Im a prolific lyricist 109 written raps
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About Me

I have a sick twisted world perspective that comes out in my writings. I have a mastery control of my vocabulary,rhymes,hooks,and set of metaphors,youve never heard before.I have an unparalleled plethora of subversive,and,coercive,words for dispersing, hurtful curses and versuses that makes you wonder what worse is, lying flat leaving in an ambulance or sitting upright but leaving in a hearse..

It's my epic mental command of it all that allows me the peace of mind to unapologetically curbstomp your fuckin cranium lyrically into a puddle of
Goo that was once your brainium and you.

But I don't stop there...I will pursue your kids too and I will take them down one after another with a striated lead pipe to their heads and All to the music of happy..

Instruments I play

Drums, I'm a lyricist at heart, but I can put together a beat with loops that will blow your minds

Software I Use

Audacity oh yeahh
NCH Suite ahh yeaaah

Hardware I Use

My spoons, jug, anvil, beatboxing, and harpsichord with an occasional steel drum and a heavy sampling of other music and loops of course...

Listening To Right Now

the sound a hammer makes when i hit my hed with it. H.E.D. P.E., RageATM, SOAD, gorillaz, prince, BIGGIE, I AM THE REAL AK, LIL DICKIE,

10 Favourite Albums

Im working on a loosely titled tediously tenuous notion of a hard to pen down album of a effectually prominent collection of musical musings to enslave the masses by.
The RE-released, RE-remastered, sadly lost but fortunately Re-found tapes of the early maniacal expressionless free form InsipidB and the Docktor Glaze Speed Polka Tantric Trio recordings.

My Influences / Fav Artists

drugs...naturally..novelists, lyricists, tv and movie Ice Cube, Notorious B.I.G, 2PAC

My Music Sounds Like

If Angus humped Alison Mossheart and their baby grew up into an adult but was later mounted by the entire band of RATM, once recovered then that fucked up adult was later abused by Sound Gardens Chris Cornell, and that fuckup was than raised by Volbeat and Celine Dion who binged heavily on Johnny Cash and The Dixie Chick's but then sent the severly troubled adult to spend summers with only Wynonna Judd, Billy Ray Cyrus and Momma cass....and winters with, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and Bon Scott....then that messed up genius
If it Still had functioning brain waves and had a musical urge to create music...that would likely be the music I perpetuate today!

In My Other Life I ...

died at a very young age...