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Description : A full SATB choir sings smooth chords on an "Ooh" syllable.
Harmonies: Ebm7---Fm7

Description : A female soul choir sings a staccato gospel-type riff on a "doot" syllable.

Harmonies: F#---B----F#

Description : A mixed choir sings a soulful riff on an "Ooh" syllable.
Implied Harmonies: Bbmaj7----F13
or you may try: Gm7----Cm7

Description : A Fender Rhodes piano plays a syncopated riff.

Description : A soulful female choir in an expressive space sings "Shoo--Doop" syllables.
Tempo counted in 4/4, but the whole thing has a slow 12/8 ballad feel, with a triplet-eighth feeling.
Harmonies: C-----Dm7

Description : A soulful female choir sings a steady Doo-Wop style background harmony in an expressive space.
Harmonies: Bb--Gm--Eb6---F7

Description : A Doo-Wop style piano progression in the spirit of the American 1950's. Tempo for your DAW clock is 4/4, but the groove is hammered out in a 12/8 feeling, with a turnaround at the end. Rich and bass-y, I'll let you EQ it down if you need to.

Harmonies: Bb---Gm---Eb---F7

Description : A female soul choir sings a triple-meter gospel-like phrase in an expressive space. (Note: 3/4 time)

Description : Mysterious underwater spirits sing their hymn of welcome.
Harmonies: A6----D6

Description : A soul female quartet sings a background figure, at medium funk tempo.
Harmonies: Ab7-----Db7

Description : A female vocal group sings "oop--wee--oop" in the 1960's soul style. Very fast gospel tempo.
Harmonies: Bb----Eb

Description : A simple but funky piano riff.
Harmony: F Blues

Description : With a slow 12/8 feel, a female soul group sings a doo-wop kind of supporting groove on an AH syllable.

Harmonies: Bb---Cm

Description : Medium tempo simple reggae groove in the style of 1960's Trojan Records artistes.

Description : Upbeat, highly-swung funky rhythm inspired by the 1968 Motown record, "Here Come The Judge" by Shorty Long.

Description : Two guitars play a medium-tempo 8th-note groove.
Harmonies: Cmaj7---Fmaj7

Description : A Hammond B3 organ plays a medium-tempo riff.
Harmonies: Cmaj7----Fmaj7

Description : A ghostly female choir sings "Ohh--Ahh"
Harmonies: Em11----A7

Description : A Fender-Rhodes piano plays a medium-tempo gently funky groove.
Harmonies: E7---A7---E7

Description : Gentle, laid-back medium-tempo funk played by a multi-percussion group, inspired by the 1973 recording, "Black Is Beautiful" by Roy Budd.

Description : A brisk passage in 3/4 time played on piano. Based around E Dorian.
Harmonies: Em---A---Em---C---Em---A---Em---F

Description : Audio mashup.

Description : A bass flute plays a slightly spooky, atonal passage. Note: in 3/4 time.

Description : A solo folk melody is played on the cor anglais. Note: It's in 3/4 time.

Description : A fast high-swing dance groove in the style of the 1990's.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1099
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