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Description : idk what is going on tbh

Description : Post your beats in the comments.
Could be used for Playboi Carti / Pierre Bourne type beats.

Description : Show me what you come up with!

Description : Show me what you come up with!

Description : Show me what you come up with!

Description : Nostalgia Guitar Loop

Description : A rich string pad is given vocal phonemes and flange.

Description : Powerful chords played by a massive symphony.

Description : A rich synth patch plays expressive chords with a percussive filtration effect.

Harmonies: Cm7---F----Dm----Ebmaj7----Dm---G

Description : A slow funky rhythm played on Fender-Rhodes piano.

Description : send me your work

Description : Juice Uzi Melodic Loop

Description : Windy Organ Chords

Description : Trap Bells Arp

Description : 3 Note Bass Line

Description : spicy as, dog

could be used in a trap beat or a lofi beat. (was made for lofi)

Description : Made By OmidZF
Message me For exclusive custom loops, collaboration, buying beats,etc.

Description : Guitar chord loop clean

Description : Minor2Go Type Guitar Loop in C - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. -> GET A PERSONAL LOOP NOW. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE (Click on my profile picture)! Contact me only via facebook or Instagram please! Thanks

Description : Smooth Rhodes made with Sakura in FL Studio

Description : You finding more some of these lofi organic drums on my earlier loops.

Want more of these foley drums with lofi beats? Please comment! I'm happy to do more of these! :D

I recording stuff in my house and making beats of it.

Description : int special key

Description : accords:


capo\pitch = 2\+2

Description : Made with arturia Piano v2

Comment with the beat you make :D

Description : s a d

Loops 1 - 25 of 963
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