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Description : Little British girl tells you what she wants.

Description : A simple strum of a folk guitar is transformed with FX into something strange and haunting.
Harmonies: Cm----Fm----Cm-----G

Description : A complex synth patch plays a rhythmic groove. 8 seamless bars.
Harmonies: G------C

Description : Highly-swung shuffle bassline on a wah-wah treated clavinet.

Description : Sophisticated funk shuffle with a very broad triplet swing feel, inspired by the groove heard on the 1973 Motown record, "Keep On Truckin'" by Eddie Kendricks.

Description : Slow tempo, dramatic electric guitar strums with moody triplets delays added.
Harmonies: C#min7-----D#min7

Description : A steady, medium-tempo pop cha-cha-cha beat rendered on Latin percussion, similar to the one heard in the 1971 recording "Suavecito" by Malo.

Description : A big Latin ensemble plays a medium-tempo cha-cha beat.

Description : A rhythmic figure played on piano.
Harmonies: Gmaj7add9------Am9/G

Description : A cool 16th-note based funk bassline.
Harmonies: F#-----C#

Description : A bass guitar doubled with a clavinet play a steady, 1970's-style disco bassline.
Harmonies: A------E

Description : Fast, strictly sequenced 16th-note groove played on synth in the 1980's dance style.
Harmonies: Gm------Bb---F--

Description : Let this 80's-style dance beat spin you 'round.

Description : Numbers dialed and women say hello.

Description : A piano hammers out a rhythmic riff.
Harmonies: G---Bm7----Bm7---Am7

Description : A bouncy rhythm played on a vintage clavinet.
Harmonies: Gmaj9------F13

Description : A female quartet sings soft, pillowy backup chords.
Harmonies: Am9----D9

Description : A grand piano is given lush delays and reverb to achieve a mid-60's Los Angeles sound.
Harmonies: G6/A-------Dmaj7/A

Description : My own voice, overdubbed a couple of times.
Harmonies: B-----E/B

Description : A rich string section slowly moves between two chords.
Harmonies: Dmaj7add9-----Fmaj7

Description : A full string section plays gentle chords, descending chromatically from Gma7

Description : Two guitars fingerpick a gentle passage in the mid-1960's style. 4 seamless bars.
Harmonies: G-----C

Description : A driving 16th-note feel drumbeat played in a big, expressive space, similar to the one heard on the 1987 recording "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush.

Description : British lady tells you what she thinks. 2 seamless bars.

Description : An upbeat, happy dance rhythm similar to the one heard on the 1962 recording, "The Loco-Motion" by Little Eva.

Loops 1 - 25 of 401
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