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Description : lofi piano
Description : Reload with no synth layer
Description : 8 bars of a AGML2 Guitar.
Description : Really dark Halloween vibes with this one. I don't feel like making a beat with it so this is for y'all. I don't remember the key, but you'll make it work. Link what you make. I would love to hear.
Description : synth loop
Description : ........
Description : ........Can Be Used In Blues
Description : .........
Description : A little different from the Norm.....
Description : Guitar Whammy Distorted Ab to Eb
Description : Guitar Whammy Distorted Ab harmonic to Eb harmonic 60bpm
Description : Acoustical guitar lead in or background track. 8 bars at 60 bpm.
Description : .......
Description : War marching style strings
Description : ohh ahh
Description : 60bpm, Revised version 1 for a LM Request. Enjoy these oldskool vibes. Peace.
Description : 60bpm,D. Drum Loop - Airheads. Groove Vibe. Oldskool. Retrobitz. Good Times. Funky Expedition.
Description : Realized with Fl Studio and Technics SX K700. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : Simple Grand piano in C Minor. Good for Hip Hop of Lofi. Post your work below ;)
Description : A stabby guitar
Description : Piano Created with Nexus Expansion. Good for Lofi Hip Hop
Description : 60bpm,G. Choir Loop - Atmosphere Voice. Misc Piece. FL Studio. Use as needed.

Choir voice of light. Deflecting the worlds drama :)
Description : lol im going to give yall some killer brass i bet you've heard a ton from me already. bless.
Description : Light
Description : Sad a bit
Loops 1 - 25 of 348
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