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Description : The sound of a 19th-century nickel automaton from a sideshow arcade.

Description : A medium tempo cha-cha beat from Italy of the early 1960's.

Description : Male speech is turned into a rhythmic chatter.

Description : A fast buzzy altered sawtooth lead for Psytrance.

Description : A synth patch plays a bubbling, electric little riff.

Description : Through granulation, two jazz guitars play a curious atonal duet.

Description : A female AH given a trippy Goa treatment.

Description : A synth plays a rhythmic figure.

Description : A soft pad plays a bolero-type rhythm.

Description : A saw wave is given intense filtration.

Description : A dark, subterranean dystopic atmosphere. 8 seamless bars.

Description : An electric guitar plays a pick-strummed riff.
Harmonies: A----D/A----E/A----D/A

Description : A female choir sings some soulful chords.
Harmonies: A----D/A-----E/A-----D/A

Description : A sawtooth wave is given a randomized chatter effect.

Description : A subtle, yet complex drumgroove for your Psychill mix. Both relaxed and "busy". I'll let you compress or EQ it as you see fit.

Description : A bass synth plays a steady 8th-note boogie-like progression. Created with the freeware synth, Vember SURGE.
Key: F Blues

Description : A female gospel group sings "Feel it in my soul!"

Description : A female soul quartet sings a riff in 3/4 time.
Harmonies: G---D---A

Description : A large string section plays a slow, moving passage.
Harmonies: Bm7---Em7---Am7---D13---Gmaj7

Description : A ghostly post-apocalyptic siren.

Description : A synth bass plays a brisk 16th-note sequence.
Harmonies: C----Bb----F----C

Description : A chattering wavetable synth chaos in the style of Hypnoise.

Description : A steady rhythm created by samples of a metal can being struck.

Description : A sample of a lion's roar is turned via granulation into a curious beatbox groove.

Description : A strange choir from outer space. Designed for perfectly seamless looping, hence the strange "bleed" at the beginning.
Harmonies: Fm---Ebmaj7---Dbmaj7---Fm---Eb

Loops 1 - 25 of 1047
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