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Description : Hmu for the loop with the rest of the instruments
or less crackle or the midi and drop a link if you make something.

Description : + If you need more samples HMU. Contact in my profil page (CLICK PICTURE).

Description : record with my acoustic guitar
Am - Fmaj7/A - Em - Cmaj7
Let me hear your track !

Description : i recorded with my acoustic guitar
chords are Am - fmaj7/A - Em - Cmaj7
Have fun and I would be so happy to hear your track !

Description : play w/ the pitch it sounds dope pitched down a bit. lmk what you guys do!

Description : Beat battle on my ig...tap in.
*Read info on my profile page(click picture) if you want more samples, contact me or need the stems.

Description : guitar loop i made

Description : In My Head - Filtered Bell

Description : In My Head - Violin Chords

Description : melodic trap synth
share link if using, thx

Description : Played some keys on my piano, did some fx on it for the vibe and here we go. Came up with some different chords to use for that beat and this progression was left, so feel free to do somethin wit it!

Description : For MIDI, dm on Instagram (click profile picture)
Comment what you made!

Description : Subbass with several FX...

Description : A nice chill piano loop in C Minor. Chord progression: Cm7 Ebmaj7 Abmaj7 Ddim Bbmaj Bdim Gmaj. Link your creations please, I love to hear them!

Description : enjoyyyyy

Description : Piano with several FX...

Description : Choir with several FX...

Description : upload what u make

Description : Hope Usable!
Direct Me, if you want exclusive samples\loops.
My social media in my profile page.
Show me what you've done.

Description : Ayyyyyyyyyye, after a long time it's boring af like ancient game, job done

Description : lil baby type loop dm me for more info
gunna, lil baby, wheezy, turbo, pyrex, young thug

Description : Loop By Haven Beats
for part 2 dm me

Description : Morgenshtern - Ice Loop

Description : My own voice, overdubbed a couple of times.
Harmonies: B-----E/B

Description : Send me what you make :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 222
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