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Description : Enjoy...

Description : A passage of harmonies sung by a female chorus in the 1960's style.
Harmonies: Bb6---Dm7---Eb6---Dm7---Cm7---F7---Bb---Gm

Description : A bright, brisk shuffle groove in the early-1960's style, with a full percussion setup, featuring a pronounced near-triplets swing.
Influenced by the 1963 hit "Look Of Love" by Lesley Gore.

Description : ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ brought you that drip drip
feel free to hit me up on ig

Description : comment tracks.

Description : omnisphere fun stuff.

Description : Sounds like Cubeatz. If you pitch it down it sounds kinda like that one song motorsport. Show me what you make or else your gay.

Description : comment tracks.

Description : Have fun! Show me what u made of! =)

Description : Looking for people to collab with. Comment below if interested.
This loop was inspired by lil peep, fish narc, bighead, gbc, lil tracy, juice wrld, charlie shuffler, emo.

Description : Composed played and recordet with midikeyboard and fl studio 20 - I hope its usefull for u.

Description : Show me if u use it :D

Description : this is without the flute part, which sounded a bit off ngl.

Description : used sakura for the melodies. Try pitching the melody as it sounds cold in other keys.
send me what you make i'm interested to hear how it sounds.

Description : Created sweet groove with pads created by our engineer using simpler on Ableton.

Description : Recorded multiple snaps in the studio. Then added sweet eq's and a lush reverb to the layers.

Description : Created rhythm for a stock kick sound and then bolstered it using eq's and compressors.

Description : Recorded cans in studio and then processed them through a digital delay.

Description : show me what u did

Description : Playful Lil Skies / The Kid Laroi / Lil Yachty Bell Type Melody made in FL Studio 12. Comment what you make and shout me out on Instagram if you use. Check out my Sellfy for full loop kits.

Description : Enjoy...

Description : what do people even write here lol

Description : Couldn't make a beat around this. Let me hear your work

Description : Enjoy...

Description : made with hybrid keys
let me know if used

Loops 1 - 25 of 808
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