where we talked about mixing and mastering techniques.
Great song from both of you, a really successful collaboration!
Kind regards and a nice start into the new week,
dimestop replied 24th Jun 2024 - 2 weeks ago
thanks for the feedback Manuela, i was really happy with how this came together and the text i wrote, im glad you have gotten to know me too, i can be argumentative and like a little controversy, but i am just trying to find an identity rapping gave me confidence as i have a bad voice, but the help and feedback gave me confidence to keep stretching myself and push further, yes i stand my ground at times but i am really a caring guy love my family and friends and im loyal. i like to write sensitive text, i know whats right really Paul is nothing like dimestop. and my contact with you made me change the way i reply as you know text dont show emotion Paul is emotional dimestop has no feelings and yep i've got 2 cabaret tracks to come next :))
Toil1 18th Jun 2024 09:28 - 3 weeks ago
this song made me remember why moved from Minneapolis to a small town and I thank you for that. keep up the good work homie. peace and love
dimestop replied 18th Jun 2024 - 3 weeks ago
thanks for the listen Toil, im really happy it made you think of a decision you made, i done the opposite i moved from a small town to work as an entertainer dancer etc but have lived in the big city for years. i want to move back to the coast again cities are awful they eat people alive if your not thick skinned or hard faced, fortunately im both
crucethus 17th Jun 2024 21:21 - 3 weeks ago
Very Cool Mate, BTW Congrats on beating Serbia in the Euros. Your getting some smoother controls over your voice. You are able to sustain without vibrato which is not easy to do. Keep on Brother!
dimestop replied 18th Jun 2024 - 3 weeks ago
thanks for the listen cru, it was a nervous watch against Serbia. we always start shit, we have the talent but do they have the nerve, the opening 30 minutes was positive but then we resorted to same old same old sitting deep and trying to defend a lead instead of going for the throat, Trent Alexander didn't work in midfield and Foden was shit none existent, im a massive footie fan im 58, i was 3 months old last time we won anything,
and yeah my vocals are improving . thanks for the positive comments Steven its always appreciated
BeatMaker4real 17th Jun 2024 07:26 - 3 weeks ago
Nice work on the track dimestop..dimeNflares has a certain flare..I like it.
dimestop replied 17th Jun 2024 - 3 weeks ago
thanks bro, as ive done a few indie tracks with Robin, that name just came to me so went with it, your the first to mention it :)) i thought it sounded good too, you know me always bigging up my colleagues
Pnnywze 16th Jun 2024 20:24 - 3 weeks ago
Wat up Paul! Glad to see ur still holding it down around the community. I've been insanely busy with a bit too much on my plate, and while I'm gone everything around the whole site changed seems lol. I like the aesthetic though the site looks really clean and new. This has definitely got your signature sound. And I don't know if you got a new mic or a new wave recording your vocals or whatnot but it sounds a little bit different a little bit clearer to me maybe it's just my imagination either way man good work as always. -Aaron
dimestop replied 17th Jun 2024 - 3 weeks ago
sorry for the late reply Aaron, i had a long weekend break in my home town, no music just family just back home in the midlands now, yeah new set up, i Beta tested it, it looks fresh but the forum should be brought back i think.
no new kit slightly different vocal chain and improvement in my mastering now using better sidechaining, reverb glueing frequencies, stereo enhancements ive also not used as much EQ more my natural voice really only used one youlean 5 band dynamic sometimes i use 4-5 and mix it together, thanks for the positive feedback mate
JohnSmokey 14th Jun 2024 18:28 - 4 weeks ago
Good track Paul! Really painting a picture here. Is anything really beyond repair...? Your lyrics have led me to ask today. When I do some traveling we should grab a beer, or if you do. Hopefully sometime soon.

Anyway nice track. Got a new one coming, going to leave the one you've heard up for another round.

Thank you,
dimestop replied 14th Jun 2024 - 4 weeks ago
everything is broke my friend. all we can do is keep telling them. not that they take notice. if i was close to you or any other member i am friends with i would sit and have a beer with you all, im liking my indie venture more than i thought but got a couple of raps to come real cabaret tight bars, keep listening bro
vodeodoe 13th Jun 2024 18:39 - 1 month ago
the words are so very true great work. As for what ValveDriver was saying about community, I was always wanting to see some remix comps hosted on here in view of driving comuniy
dimestop replied 13th Jun 2024 - 1 month ago
thanks for your time bro, yeah a bit of comp would be good, it inspires productivity and hunger and is good for improvement, nice to meet another west midlands artist :))
ValveDriver 13th Jun 2024 01:27 - 1 month ago
There was a while there when the community aspect kind of dropped out around here. It's definitely back, I believe. It's different now than it was before, but it's still a good place. There are still a lot of very supportive people, and that's always good.
Anyhow, have a good one, brother.
Take care.
dimestop replied 13th Jun 2024 - 1 month ago
your so right Aaron, they're a good bunch and i enjoy myself here, it would be nice to see more comments on peoples tracks but you can only hope, some just aint got the time, but i think it encourages artist to keep delivering and improving especially collabing. i sometimes think its not about how long your here but what you give back when you are here, always great to see you bro.
ValveDriver 13th Jun 2024 00:15 - 1 month ago
Funny thing is, Dime, I'm also working on a remix of this one. Except I won't be including my vocals. I don't have the gift of song when it comes to that department. Nobody wants to hear Valvedriver sing!

Kudos, man.
Take care.
dimestop replied 13th Jun 2024 - 1 month ago
its a great track V, i look forward to hear what you do with it, i love to see the community working together or on each others work, thats what building a community is about. and im sure you could put your vocal down, with the tech now you can get anything to sound good, i know that more than anyone :))
DJSanborn 12th Jun 2024 15:17 - 1 month ago
This is a chill vibe, i'm diggin
dimestop replied 12th Jun 2024 - 1 month ago
thankyou very much for your listen bro
CelestiaAngel777 11th Jun 2024 18:50 - 1 month ago
Robin & Paul collab, what's not to enjoy. I agree with morash, the music and lyrics match, great lyrics as always with meaning & speaks about real issues people are going through. Keep going fella as you do.
dimestop replied 11th Jun 2024 - 1 month ago
thanks Angel hope your good, Robins return as inspired me quite a bit, done a few with him now, its always nice to get a listen and comment from you, Robin would also say the same, so thanks for the check
Morash 11th Jun 2024 15:40 - 1 month ago
I like the vibe on this. Beat matches your vocals nicely, nice work.
dimestop replied 11th Jun 2024 - 1 month ago
thanyou bro, i appreciate your time and im always checking ya bro, i rate ya
Cyberflares 9th Jun 2024 17:51 - 1 month ago
well man its def indie and indie i like your lyrics are good and in parts its pap on with the music the flow i mean great job you did me proud but most of all you do yourself proud well done.

on another note can you ping me another email see if i get this one please
dimestop replied 9th Jun 2024 - 1 month ago
thanks Robin, i thought the lyrics were cool on this, another day another dollar might be next , again indie, i actually listened to all the tracks ive done with you lately, there's a connection so that indie albums filling :))
just fired of an email to your address mines in my profile anyway bro if ya need to link me

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