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Description : A female chorus sings descending chords in an expressive space at a slowish tempo.

Description : A female choir sings hushed chords in an expressive big space.

Description : A synth plays some dramatic chords suggestive of a deep sea dive. Made with Steinberg PLEX.

Description : A small section of violins play eerie, wavering notes in their highest register.

This is a special sound effect they often use in horror movies.

Description : The thoughts of a very strange French robot.

Description : A medium-tempo drumbeat played on an extremely big and heavy-sounding drumkit.

Description : A string section plays some dramatic pulsing chords in a minor key.

Description : A complex patch (on the Air VacuumPro 1 synth) plays sophisticated jazzy chords.

Harmonies: C7#9___F6/7___C7#9___F9

Description : A thumping beat taken at walking speed.

Description : A grand piano plays dramatic minor eleventh chords.

Harmonies: Em11____Am11

Description : Synthesized muted strings play soulful chords.

Harmonies: Am7__Bbmaj7__F___Gm7

Description : A percussive group horns riff in the style of the Disco and R&B 1970's.

Harmonies: Bbm7___Cm7____Fm

Description : A female choir sings a soulful "Oooh" in an expressive space.

Description : A strange chatter, not unmusical, is heard within a confined metal room.

Description : A synth is animated by an arpeggiator to create an intense rhythm.

Harmonies: Cm___Bb

Description : A synth bass is given some creative delays creating a bouncy effect.

Description : A distorted electric guitar plays some power chords, always anticipated by an eighth-note.

Harmonies: F(no 3)__Ab(no 3)__Bb(no 3)__F(no 3)

Description : A complex synth patch plays a fast arpeggiated riser.

Description : Note: Loop is in 3/4 time (like a waltz).

A 12-string guitar plays a pensive plucked passage.

Description : A single electric guitar is given various FX until it takes on a rhythmic effect. Uses the free instrument SampleScience Clean Electric Guitar.

Harmonies: Gmaj9____Fmaj9

Description : A vintage Hammond B3 organ plays a brisk syncopated figure.

Harmonies: Am7____F#m7

Description : A typically 1950's pop chord progression is played on a vintage Hammond B3 organ, with a 12/8 metrical feeling.

Harmonies: C6____Am7___Dm7____G7add9

Description : An electric guitar plays a very 1980's-sounding riff.

Description : A distant heavenly choir sings ineffable, sublime harmonies.

Description : A drumgroove in the style of the 1964 Four Seasons record, "Rag Doll".

Loops 1 - 25 of 1177