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Description : with effects

Description : Made with Sytrus in FL Studio. Key is D Major. 132 bpm

Description : hope it's usable send me what u cookup.

Description : comment for me to upload more loops or suggest some loops.

Description : Made using Logic Pro X step fx and Surfer EQ Boogie plugins. Minor feel with the 1,3, and 7 of E in an arpeggio sort of rhythm.

Leave links below if you use it!

Description : Email me or DM me on IG for more sounds or beats. Drop a comment of what you came up with.



Description : Made with Omnisphere.

Description : made in omni
link what u create

Description : ice cubes on my coktail plz

made with Hypersonic2

Description : Enjoy

Description : Leave a comment ;)

Description : Bell Synth in F# minor. Reverb

Description : Plucked Synth Riff in G sharp minor

Description : comment links if used, want to see your work

Description : Atmospheric Pluck Riff in B flat minor.

Description : Airy Synth Plucks in F minor. Atmospheric, Delayed

Description : I used two great pianos

Description : Guitar Riff with Buzzy amp sound in C minor.

Description : Let it sing

Update Nov 7: As of today I will no longer be uploading loops to looperman. If you would like to contact me my information is in my bio (click on profile picture to go to my page). Thanks for the support and keep cooking up flames.

Description : Omnisphere patch with a bunch of effects if you want the midi pm

Description : xxx moonlight type. comment links

Description : A monster Pad Seq to soothe the aggrotech heart.

Description : enjoy

Description : This loop was made using Hive(x64) in Fl Studio.
I feel like this could be used in many different styles so hope you like it.
Note :
Send me what you make i like to listen to the creativity people have

Loops 1 - 25 of 474
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