22nd May 2024 03:44 - 1 month ago
Description : I asked Danke if I could add some vocals to his track Future Machine and he kindly agreed and sent me the track. The lyrics are about a soldiers experience in war as he and his trench mates are told to get up and out of their trench and attack the enemy across open fields. I can only imagine the fear, tension and chaos that goes through one's mind at that moment.

Comments (12)

If you have time take a listen and give theHumps some feedback.

Mosaic 30th May 2024 08:23 - 1 month ago
Hey, my friend, 2 of my fav artists here so I knew this would be good, even though heavy metal not one of my fav genres, much removed from my trancer pieces lol.. but this is a great collab been you both, like your vocals mate, suit this track very well, sadly what track is about we may see coming again very soon in the world, hoping not but sadly I think the world is going to be a lot worse off soon, On the site I don't mind changes to site, but I've just come back to the changes so time will tell if it is as good as it should be, ok enough being side tracked from review, mate like what you have done with Dankes track...much respect to you both....Favd...Peace n much respect to you my friend...mos...
theHumps replied 24th Jun 2024 - 2 weeks ago
Thanks pal. I understand this isn't your cup of tea. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words, I'm sure Danke appreciates it as well.

Take care and lets hope for more peaceful times, soon.

JohnSmokey 27th May 2024 05:20 - 1 month ago
Great Job theHumps were storming Normandy on that one. From the past to the present to the future, really capturing the vibe perfectly with the vocals. Excellent job.
theHumps replied 29th May 2024 - 1 month ago
Thanks John for stopping by and commenting from both Danke and myself!

2Sisters 26th May 2024 12:12 - 1 month ago
Okay, my head to ashes *smile*, I missed the first sentence of your answer. Awkward!!!
2Sisters 26th May 2024 12:09 - 1 month ago
Hello Wayne, I understand very well that you are disappointed because your ideas are not being heard at LM. Not everything that the update brings with it is positive. However, one has to distinguish whether these are initial difficulties of a new system or aspects that we and others are missing. Rest assured that I will also express my opinion at the appropriate place.

BUT !!!!!!!!!

Please don't forget our music! You probably missed that I praised your music in my previous post *smile*

Kind regards and stay relaxed,
2Sisters 25th May 2024 13:03 - 1 month ago
Hello Wayne, hello Danke, I would like to thank you both for this great song with the expressive lyrics! It's really impressive how you both performed this excellent song. Great!
I also followed the correspondence you had with Paul. You are correct in your criticism about the lack of a forum and the additional genres; A messenger function would certainly be of interest and very useful to many here. It's actually a shortcoming that you have to talk about topics in the news window that have nothing to do with a song review. I think I will also contact LM directly to give my opinion. I hope that other colleagues will also do this. Maybe that will increase the pressure to change something!
Kind regards and have a nice weekend
theHumps replied 26th May 2024 - 1 month ago
We both thank you for your kind words!

Absolutely speak up. No volume control on a music player, that's not good. Lyrics disrespected because of how they are presented, they are half the song. Only one featured track page? Then your track is kicked off, also not good. The site went backwards towards people who upload songs. It's always been this way. When Version 2 happened almost 60% of the people who uploaded tracks left the site. People here before me were asking for more real music genres, it never happens or rarely. Simple requests to make the site better were and are being ignored.

Shaman77 24th May 2024 19:32 - 1 month ago
Congratulations, I think it turned out very well
MrAxel 24th May 2024 15:54 - 1 month ago
Hey, this is great!. I am so happy to hear track like these. We need more! Excellent collaboration. The backing track is awesome, but I would have preferred to hear you growl and scream the words “the fear of death” with a distortion filter. But, that does not take away from the brilliant collab this is. Well done, and much respect.

theHumps replied 26th May 2024 - 1 month ago
Thanks man!

I, personally, can't do the scream thing although to get it as rough sounding as I could was my intention. I suppose I could have added some kind of distortion.


Danke 22nd May 2024 19:44 - 1 month ago

Thanx a lot again ...
appreciation and my hardest fistbump :-)
theHumps replied 23rd May 2024 - 1 month ago
Thanks for letting me add some vocals! The music is epic, such a strong track on it's own.

The pleasure was all mine pal!

dimestop 22nd May 2024 15:03 - 1 month ago
and a point proven by this second post, i just want to talk about your track thats what comments are for, be we have no way of communicating as a community so people ask in comments, this is a huge oversite, im sure most testers would have suggested removing the forum was a bad move

anyway Wayne the track rocks with Danke' epic production on the music and your ground in style vocal, great combo, works really well. your vocal is so your own. i listen to theHumps , i know what im getting like if your llistening to any famous artist you know their brand, keep going mate
dimestop 22nd May 2024 14:49 - 1 month ago
love that drum intro, i liked this track from Danke and did think myself but i didn't have the delivery like you Wayne. im not the biggest fan of metal tbf but i do like to here it here as with any genre, this is a music site and should cater for all tastes. you guys have brought something authentic sounding.
i seen your post on the blog about the new updates, i like it tbf but agree with a lot of the negatives so far. i did test for them and suggested loads of ideas and i pushed the forum thing that is a massive mistake on their part, yes it needed restructuring with no im looking for a singer or beatmaker type posts but for info on how to help everyone, i also suggested a collab page too, make it easiier for artist to communicate, we all have high speed internet, but the laboured way to contact people here is rubbish. any form of instantt message service would work, i also asked for a members button to make searching simple, type an artists name takes you to their contact page
theHumps replied 23rd May 2024 - 1 month ago
Honestly, this site does not cater to all genres of music makers. When I emailed Shan as to getting more musical genres added for the guys who make music with guitars he gave me some bullshit answer how things aren't that simple and bla, bla, bla.... I'm smart enough to know when smoke is being blown up my arse. He adds electronic music genres without all that fanfare he claims is the problem. I as well pushed for the forum but that fell on deaf ears. We went backwards on a few things. The lyrics box is not acceptable, lyrics are as important as the track, they need to be fully displayed.

