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Description : A choir sings a 60's surf-style passage in an expressive space.
Harmonies: F---Gm7

Description : A jet engine takes off.

Description : A vintage organ plays a hushed soulful riff.
Harmonies: Cm7---F----Cm7---F6

Description : A synth plays a warm, analog-sounding patch.
Harmonies: Ab---Dbm6

Description : A synthesizer patch plays a rhythmic passage.
Harmonies: F----Bb----F

Description : Piano plays a gentle passage.

Description : 7 layers of my own voice in a retro surf-style vocal.

Description : A saxophone section plays a syncopated riff.
Harmonies: C6---Am7---Dm7----G7------(F7--G7)
Take this at a Cut time of 182bpm
Or regular 4/4 time at half that: 91bpm

Description : Two electric guitars lay down a fast 1960's-style rock 'n' roll groove.
Cut-and-paste measures to achieve the bluesy chord progression you desire.

Description : In an old chapel, a boys' choir sings a haunting passage.

Description : A brass ensemble play a bold passage.
Harmonies: A Lydian----F Lydian

Description : A choir of women hum solemn chords in a minor key.

Description : A complex analogue synth patch plays mysterious chords.
Harmonies: Cm---Cm#5----Cm6----Cm#5

Description : Three female singers sing a bold riff.

Description : Harmonized female vocals doin some riffin'.

Description : A big choir sings in a big space. The little reverb tail at the beginning ensures perfect seamlessness if you repeat the loop. If you don't want it on the first iteration, cut it off.
Harmonies: Ab---Cm7----Db-----Eb7

Description : An alto sax plays a bluesy solo riff in a big urban warehouse building.

Description : A groove created with strange industrial sonorities.

Description : A beat created with intense comb filtering.

Description : A cool synthetic beat created with vocalization.

Description : Mixed choir sings expressive chords.

Description : A female quartet sings ascending chords.

Description : A simple ballad drumbeat with an 8th-note basis.

Description : An orchestra plays a soft, floating background at a soul ballad tempo.
Harmonies: Gmaj7----Dmaj7

Description : A steady bassline that sounds low-key like a pig oinking.
Harmonies: F-----Bb

Loops 1 - 25 of 963
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