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Sad Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : emotional song I need help with production :')
leave your tracks below I will listen!

Description : Email on my profile

Tags : 89 bpm | Lo-Fi | 594.28 KB | Male | Singing

Description : Send me link
Sad accapella for lofi song

Description : An all original Shamoozey kinda lullaby jingle about Christmas Time.
Christmas is an emotional time for everyone, even sad people! Lets create a cry in ur beer Christmas masterpiece! Get in touch for 'commercial usage' and please Ft. Shamoozey in your new title creation and share. Happy Christmas everyone!

Description : you can use it for free and if you need more just pm me.

Description : A sad love song in just a few words. Use any bpm. Suit several genres. Not sure of key, but its easy! The scene is set for a mate to meet his lover!! Get in toucho for 'commercialo uso' and.... Ft. Shamoozey in your new title creation. Gracias amigos and adios!

Description : Please Put (ft.Luke Strawson) In Your Title.
By using this loop,you allow me to :
Promote your track on my youtube page.
Thats all!
Thanks for all the support!
Make sure to comment your tracks for promotion!

Sorry to all who wanted custom loops,I shall work on evething from now on.
I was absent from looperman since i had alot of school work. Thanks!

BPM Is An Estimate ( Use FL to find the real bpm ;) )

Description : Please include ft.Luke Strawson in your title! :)
Tempo is an estimate // To find the real tempo use FL - detect tempo :)
A shilouh inspired sample made for mamy styles of music.

Also make sure to send your work below so i can promote it!
Thanks to all for the support on youtube aswell :)

Free for all use as long as im in the title.

Description : Vocal part, please use (ft.Luke strawson)
And post your links below for promotion!
Please dont use any sample i make without ft.Lukestrawson. Thank you all!
By the way, love all of the work with my first sample!


Hey there! Sorry for no posts i have alot of school work to catch up on. Im now free to post as much as i like since school is almost over!

Description : untitled sad break up song with a couple solid verses

Description : Please put (ft.Luke Strawson) in the track name. This vocal could be used in many styles of music!
Feel free to send your tracks below for promotion!

Description : Friends, that's my vox.if you want to use commercial then contact for licence from here,

Description : For the key of the song, email me.
Tempo is: 145.

Original version:

Free to use non-commercial / commercial licence required

Description : Just a sad sort of song I wrote, works really well with acoustic instrumentals. Add "ft. Cam The Clear" in titles and send me the link! Enjoy!

Description : Another one for you guys. Was in a particularly sadboi type mood today so sadboi is what you get. 158 BPM for chopping. Idk the key. If you are gonna put me as a feat. in the title or track info, the spelling for my is beta max, all lowercase. Thank you :) Link to my soundcloud page

Description : Let me hear what you make!
Hope you all enjoy!!!

Description : An original 'Hell on Earth' acapella by Shamoozey, its called
u guessed it, Hell on Earth Acapella. Again, Sorry no set bpm, its that kinda sad smoochey bluesy omnobus genre that gefies genres and just doesn't fit a bpm. The pros can handle no bpm, right?
Anyway, Shamoozey's 2nd word of the day 'piroxagenus'.... As always, watch out your new neighbor, reach out n touch someone, maybe not! and be sure to get in touch
for commercial use of this acapella and all Shamoozey vocals. Cheers!

Description : I try to make songs that you all can actually use, full complete songs. In saying that, I noticed better quality vocals from recording from my phone :( sad but true. Anyhow, this vocal was recorded from my phone and then I mixed it on my DAW. Here's my version peace.

Description : the was our first time recording. tempo no sure 90 or 120 been a while.

Description : Hammer Nail-Bingbadabadooba, sad, BPM 120

Description : Asta Manana is another Shamoozey original acapella. BPM 100. Key?
Its a sad story about a man leaving a woman with ups and downs. Boy meets girl, girl is crazy, boy leaves! Whats new, right?

Not sure what genre? Maybe trip-hop or something Mexican. A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released"
for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.

Description : I pulled this off the internet, not sure who wrote it. Will update when i find out. Some sad piano music would suffice on this one, yeah? Anyway, enjoy the story and Happy Christmas!

Description : Just an idea, if you can use please credit me.

Description : This track is about the senseless killings of 9 people at a church while praying in Charlestown South Carolina USA. How sad, its all because of racial hatred and the rebel Confederate flag which is still flying at Government buildings in SC. BPM is 100. Key of G. I done a version on guitar and the chords i used in a (slow rock beat) were G,Em,C,D. But you can use whatever way you feel it touches you.

Description : A sad chorus perhaps for hip hop emotional, link me if you use this. Thanks!

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