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Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : From a ThrowAway Beat I made

Description : Hit me up with what you make

Description : This took way to long to render? I have no idea why. But anyways, a short 4 bar arpegiation of some synthy brass. Slightly equalized to bring more of the low-mids up and the mid-highs down for a warmer feel.

Description : Post your beat in the comments

Description : if you make a beat leave comments.
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Description : Hope usable

Description : Made in FL & sytrus, enjoy!! Link you work

Description : letss go boyyss

Description : did dis shake yo speakers

Description : iceiceice

Description : Sharing is caring
Check the profile for more

Description : Hope usable

Description : Pluck chords.

Comment what you did with it, would be happy to listen to it.

If you have some special request contact me.
(Mail on my profile.)

Description : made in fl-studio

Description : made in fl studio

Description : Smooth like a Pierre Bourne x Carti track. This one got 808s in it tho.

Description : Smooth like a Pierre Bourne x Carti track. Turned the bass up a bit, hope it ain't too loud. BTW I ain't asking for credit, but if you make something with any of my loops, feel free to link it.

Description : Hope usable,I will see,who make this big sound with plugins,specially i like everlasting on,can you add 50 violins with it.

Description : Hope usable,want to listen how you perform drum on it,come on.

Description : Hope usable

Description : i hope this is usable, show ur work if u do :)

Description : Follow my social media on my profile for more. Enjoy

Loops 1 - 25 of 1008
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