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Description : THE ORIGINAL WAVE/MP3 FILE was too large to be upload.
Serious people contact me on Instagram for original Wave File.

It's a mixed Sad Vibe in Urdu/Hindi

Nice clean Acapella with Bunch of Interludes.

Song Structure:

Intro Vocals, Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Interlude, Verse, Chorus 1, Interlude, (Space for Instrumental Bridge), Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Space for Outro

Description : free verse

Description : free verse

Description : This is the acapella for my new song "Cardiac Arrest"
Credit me as ft. Bon3 Productions
Love y'all...

Description : Just another sad acapella for y'all... F MAJOR IS THE KEY :)

Description : My first attempt at a sad verse. Message me if you want to use commercially.
If so, i can send the original wav file.
happy beatmaking!

Description : Sad Vibe
E Minor Key

I hope y'all can feel the emotions behind the vocals.
Language (Urdu)

Description : Sad Vibe,F#minor.
There is little bit of latency on the loop. You might want to move it forward a little bit on your Daw to make it sit at 105BPM.


Description : link me to if you use it and please credit me :)

Description : Sad Vibe

Description : Sad Vibe

Description : D minor- Verse and a Hook. Sad vibe- 174 or 87 BPM

Description : Enjoy hope it's as good as the first one ;P

Description : So I've been listening to a lot of sad type lofi. Got inspired and came up with this little piece. Free to use for non commercial as long as I'm in the title, but if you planning on making money with it send me a message. Would love to hear some lofi out of this. Cheers!

Description : F Minor Key, Sad Love Song in Urdu and English both.

Description : Now this is just sad..and jazzy...(wet and dry)i've got a cool lofi beat for this on my loops page..

Description : A Sad Song Written by Sasha Ferguson.

Description : Of Course another sad Acapella. I am not sure which key I sang this one but sounds very close to C minor.

Description : Very Sad Vocals in Key of B maj, C#min or G#min. The song is in C3 Octave. Some notes go into the C4. Very emotional Song.

Description : This is an Urdu/Hindi Vocals in E minor Key. It's a sad vocal. Bollywood type sad Urdu/Hindi vocals. Check it out.

Description : A song I wrote to DMX's Slippin beat... I feel like the song is dark and a bit sad.

Description : If used, Please put ft.luke strawson in the title! :)
130bpm ( roughly haha ) slight auto tune used, mostly dry.
if used must put ft.luke strawson

Link any work you have done below as i would love to hear and promote it for you!
Contact me via looperman reply ( e-mail ) or instagram @
for custom vocals! im happy to help!

Description : Hey guys I hope Y'all like my new song! Would love to see what Y'all do with this chorus! The FULL acapella download is in the description of the original on my soundcloud! The link is in bio! Please title it “Ft Lonaboi” if you only use chorus and state that is a remix IF you use full acapella! Please contact me first before you post to Spotify OR ITunes! Thanks and Enjoy!

Tags : 140 bpm | Pop | 2.10 MB | Has Lyrics | Autotune | Male | Unknown | Rapping & Singing | Key : A
Licence : Licence type not set. Assume non commercial use only

Description : A minor, Sad Song

Tags : 80 bpm | Lo-Fi | 282.90 KB | Has Lyrics | Male | Unknown | Singing
Licence : Licence type not set. Assume non commercial use only

Description : link ur stuff :)

All beats/songs made using this sample must credit
"Sad Boy Hour" as a feature or in the description on youtube. Have fun

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