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Description : Two beautiful melody played on piano on different octaves. One complete the other in a calm and realaxing way.

Description : A beautiful melody played on a piano, stacked in two octaves for a full sound. Great for a calm and relaxing song.

Description : A pad with a epic and hopeful feeling. Great for emotional tracks and soundtracks.

Description : A vocal chop with vocoder effect on it. It has a great rhythm and can add a cool texture to some drums.

Description : Percussion with metallic sound. Looks like a machine march or robots engines dancing on the moonlight

Description : A beautiful piano playing heavenly chords. Romantic, full of hope and calm progression for emotional songs.

Description : Blips and Blops that remember a old arcade sound efx.

Description : Vocal chop in the style of Diplo, Skrillex and David Gueta. Good for dance music and heavy bass songs.

Description : Rhythmic vocal chop, good for dance tracks and energetic beats

Description : Strange, sttutered and glitched beatbox

Description : Synthetic conga drums with a vicious rhythm, great to make a dance track or a tribal song from a old video game

Description : Strange pluck synth with some alien and suspense feeling

Description : Granular pad with a acoustic cello character. Very ambient and spacious.

Description : A ambient pad with some dancing movement

Description : A oldschool style sytnh with a dancing groove. Remember a old game with a crazy dancing line.

Description : A vintage synth style bass with distortion. Good for oldschool style songs

Description : A creepy vocal riser. It has a horror feeling and it's good for SFX or creat a ambient tension

Description : Mega distorced drums with a macinhe gun like kicks and hihats. Feels like a glitching computer overloading and now the machine is burning.

Description : Distorced drums with a macinhe gun like kicks and hihats. Feels like a glitching computer overloading

Description : A drum loop with a machine gun fell kicks and hats. Fast, hard hitting and agressive feeling.

Description : Some vocal chops with reverse reverb to give it a suckback feel

Description : Acoustic drum kit playing a rock punk groove. It has a cool fill in the end.

Description : Strummed Guitar with a beautiful playstyle, good for some emotional part of a song

Description : Steel string guitar doing arpeggios, cool rythm and beautiful melody

Description : Steel string guitar arpeggio. It's repetitive but is beautiful for some ear candy.

Loops 1 - 25 of 106
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