24th Jul 2022 22:12 - 1 year ago
Description : heavy metal song ... new master on it ...

Comments (29)

If you have time take a listen and give Danke some feedback.

D6P 17th Jul 2024 18:16 - 2 days ago
Best works Thee song it's right
D6P 17th Jul 2024 18:15 - 2 days ago
nice guirar i reaally like it
D6P 17th Jul 2024 18:13 - 2 days ago
Nice guitar riff
AOneTrackStudio 14th May 2024 17:37 - 2 months ago
Danke replied 15th May 2024 - 2 months ago

Everybody made his melodic best in this track!!! :-)

Bilbozo 14th Oct 2023 09:18 - 9 months ago
Nice and dark. Just the way it should be. This is awesome ! Always a fan. Cheers Danke
Danke replied 19th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Thanx Bill!

It's a huge honor that you wrote an opinion about one of the songs. To be honest, this was also a band collaboration. I play the bass guitar, Batka played the guitar and Small played those drums. On their behalf, we thank you very much for the positive words.
glitch770yt 13th Sep 2022 22:15 - 1 year ago
Hello, We at Jackal Studios want to put this song in our upcoming cyberpunk anime called UndaWorld. We would like you to be on the team! I will give you my discord that way you can join us with music production (we also need voice actors) moving along I await your reply...

Discord: Zakku Revu~enanto#4818
doudei 11th Sep 2022 10:39 - 1 year ago
Hello Danke
This is mixed well, sounds excellent. I also like the interacting guitar melodies, they create good contrapuntal movement. Great bass playing, as well as the drums. This could easily be some official quake or doom music.
I hope you are doing fine - greetings to your bandmates too and keep rocking!
Danke replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey brother!

Good to hear from you really ... We're fine ... every 3 children lives his/her healthy actual life in time ... :-)
I play music in freetime with the band and here, so what else do I need??? :-)
Hope all is well over there, too ...
Appreciation with my fistbump, Danke
2Sisters 10th Sep 2022 16:42 - 1 year ago
Hello, what can I say, the sound of the guitars did it to me. I love clear riffs. Good mix and as always flawless mastering. Greetings Manuela
Danke replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanx Manuela!

I'm really happy to play with these talented guys in the band ...
I learned a lot from them ... the drummer is a studio owner in civilian clothes ... and the guitarist is a music teacher ... :-)
greetings, Danke
ClickbaitCabaret 8th Sep 2022 21:04 - 1 year ago
Nice guitar work on this. Good one.
Danke replied 9th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
thank you CC

appreciation and welcome ...

Danke and the band
kingmt77 7th Aug 2022 20:39 - 1 year ago
Danke, so the first thing that caught my ear was that ominous undertone in the mix. Next, the guitar's tonality is off the charts and your bass was in the driver seat all the way. The upper kHz frequencies as well with the mids and lows on the guitars to the cymbals are totally on point. A top shelf production easily faved.

Danke replied 9th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello Mark!

Sorry for the late reply, first ...
than, thank you so much for the cool comment ...
to tell you the truth, our band drummer's got a studio and he made some technical courses of recording and everything else ...
I get a lot of instructions from him and he often helps me make a recording, especially when he is also involved in the song... :-)
fistbump, Danke
Kirkoid 6th Aug 2022 13:14 - 1 year ago
I'm not much of a metal fan, but this I love, thank you.
Danke replied 6th Aug 2022 - 1 year ago
thank you so much

this comment means a lot ...

fistbump, Danke and the band
gorkempasa68 6th Aug 2022 07:03 - 1 year ago
m√ľkemmel dostum
Danke replied 6th Aug 2022 - 1 year ago
hope so :-)
Tumbleweed 4th Aug 2022 03:34 - 1 year ago
this is more than just metal Danke..has so many interesting elements...a rock opera..fabulous track. I didn`t realize you did this kind of music with your to see you guys live..big well done mate...enjoyed every minute..Ed
Danke replied 4th Aug 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you Ed!!!

We sometimes would like to play "quality" music cause the band in real is a hardcore/metal stuff with screams and aaarrrggghhhs from the singer ... :-)

Stg like that:

fistbump, Danke
crucethus 31st Jul 2022 06:04 - 1 year ago
Cool Mate. I like how the early part has a Drudge or Sledge metal feel to it. But it builds and ebbs, so cool mate! 2:00 on is a nice tone on the high to mid-high rage. love the double bass drums after that section.
Danke replied 31st Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
We thank you Steve!

This recording is the result of polished studio work ... obviously we play much rougher and dirtier live than this ... and a completely different kind of metal ... I'll show you:

fistbump, Danke and the band
xstokes 30th Jul 2022 22:55 - 1 year ago
very tight playing all around, love the tricky changes and the slamming. what a good band! you make me want to be there to cheer you guys on! great rocknroll, man.
Danke replied 30th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanx bro

now, I show you what we are truly ... :-)

we play some kinda hardcore/metal in live no singing only scream ...

fistbump, Danke and the band
RuslanG 30th Jul 2022 22:21 - 1 year ago
Cool job my friend! Nice sounding
Danke replied 30th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanx a lot Rus

