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Description : Slowly

Description : Heya there everyone, I was just kind playing around when I made this and ended up really really liking it. I know there's lots of you out there that would also enjoy it so here ya go! And if you are taking the time to actually read this, Show your boi some love, I work hard day and night on these loops and a follow on my socials makes it all worth it :) Thanks all, Happy Creating!!

Description : Depressed piano chords for slow hip hop
Please message if you would like more samples

Description : Go Down

Description : Made using maschine 2.8.5.

Description : Made using Maschine 2.8.5.

Description : out of the box

Description : peach rainfall
si do# ré# mi fa# sol# la#

Description : A sad/depressed loop

Good for Lil Peep, XXXTentacion type beats

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Description : beyond the cliches
ré mi fa# sol la si do#
D E F# G A B C#

Description : Different instrument

Description : Played a chord progression and melody on keyboard. Put the midi file on a kontakt instrument. Sounds really unique. C# MAJ

Description : a/F/a/d

Description : Kind of sad


Description : Slow, expressive chords on a Hammond B3 organ.

Description : No rejection, no disgust, just a choice.

Description : Just some bad shit happened to me this week. I don't want to talk about it. But the short loop tells it all. :(

Description : guitar riff

Description : Falling Guitar Loop

Description : good drums for an emotional type of beat

Description : No criminal liability

Description : Two seamless bars of a steaming nuclear reactor core ambience.

Description : A choir of mysterious Venusian women beckon you to their planet.

Harmonies: C------B/C

Description : Made with stock plug-in "Nylon Concerto Guitar" in ableton Live & "Harmo. Guitar" from Synth1 bank

Asian undertones, plenty of space for extra-curriculars.

D minor, 60 BPM

LMK what you make with this!!

Description : bass stem from my remix of salvatore by lana del rey

Loops 1 - 25 of 444
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