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Tags : | RnB | 6.24 MB

Description : A collaboration with MusicIzMee4Ever and another stunning vocal from her. It took a little time to get some momentum going on the track but I think the six eight timing works well. I have chopped the main and backing vocal up quite a bit and tried not to "give it all away" in the first 16 bars or so. The guitar solo uses a patch on my GR 55 called "scat".

Tags : | Pop | 4.63 MB

Description : This track features the mighty vocals of Derek Vickers. Acoustic rhythm guitar using my Ovation Celebrity and a solo using my Godin Xtsa and a patch from the GR 55. Electric piano on the choruses and some strings here and there too. EZdrums and a cowbell.

Tags : | Ambient | 6.03 MB

Description : My fellow Looperman ShortBusMusic pointed me in the direction of this fantastic acapella (thanks Bear)

The timing is a little odd and there are a couple of 3/4 bars in there to keep you on your toes. Acoustic guitar on one side and my Godin Xtsa on it's acoustic setting on the other. Electric down the middle picking out the chords, acoustic piano, strings, EZdrums with a tam mirroring the snare, an arpeggio thing going on in the background and a self indulgent guitar solo. I had a great time putting this together!!

Tags : | Pop | 5.60 MB

Description : Another stunning acapella from the talented and accomplished MIM4E - thank you.

Two rhythm guitars (one with auto wah and the other using my foot!), hammond style organ, simple bass part echoed by the kick drum, a little string wash and some additional percussion as the song gets going. Hope you enjoy and comments always welcome.

Tags : | Pop | 7.80 MB

Description : I heard this acapella and simply had to put a track together with it. Really great voice and the lyrics and delivery are superb. There isn't a keyboard in sight here either - it's all guitar! I enjoyed putting this together very much. Comments always welcome.


Tags : | Blues | 9.20 MB

Description : A slow blues with soulful and heartfelt singing from the mightily talented and hugely gifted Patricia Edwards. The starting point is an acapella of real quality to which I have added an electric rhythm guitar, an acoustic (in an open tuning), a solo (Godin XTSA), a rhodes sounding piano, organ towards the end of the track, bass and of course EZdrums providing the percussion.

Listen to the lyrics too - this kind of thing can happen to anyone!!

Enjoy - comments always welcome.

Tags : | Pop | 9.41 MB

Description : A voyage of discovery! This track simply emerged from lots of ideas. Superb vocals from Stephanie Kay. Thank you for the collaboration.

EZdrummer again at the back providing the drive and a very simple synth bass doubled with electric guitar all the way through. A low key rhodes style piano gives it a little suspense and a wah wah guitar line from verse two onwards adds some interest. The overdrive guitar in the chorus sections and in the solo are the trusty Godin xtsa with patches from Logic Pro. The strings over the chorus add a little tension (I hope).

Hope you enjoy and comments aways welcome.

Tags : | Blues | 8.20 MB

Description : Georgia on my mind written by Ray Charles.

The vocal track was sent to my by Jurgen Köppe - I am really grateful, thank you. Roz and I worked in a band together and wrote and recorded some songs too. It was very much like old times hearing that fantastic voice through my speakers again.

Taking on the challenge of covering such an iconic song was daunting - I only hope I've done it some justice.

Comments always welcome.

Tags : | Rock | 7.45 MB

Description : I am yet again in the company of Patricia who this time shows how versatile she is with this rock offering. Another fantastic performance and those backing vocals are truly exceptional.

All the electric guitar work is an Epiphone Les Paul Special and the acoustic an Ovation Celbrity Deluxe. EZdrummer for the kit and everything else patches from Logic Pro 9.

Thanks for listening and comments always appreciated.

Tags : | Pop | 9.05 MB

Description : It is once again a stunning vocal performance from Patricia. Listen carefully to the lower range of notes this lady is capable of singing with ease and amazing texture. She is truly gifted and talented and it's is always a very rewarding experience collaborating with her. Thank you Patricia.

I have used EZkeys for the piano (a recent acquisition) and EZdrums for the kit. The remaining patches are from Logic Pro 9. The single note pick guitar rhythmic thing is my Casio MG510 and the solo (with a patch from Logic) my Godin xtsa. There is a guiro, some congas and a triangle for additional percussion too.

I have tried to be as minimal as I dare with this and hope the lazy feel and mix provides a nice backdrop for the vocals. I've put the genre as pop but I'm really not sure!!

Your comments and feedback are always welcome. Enjoy.

Tags : | Acoustic | 9.76 MB

Description : A collaboration with the highly talented SimplicityComplex. I added the bass, drum track, mixed and mastered. Such a great song.

Tags : | Religious | 8.65 MB

Description : A track from the forthcoming album "Colours of Me" (due out 1st September) and another illustration of Patricia Edwards' immense talent and ability. A powerful and emotional vocal delivered with power and grace - simply stunning.

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.71 MB

Description : It's been so long (too long) since a collaboration with the outstanding talent that is Farisha Haque. You can find more of Farisha's amazing work here.

