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Description : Here it is: 3rd verion of asian trap, have fun with it :)

Description : have fun with it and show me ya beats ;)

Description : there's more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in any book - PASTEUR

Description : Laponia Scandinavia

Description : Hope usable

Description : 4 seamless bars of a steady, insistent, mellow groove in a Folk-Rock style, with a highly-swung 16th implication. Fingersnaps and guitar scratches add color.

Description : implementation

Description : the trip too much

Description : if u find a way to use this...

Description : Haappy new year

Description : some keys played in massive and some subtle dust added, with izotope vinyl im not sure but this sounds kind of like lofi, and have a merry Christmas everyone.

Description : I made this loop at 6am right after my wife and I got into an argument. This guitar brightened up my day some. It makes me want to take a few shots of some henny for whatever reason lol. But anyways I think you should sing on it with a catchy hook. If the melody is right on your chorus then this should be hit for someone. The guitar is unique with one of my signature featured distortion. Good vibe for the club scene. Please contact me if you publish a song you make out of this. C Minor baby!!

Description : Send me your beats

Description : Sakura FL Studio

Description : 90s vibes. Keen to hear anything you make with it

Description : Created this for my acapella and my demo build on my tracks page..

Description : every cloud has a silver lining

Description : made in sakura

Description : I like

Description : Hiphop RnB Dancehall EDM whatever you wanna call it or use it for

Description : music is the answer

Description : Feel free to use - please link the final beat

Description : 98/196

Description : Messing around with ElectraX2

D Minor

Description : Aaron 4

Loops 1 - 25 of 450
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