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Description : Put your projects in the comments!

Description : Contact me only via Instagram or facebook please!

Key: D#min
Share your music with me. Just leave a link.

CUSTOM LOOPS? Infos on my profile page. (Click on my profile picture)!
.: Let . the . music . play :.

Description : Dark keyscape loop. key is F Harmonic Minor.

Description : Keyscape Retro Pluck Melody wih some RC20, izotope vinyl and delay.

Description : Let me know what yall did with this

Description : The key is D# Harmonic Minor. Free to use and also link your beat you made with it :D

Description : Perfect for Reggaeton beats. If you use it in a song, i'd love to hear it.

Description : You can comment your links to the tracks you made using this loop.

Scale: E Minor

Description : Comment if you want the MIDI file.

Description : A summery perky li'l rhythm, produced by running a sustained synth chord through a very old VST plugin called Anarchy Rhythms.

Harmonies: Gmaj9---Cmaj9---Gmaj9---Cmaj9

Description : hmu if u wanna collab with me

Description : A robot says a prayer. Female voice created with Balabolka, morphed with synth from Rapture.

Harmonies: Gm7----C

Description : You can comment your links to the tracks you made using this loop.

Description : CHARANGO ARPEGGIO 1 BAR. Contact me for custom charango loops in my profile.

Description : Kick, snare, hi hat and open hat, boom bap (boombap) style.

Show me what you made with it!

Description : Inspired by O.C.'s "Who Run It"

tags: big l, ditc, oc, lord finesse, 90s, underground rap, boom bap, Floyd the Locsmif, new york, brooklyn, 1990s, 90's, '90s

Description : Space is interesting to me.

G# Minor


Description : Chords: C#m, E, Amaj7, B6

Description : This came into my head, so I played it on the guitar.
Chords: C#m, E, A, B

Description : send me ur tracks or beats

Description : Drop a link with what you make with this, would love to hear what yall can come up with

Description : Layer this over the other two 'Lonely Nights' Loops.
Hit me up for the midi files.

Description : Layer this over the Lonely Nights Part 1 Loop.

Description : Made this in FL using Addictive Keys. Let me know in the comment section what you did with it. Hit me up for the midi files.

Description : KALIMBA - POLO G STYLE

Loops 1 - 25 of 788
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