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Description : works fine with the first one...
Is this really what I want 90bpm Aminor I

Description : Hip Hop riff in Aminor.

Description : no Description

Description : Hello again ...

Description : Inspired by a Arrested Developmant song.
Em (Am) G (Am7)

Description : discofunk guitars

Description : A E Disco Guitar

Description : I was aked to do the slow Version of

Description : Am G4 F Am G9

Description : darkdelayedguitars

Description : tried a new VST

Description : Second pattern

Description : First Pattern

Description : This one is strange...

Description : Guitar in A

Description : Guitar in A

Description : Bass Guitar in E

Description : C Am C(Em)

Description : or e minor

Description : Guitar for Disco Silke

Description : Very very deep Disco Bass

Description : Guitar in E - A

Description : A F C Guitar

Description : Am F C G

Description : funky Guitar clean

Loops 1 - 25 of 249
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