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Description : Dancing tribe percussion made with Euclidean rhythm. Good for build up the energy of a song

Description : A Dancing rhythm that looks like a Reggaeton drum pattern (maybe it is).

Description : Dancing tribe percussion made with Euclidean rhythm

Description : Tribe percussions with counterpoints made with Euclidean rhythm

Description : Tribe drums made with Euclidean rhythm

Description : Synth Percussion with some glitches and a rise of reverb

Description : Ambient and synthetic rhythm with a metallic timber and lots of reverb to make it spacious

Description : Super processed vocals to make a sad break up song. A little bit weird, but can make you cry

Description : Clean pedal Steel guitar with some slides and a "sad country" vibe

Description : Robotic vocaloid vocals with EDM chops. Dancing rhythm and clean vocals with no efx. Be creative with this loop

Description : Sad, melancholic and beautiful piano with some reverb

Description : A rhythm vocal drone that rise in pitch. This can be useful to make some EDM build ups and increase tension of a track

Description : Disgusting Liquid Nose. Looks like a goo being stepped

Description : Suspenseful cello with danger rhythm. Looks like there's a psychopath chasing you

Description : Scary and creepy ambience, looks like a crying of a dead mermaid

Description : Rising chainsaw noise, build tension and can be used to make transitions

Description : Scary and disturbing choir, can be used to make a suspense movie

Description : a detuned music box, excellent for horror movies and creepy scenes

Description : A creepy piano tone, a little bit detuned with some horror lullaby feel

Description : A ambient pluck arp. Calm and relaxing rhythm and chords

Description : A clavinet with some chorus and a funny/happy chord sequence. Good to relax and dance at same time

Description : Some cute chords with a rhythmic pattern, good for some EDM build up and transitions

Description : A drum pattern made with some objects found in a house. Super housey and groovey

Description : A ultra distorced and gltich percussion, looks like a dying old computer but can be something musical

Description : A oldschool vocal like drone with a pitchbend, looks like a opening EFX of a TV show or Retro game

Loops 1 - 25 of 48