Instant message is a dead point here, been debated for years, ain't gonna happen.

Thanks from both Danke and myself!

Zootman 22nd May 2024 12:03 - 1 month ago
LMs master story teller and a shit hot track by Danke? What's not to like!! Well done both I say.
theHumps replied 23rd May 2024 - 1 month ago
Danke's track is great, plain and simple fact. I was lucky to work on this one and proud of how it came out.

Thanks from Danke and myself!

Cyberflares 22nd May 2024 10:32 - 1 month ago
I was thinking this has a rage against the machine sound then at 2.43 you did what they told ya sealed it for me you guys should do more this was ace enjoyed my listen i did....
theHumps replied 23rd May 2024 - 1 month ago
99.5% of the folks here would not have picked up on that so kudos to you!

I told Danke that it reminded me of Killing in the Name by Rage. I did change one word so it isn't a direct rip off, lol. Plus that line works in the track, yes!

Thanks from Danke and myself!


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ACIDTONE : 0037502-0002671 (double kick bass with china)
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BLAQHSTARRMUSIC : 00665575-0014482 (acoustic overdrive gt)
SPIVKURL : 0186161-0065468 (acidic arpeggio)
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DJ_FRED_VAL : 0002663-0002511 (fv roland dr-550 120), 0002663-0006690 (fv rock beat 140), 0002663-0008079 (fv xylo attack 140)
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Description : heavy metal song ... new master on it ...
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Description : I am totally just gonna encourage you to hit play...and enjoy!

Thank you so much Mr. Bear for the track and the mix :-), now you'll have something to entertain you on your trip :-)

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Description : I discovered Meshuggah around 2003 and was blown away by the power, complexity and super Heavy sound of their music. Their "Nothing" album marked the switch to 8 string guitars and pushed Heavy Metal into a whole new territory. My track is a variant cover of their song "Nebulous". I have stayed pretty close to the original but added a few dynamic elements of my own. Its loud, its super heavy and way out there...Beyond Nebulous.
8th Jan 2015 12:32 - 9 years ago
Description : This unconventional metal track is dedicated to Valvedriver though it's not a parody of his fine music or me actively trying to sound like it. I struggled for months with the first few minutes of this track knowing that I must be able to take it somewhere deeper, more psychedelic and powerful. Then I loaded some sampled choir voice instruments, as used in my track Reckful and suddenly found myself happily in Valveland - not a place I visit often. Feeling amply Valvedriven and newly inspired, I added the last few minutes fairly easily and very quickly. So: it's a twisting, turning mixture of grunge, menacing ambient, mystical metal and ultra-heavy funk. Instruments: electric guitar+bass, synth basses, female choir voices, one synth pad, some other synths on the nastier side of things and a few programmed heavy acoustic drumkits playing a mixture of triplets and straighter grooves. Interesting thoughts appreciated. Favourite bits? Shit bits? Please listen on good headphones/speakers as there's a lot of heavy bass in this. Now get ready to rock: balls out, hands in the air and with rebellious joy in your heart. Just try not to headbang the hell out of your laptop. Go!
30th May 2018 20:33 - 6 years ago
Description : Free to use. My first ever deathcore track made in fl studio.

let me know if you use it. would be nice to hear the results.
21st Mar 2018 06:44 - 6 years ago
Description : Whats up guys?! Been a while I know. Iv'e moved around a lot but have finally settled down and have been hard at work with my metal band. Unfortunately I've had to put my solo work on hold for a bit while I'm recording with the band. We are being professionally recorded now, a very big step up from the last recording of my band that I posted here. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy! We are, Raze The Pyre.
16th Jun 2016 01:06 - 8 years ago
Description : I'm looking for someone to sing some killer vocals on here..
20th Jun 2015 00:21 - 9 years ago
Description : FINAL UPDATE -- 25.06.2015 -- L.O.D - Lovers of darkness
- Phatkatz4 on guitars and drums
- Joe Cramer vocals, synths and drums
I tryed to enhanced Phatkatz track.
used loop - Chris Hall waves-and-ocean
german and english lyrics are in the lyric folder
enjoy - comments are welcome
20th Oct 2017 16:56 - 6 years ago
Description : used 4 loops from 3nigmadjing including the insane riser which i love big thanks for that looperman-l-2432186-0114538-3nigmadjing-insane-trap-or-dubstep-buildup and ableton with old greco stratocaster.
11th Mar 2017 12:29 - 7 years ago
Description : Part one of three.
28th Apr 2021 15:04 - 3 years ago
Description : Looking for someone who puts some vocals on the Track in style of lorna shore.
29th Sep 2022 07:21 - 1 year ago
Description : UPDATE: 2 parts put together...Nice chill to fall asleep to, and then the metal alarm clock wakes U Up!!
16th Aug 2015 19:41 - 8 years ago
Description : ll111
8th Oct 2012 03:14 - 11 years ago
Description : Quick sampled metalcore song I came up with and thought i'd let the metal heads of looperman get a whip of this track