So a bit of a departure here in that it's a real bass guitar (apologies to Dave Marshall in advance!) My trusty Ovation Celebrity provides the acoustic which is spread across the stereo image, EZ drums and EZkeys (I should be on commission) and some other patches from Logic. The solo is on the acoustic setting of my Godin XTSA.

Hope you enjoy and comments always welcome

Tags : | Pop | 9.49 MB

Description : I downloaded the original acapella and started putting a track together. I thought some additional vocals might work well so I asked if it was possible to have some "oooohs and aaaaahs". What arrived brought me to tears and once again demonstrates the immense talent that is Patricia Edwards. Thank you so much.

The track contains an upgrade to Superior Drummer, the trusty Ovation Celebrity, EZkeys doing the piano part and the Godin Xtsa with a patch from Logic for the solo. The strings, choir and additional percussion also from Logic.

Hope you enjoy it and as always comments always welcome.

Tags : | Deep House | 8.12 MB

Description : So I'm way outside my comfort zone with this one! Not even sure if "Deep House" is the genre? Comments please

I think I've written this piece several times before but never got around to finishing. It shows my "dark side" (I like synthesisers!) Some of the sections may be a bit long but the main idea was to create an infection groove.

It's an early mix and there's still lots to do but would appreciate some thoughts on what I have so far. Should I stick to Pop, Blues and Rock? Anyway, it's an effort on my part to push the envelope a bit and see what comes out. I hope you like it.

Comments always welcome and thanks for listening.


Tags : | Pop | 5.40 MB

Description : I have had some great support on this track from my very old friend Steve Wright (check him out here)

Not only a stunning guitar solo and end section he also put the cello part on and helped me a lot with the mix. Thank you. A shout out too for Stephanie Kay and a really powerful vocal line.

Hope you enjoy and as ever your comments are always appreciated.


Tags : | Chill Out | 9.53 MB

Description : This track is based on the Randy Crawford "Chill Night Mix" and features the amazing talent that is Pauline Wright - a wonderful vocalist.

All done in Logic X with Superior Drummer for the kit and most other patches coming from Logic. My cheap and cheerful Strat copy for the solo and I even get in on the backing vocals in the middle section.

Hope you enjoy it and as always comments very welcome.


Tags : | Pop | 6.22 MB

Description : A cover of the Judy Tzuke song (1979) and an amazing vocal performance by the very talented Pauline Wright. It's a real bass guitar and the acoustic solo towards the end is my trusty Ovation Celebrity. I have also doubled some lines with an electric where it gets a bit "celestial" and all the sting patches are from Logic X. Hope you like it and as always your comments much appreciated.

Tags : | Pop | 5.40 MB

Description : A Bonnie Rait song that has always been a favourite of mine. Lisa and I met when she joined the local covers band I play drums in. Such an enormous talent and a breathtaking performance by her on this track. All done in Logic X apart from percussion (Superior Drummer 2) and a bass line I played in on my Sterling Sub 4. Comments always welcome.

Tags : | Pop | 4.86 MB

Description : An old Lisa Stansfield track so I couldn't resist leaving an 80's style synth bass line in there! Great vocal performance by Lisa Worth who is a joy and delight to work with. I'm so lucky!! All done in Logic X with Superior Drummer for the kit. Acoustic guitars and electric rhythm my trusty Ovation Celbrity and Godin XTSA respectively.

Comments always welcome and thanks for listening.

Tags : | Funk | 9.53 MB

Description : I've not posted anything in ages but have still been very busy and this track features my good friend and wonderfully talented Phil Jenkins on all the keyboards (and that sax solo at the end!) All done with Logic Pro X, Superiour Drummer 2, an M Audio midi keyboard and my trusty Godin XTSA. Enjoy and I welcome your comments.

Description : It's been a long time since I last posted anything so hello again everyone. A collaboration with the highly talented Rozlyne Anderson-Brunnhoff. Hope you like it and comments always welcome.

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.86 MB

Description : A collaboration between myself and Farisha (love those vocals). Laid back vibe, acoustic guitars, a little string wash, string bass and a simple drum pattern plus sumptuous harmonies. I played the two acoustic rhythm guitars (panned hard left and right) and the short solo. The solo is my Ovation Celebrity through an AKG 3000B microphone. The bass was played in using my Korg Nano keyboard. The drums are Ultrbeat.

Tags : | RnB | 3.32 MB

Description : A collaboration with Farisha and my interpretation of a fantastic vocal acapella. My Ovation double tracked and panned hard right and left with a fretless bass played in using my Casio MG510 midi guitar. Drums from EZdrummer and some additional percussion in the shape of a guiro, agogo and a cowbell. Apologies for the mental guitar solo but I wanted something that cut right across the laid back landscape.

Tags : | RnB | 5.19 MB

Description : Another beautiful vocal piece from MusicIzMee4Ever supplemented with some words from Steklo and a couple of other vocal samples thrown in too! There's a lot going on in places and I just hope it's not too busy. The solo is on my old Casio MG510 guitar with some inserts from Logic Pro. The rhythm guitar has a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby pedal between the guitar and the mixer. Drums are EZdrummer. Everything else is Logic Pro. I've pushed the envelope here - hope it's not too far!

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