Fistbump, Danke and the band
Zootman 27th Jul 2022 20:11 - 1 year ago
Wish I could see you and your band playing live and loud! Love the guitar layers especially, bass is sweet. Intelligent, atmospheric metal. Great mix and production.
Danke replied 30th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thank you

but if you listen to the track under you will understand, why do we want to play some melodies in this side project ... :-)
here we are live:

fistbump, Danke and the band
CINCOCENT 27th Jul 2022 08:55 - 1 year ago
Replay! Yea thet guitar loops available on the loop please lol i like it replay brilliant drum works keep it simple I like that that style from the 80s too
Danke replied 30th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thank you so much bro

in the meantime, we play live many times ...
send you a video from Durer Garden (one of the best rock/metal concert hall in here) to show you that we play completely different metal music as this ... this is only our passion ... :-)

fistbump, Danke
CINCOCENT 27th Jul 2022 08:53 - 1 year ago
I don't know about my perception of heavy metal has always been something a little outrageous and maybe this is considered heavy metal back in the '80s but I really like this style anyways you are the man what am I talking about oh I see we're getting a little rowdy you are the man I could only give you two cuz I only have two but if I had more I'll give you more fist bumps so euphoric bro I wish I could create this genre but I don't listen to it that much so
Jynxz 27th Jul 2022 00:51 - 1 year ago
Yep... That's "Heavy Metal" triplet kicking Kick Drums and all.
I love your style on this track. I wish I had some big speakers
to get the full effect of the track.

Great track. Faved..

PEACE... Fistbump...
Danke replied 30th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
hey bro

thanx a lot

we are the heavy metal invaders ... :-)

in this track, Batka was able to show, how cool guitar player he is ... not because of the solos, (he never liked that) but his melody influence ...
incredible guy ...

fistbump, Danke and the band
DsideK 26th Jul 2022 17:43 - 1 year ago
Wow this was well done and I am definitely trying to break into this type of music and now your an inspiration.
Awesome job!
Danke replied 30th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
they you very much

metal is the place where we live :-)

if you look at below, you could listen the nice language of Hungary :-) in metal music ...

fistbump, Danke
theHumps 26th Jul 2022 08:13 - 1 year ago
Big sounding mix from the first note. Then the arpeggiated guitars are classic. The effects and guitar tones are nice. Hell of a track fellas!!

Danke replied 30th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanx a lot Wayne!

We play much more heavier sound in live ... absolutely another kind of metal ... this is a side project in studio ...

kinda like this :-)

fistbump, Danke
dimestop 26th Jul 2022 00:12 - 1 year ago
nice track Danke, love to here metal here in featured, nice gits from Batka, and bass from you is hot, love smalls drums too they are solid, nice to read your family are all good especially the young one fistbump to the band, Paul.
Danke replied 28th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you Paul!

The pandemic wasn't (is) the difficulty, but the little boy (7 years old) ... he's going to school now, but it doesn't matter what kind of school ... it should be small populated, but here in Hungary they still don't really know and handle this word that autism... :-) :-(
actually, we thank you for the cool report of the song ...
fistbump, Danke and the band
DijamMusic 25th Jul 2022 23:32 - 1 year ago
Hey Danke,
How are you mate?
I hope all is well with the kids?
This is such a wonderful track.
Well done my friend.
Danke replied 25th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
hey Maj

we're fine bro ... after the Covid era, we still here ... :-)
the big ones are in University, the small guy is trying to be into the society with his autism ... hard way ... :-)

anyway, thanx a lot bro ... we hope that you have such a wonderful life in the hard meantime ...

fistbump, Danke
phantomproduction 25th Jul 2022 10:16 - 1 year ago
another very nice composition, well mixed, good sound nothing to say dude! very good job!
Danke replied 28th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you bro!

We appreciate your kind comment!

Fistbump, Danke and the band
CelestiaAngel777 25th Jul 2022 06:02 - 1 year ago
Hi Danke,
WOWWW! you and your band truly blow everything else out of the water! what a TOP! band & the guitar works are mad cool! this is AWESOME!!! work here indeed & very much enjoyed ROCK ON guys \M/
Danke replied 28th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you Dear Lady!

This is the soft version of a much rougher band ... when Dr. Fallosz is here with us, there is so much screaming in the rehearsal room that sometimes it's a lot ... :-)

Greetings, Danke and the band
pseudoble 25th Jul 2022 00:14 - 1 year ago
Hey Danke - massive soundscape on this, an ocean of gorgeous soft metal sounds to swim in, beautiful mix and amazing playing from all the band, lovely bass and drums and the guitar work is especially beautiful.
Danke replied 28th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
Batka is a guitarist who is always experimenting... he drives us crazy at rehearsals because he is always looking for sounds... :-)
he really hits these now ...
thanx a lot really ...
fistbump, Danke and the band
Alien 24th Jul 2022 23:01 - 1 year ago
I am not a heavy metal guy , but I will listen to this all day long!
Brilliant, as usual.

Danke replied 28th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
great to hear that bud ...

it means a lot if someone who didn't come from this area likes it ... respect ...

fistbump, Danke and the band
BaoBou 24th Jul 2022 22:42 - 1 year ago
Yay, I'm one of first to be able to listen to your new track :) Always a pleasure, always great my friend. Give my regards to your band, as always, and great guitar play!
Danke replied 28th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago

To tell you the truth, in live we play so much heavier music like this ... we gotta screamer ... no melodic vocs ... stg like System of a down with Phil Anselmo ... :-)
this is only a side project with aimlessly for our own amusement ...
fistbump, Danke

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16th Jun 2016 01:06 - 8 years ago
Description : I'm looking for someone to sing some killer vocals on here..
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Description : FINAL UPDATE -- 25.06.2015 -- L.O.D - Lovers of darkness
- Phatkatz4 on guitars and drums
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