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Tags : | Garage | 5.00 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Demo #01-
rhytm guitar: el torro (vox amp)
lead guitar: telecaster (fender twin reverb)
e-organ: casitone 602
drums: recorded ludwik kit with vynil dubs
vox: GNZOO with a Se2200 Mic
Mixer : SSL E Channel. Fabfilter C, Timless2, Saturn, Klanghelm, Re556 Eq Waves, Virtual Mix Rack EQs

Description : Just a fun demo to sketch out my thoughts, drop it likes its raw. Maj2 got this amazing energy with his synths and drums. it was pure fun to do a banana vox on this. when you like it maj, i hope we can work togheter. this is just warm up.

Description : im not joking, i currently working on my debut with a team. this is a demotrack. im looking for producers with unique style. i upload this on drive, you can use it for free to remix the hell out of this or try to rap on this. i cant. or maybe sing on this, or do yoko ono and just scream . i need some guitar player or synth players for a solo on this bad boy.

Description : Waka Waka. I got more banana ideas for 2023. Im still broke but i wrote in 1 Year 120 songs, 9 survived. now im gonna looking for producers.
recorded in a cheap Hotel: Hn1 Zoom w crappy children guitar nylon.

Description : I got a new collab w mudhoen from LM. For me its just pure fun to work with him.
This song is about my weedman, he got jailed last year and i was fck up. Now im looking foward. Finally, legalization Germany 2022. I cried with my brother, because where happy now.

Description : Demotrack #03 St.Ra
Somtimes a banana is not enough, so i turned up my smoothie mixer added some strawberries and this got me back to my roots. I started with fl and deep house. I programmed a slow analog drum machine Blofeld mixed with 808 and Rickenbacher Bass.

Description : ST.RA Demotrack #02
beat by Sam Higo, mix by bananaLu
i wrote this song about the darkness in all of us. Most of the time on earth I feel lost, but theres always someone or something we can trust. I love frequencies it protects us from the dark.

Description : My first beat i upload because i Love bananas and my phillipin national dance called "Tinikling" where you smash 2 bambo sticks togheter and dancers have to make their moves between them.
loop: swae-x-lil-tecca-dancehall
guitar by me via guitar rig 6
vocal sample: Kadagyan Tribal Chant
I F I Cm I F I Cm I
I A# I Gm I A# I G I

Description : beat: SpeakUpProd (little layout)
MixnMaster, Vocal Fx: Gioppop
Lyrics, vocals by a banana

Its my second project with members of this community and there will be coming more :)

We used to build pyramids for the sungod Ra, now we build pyramids for Bezozes and Trumpa Trumpas.

Description : I wrote this song this week when i finally arrived at my mums House. I done some crazy shit in the past and disappointed a lot of people. But im on the way to be more honest with my family.
Loops i used
perc: abdulah-celt-islam-sufi-tabla
beat str: pop-smokex-onefour-drums-w-808
beat ref: some-trap-drums-no-808
Guitar and Bass by me via Guitar Rig 6
Synths: Sawer, Biohazard, Melletron

Description : Waka Waka, hey guys thank you for the welcome. Im a huge fan of some artist on Looperman. But i never upload because people said to me i sound like shiaaaaaat. Today i got a beat from Shayde beats. IT IS TRAP Type. I never done this before I CANT RAP. But i tried to sing on It. If you read this I WANT TO CHALLANGE ME. PlS send me beats guys. I want to explore music. LOOOOVE BananaLU

Description : Shitty T-Bone MB75 Mic w/Grundig V1700 Compressor Eq. Presonus Audiobox , Studio One Project Mix: Fabfilter Eq, Compressor, Timeless, Saturator. SSL EChannel on Bus Mix. Ozone 9 Dynamics and Virtual Rack on Master. Guitar real recorded w/ Guitar Rig and 2Ch Fabfilter Saturator. Bass fake as fuck Native Instruments Rickenbacher Bass through Guitar Rig as well. Drums Hi hat from Native Instruments Ludwig 70s Drum mixed with a Yamaha YPT-210 Drumkeyboard preset.

Tracks (12)