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Description : do it

Description : Enjoy...

Description : Made in Nexus 2 , Ballad Grand Piano

If you made something link in comments

Description : Get 15-20 loops like this (wav+midi), contact me!

Genre: Dancehall/Reggaeton/Afrobeat/Pop/Afro/AfroTrap/Trap/Rap

For custom loops, contact me via mail or instagram.
For info & contact click on my profile picture.

Description : unu

Description : Wavy Phased Trap Flute Riff in C sharp minor. Travis Scott Type

Description : dirty af..would love to hear your on my profile!

Description : A sad/emo real guitar loop

Good for Lil Peep Nothing, Nowhere, Shinigami, emo, chill, xxxtentacion, x type beats

If you found this loop useful, go ahead and write a comment/ share your beat.

Or you can send it to our email. (You can find it on our profile).

If you want MIDI files, high quality, adjusted or original, CUSTOM LOOPS feel free to DM us on Instagram

Have a productive beat-making day!

Description : Just Dropped a free Loop kit
link is in my looperman profile

earthgang, jid, cxdy, drake, travis scott, eminem, logic, flute, drums, drum, oz, meek mill, vintage, sample, fast, cubeatz

Description : 88bpm

Description : click my profile picture to find my youtube, spotify, and other exclusive melody and drum kits with over 10,000+ sounds in them. thank you.

made with keyscape

Description : Simple boombap drums
Leave a comment, if you use this loop!

Description : Midtempo drum loop in the style of Rezz.

Description : NI Deep Grandeur w/light motion from Enigma

Description : DM for custom loops and beats, find me via the name I put on my titles, or just dm me here but I prefer Instagram

Description : 1 bar guitar phrase made with my guitar in Reaper with effects, it's a minor 11th chord.

Description : Gunna lil Baby Guitar made with Sakura. Post the link to tracks made with this thanks

Description : Emotional piano chords in G# minor that sounds like a chopped sample. Good for boombap or lo-fi.
Made with Nexus.

Emaj7 - D#7sus4 - Emaj7 - D#7sus4
Emaj7 - D#7sus4 - C#m7 - D#7(#9)


Description : Enjoy!

Description : Guitar melody in C Minor Natural

Description : Sliding Atmospheric Mallets in D sharp minor.

Description : Atmospheric Mallet Riff in C sharp minor.

Description : Drop the link in the comments if you use!

Description : slowwww flutes

Description : Enjoy!

Loops 1 - 25 of 862
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