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Description : earl vibe. 73 bpm
Description : the key is f# minor.
Description : Without Violin string...z Still a blazing inferno Frequency on that ace at it melo(hi)dy
Description : Forealist Mane lol... Lo-Fi My Wave no crackle fizzle or pops lol Get Mane freshly made huuuh....
Description : from my idea vocal track same name
Description : Getting Deeep on ya huuuh Boundless Frequencies here now Cool Smoooth Make you really Think sharp no stuck dull mood huuuh lol geet it mane -.- ^.^ -.-
Description : From my Track I M 1
Description : From my Track I M 1
Description : From my Track I M 1
Description : from my track I M 1
Description : Sounds better with the bass and some hard trap drums.
Description : Description:
Description : Electra x 2 :) C Minor Scale
Description : Just when ure not listening...
Description : Trap loop with some percs.
Description : strange piano
Description : soulja boy
Description : This is the core beat i created for My song Magic Man with hats
Description : This is the core beat i created for my song magic man featured on my track list
Description : Made on FLS
Description : Cold Winter
Description : Soft Percussive Pad Loop. No EQ or Compression. Just Reverb and Delay. Tempo is 73bpm in Key Bm. If you like this loop and decide to use it comment your tracks below and i'll give them a listen. Hope this pad inspires you. - Caleb Graysen
Description : Another day, another loop. Let's see what you guys can do... This drum pattern is off my LoFi beat. Check my SC for the release soon.
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Description : 8 seamless bars of a huge synth patch, containing some massively powerful sub-bass frequencies, so be careful playing this over your speakers... unless they can handle it.
Description : The same loop as before, but tweaked with rhythmic FX.
Loops 1 - 25 of 101
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