Description : Chilla Pure Bass 1

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give SerialChiller some feedback.

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Description : Send me your beats

Description : Hip Rap Bass Guitar. Multi purpose use. Happy mixing! Play on playa.

Description : Funky bass in Em key

Description : Bass For the West Coast...

Description : Here's my first bass guitar loop. Simple but fun bass line to jam to.

Description : Warning this one is played Shuffle !!
Let's connect on Instagram (click on my profil picture).
Live a link of your music, always happy to hear it. Thanx for sharing !

Description : Bass Guitar in E

Description : I was asked to do the bass for this loop
here it is

Description : A Old project that I have found in my Fl Studio Archive...hope u can do something...its a kind of badass west coast Hip Hop Bass with vibes...leave a link if u use :)

Description : Bass Guitar in A with light slap.
see Guitar solo Old Grapefruit 90bpm A Solo

Description : Punchy live rock bass recorded with some compression and an edge of slight distortion for more buzziness. In G#m but will pitch shift up and down to fit a different key.

Description : LoFi Bass

Description : See my profile info to get my TRUMPET and SAXOPHONE sample packs!
Please carefully read the information in my profile first before contacting me.
Real Dingwall NG-3 bass, DarkGlass MictotubesX preamp, Orange Cab. Starts at bar 5 of PIANO line of this set.

Description : Fender Bass in scale minor. If you use it in a song, i'd love to hear it.

Description : Played in Cmin

This is a very very old bass melody i played long time ago. Its not the most authentic one, but still cool if you ask me.