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Description : A fast, arpeggiated, effervescent synth progression. 8 seamless bars.

Implied harmonies: Bbmaj7---Dm7---Ebmaj7---Ebm6
Description : 8 seamless bars of a thumping, treated bass guitar, playing a riff in the 1970's Funk style.
Description : 4 seamless bars of a sci-fi sound.
Description : 8 seamless bars. A grand piano plays a black gospel rhythm in a large church.

Implied harmonies: Ab7----Db7add9
Description : 8 seamless bars of an orchestral strings progression.

Implied Harmonies: E---F#m7---G#m7----B13
Description : A male choir sings Oohs in an expressive space.

Implied harmonies: C---Dm7---F6---C
Description : Harpsichord plays a trippy rhythm.

Implied Harmonies: C---G---F--G---C
Description : A complex synth patch plays some exultant chords.

Implied Harmonies: Cm---Ab6---Eb/Bb---Bb
Description : A hard-pounding late-1960's West Coast Funk groove. Medium tempo, 4 seamless bars.
Description : A piano player nails out a rhythmic pattern in the Disco style.

Implied Harmonies: Dm7---Gm7---A7sus4---Dm
Description : A funky riff on electric guitar reminiscent of 60's and 70's Funk.

Implied Harmony: D7#9 (D Blues)
Description : A string patch is divided up in to 16th-note hits, plus some FX.

Implied Harmonies: Em--A---Em7---A
Description : An electric guitar plays a 1950's Bo Diddley hand-jive groove.

Implied Harmony: B7 (B Blues)
Description : I made a keyboard patch, using samples of my own voice. This curious loop is the result.

Implied Harmonies: Bbmaj7--Cm7---Dm7---Eb/F---Bbmaj7---Cm7---Dm7---Ebmaj7
Description : A bouncy bass guitar riff with an oldschool feeling.
Description : An electric bass guitar plays a driving eighth-note groove.

Implied Harmonies: D#min-------Bb7---D#min
Description : A human voice is given a stutter treatment.
Description : A male quartet sings a passage of La-La's.

Implied Harmonies: A---C#m7---Bm7---Bm7b5
Description : A subtle, synthetic-sounding drum lays down a triplets-based steady groove, similar to the one heard in Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygene 4".
Description : Two acoustic guitars play a fast strummed groove.

Implied Harmonies: D-----Bm
Description : A sine-wave patch plays a repeating motif of five-tuplets per quarter-note, then the lines are layered to yield a curious sonic texture.
Description : 2 pianos-- an acoustic grand and a Fender-Rhodes--- play a gently funky R&B groove. Fat and bass-rich. 4 seamless bars.

Implied Harmonies: Bbmaj9---Dbmaj9---(Cb7)
Description : A celesta plays a delicate triple-eighth rhythm, as if for a slow 12/8-feel ballad.

Implied Harmonies: A-----G
Description : A siren sings her strange and ghostly song. 8 seamless bars.
Description : A steel-string acoustic guitar plays a mellow, arpeggiated riff.

Implied Harmonies: Fmaj7----Bbmaj7
Loops 1 - 25 of 536
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