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Description : because a normal open hat on the 1 is too basic

Description : Long loop with different sections for variation. 808 hits B, D, and F#

Description : Imagine celebrating Halloween on a SpaceX shuttle with Elon Musk. Then the beat drops and the bass hits and you get lit with Elon Musk. lmao drop whatever you make in the comments

Description : I was just messing around but if you make something w it comment!!!

Description : They gave pianos to the aliens at area 51...

This is a piano sample I flipped, comment your creations

Description : 808 hits C every time. Please drop links in comments if you make something with this.

Description : Up and down guitar riff which I made after being challenged to make something Mexico-esque. Change up in the fourth bar. Drop creations in the comments pls I love to hear

Description : Some Synth Lead with a Marimba in the second part... happy vibes

Description : Hi hats remind me of Glory Bridge by Chief Keef ft. A Boogie. Drop links below!!

Description : Kinda old school gangster west coast loop... two simple chords.

Description : Long loop, with a little change up to reduce how repetitive it is. Reminds me of Antidote by Migos but with a different flair

Description : DJ Mustard type loop with synth bass, made in his preferred DAW, Reason. He kinda fell off but he's my inspiration. Drop links below if you use it.

Description : Kinda spooky/dreamy loop // drop links in the comments please, I love to hear what y'all make

Description : Goes well with trap melodies, decided to share. Link if you use it.

Description : I made this a while ago but I went back and tweaked it today. As always, drop what you make in the comments, I love hearing everything

Description : I feel like a classical composer... drop your creations in the comments

Description : If you could turn trolling into music, this would be it // F minor

Description : Old Creations, a bell loop on top of some synth // G minor // Drop creations in comments

Description : Suspenseful loop I made using a pizzicato soundfont // E minor // drop creations in comments

Description : Pluck melody with chords layered on top // A minor // Drop what you make in the comments

Description : I got too lazy to do anything with this, let's see what y'all come up with // drop your works down in the comments // C minor

Description : When they open the first club on Mars they gonna play something like this // F minor

Description : Can't do anything with it but drop your creations in the comments

Description : I been cookin' with Reason...

Description : So I basically took the Song of Storms and changed it to fit 4/4 time. D minor like the original. This is solely the ocarina.

Loops 1 - 25 of 28
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