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Description : A pounding, andante rhythm in the style of the 1960's group, The Velvet Underground.

Description : Drumkit plays a very basic Ska groove.

Description : A Hammond organ plays a ska groove.
Harmonies: G----C

Description : 60's organ plays an upbeat rhythmic groove.
Harmonies: F---Eb---Bb

Description : A female choir sings a slow, soulful progression in the Black Gospel style.
Harmonies: Bbmaj7-----------Ebmaj7----Ebm6

Description : Same music as my "Midnight Piano", but given an old Lo-Fi, scratched vinyl record treatment.

Description : A kind of "Quiet Storm" -type Soul piano progression.
Harmonies: C#maj7----D#6

Description : A jangly riff played on the Humbucker guitar.

Description : A rhythm section section plays a triplets-feel shuffle. Inspired by the groove heard on the 1971 recording "Where Did Our Love Go?" by Donnie Elbert.

Description : Two steel-string folk guitars play warm chords.
Harmonies: A---D6---E7---A

Description : Stately synth chords at a marching tempo.
Harmonies: Am---F---C---G

Description : A rhythm section plays the Afro-Cuban dance beat, The Conga.

Description : A bass guitar playing in octaves, lays down a driving rhythm.

Description : A Hammond B3 organ plays a funky rhythm.
Harmonies: Cm7---D7---Dbmaj7

Description : A soulful female choir sings on an "Ooh" syllable in a big expressive space.
Harmonies: Fmaj7---Gm7----Am7-----Gm7

Description : A Fender-Rhodes piano plays warm, moody chords at a slow tempo.
Harmonies: Gm7---Fm7----Gm7----Abmaj7

Description : A strummed nylon-string guitar is run through a Leslie to create a dreamlike effect.
Harmonies: Gm7---C7

Description : Soulful female choir sings a passage in an expressive space.
Loop is in 4/4, but feel it in 12/8, with a triplets feeling.
Harmonies: Eb---Bb---Ab---Eb

Description : A piano in a roomy space place a low bassline.
Harmonies: D---G----C----G

Description : Gently swinging electric piano groove in 3/4 time.

Description : Laid-back andante-tempo shuffle groove inspired by the drumgroove heard on the 1967 recording, "Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)" by The Hombres.

Description : A fast drum groove that they used in the mid-60's to do a line-dance called The Slauson Shuffle.
Use it in your groove today and see what happens...

Description : Simple groove of kick and snaps, suitable for doing Country "Bro Rap".

Description : Thumping medium-tempo funky dance rhythm inspired by the 80's hit "Don Quichotte" by Magazine 60.

Description : Piano plays a awesome Motown-type groove. Just waiting for you to lay an epic bassline beneath it.


Loops 1 - 25 of 1126
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