Description : Waka Waka, hey guys thank you for the welcome. Im a huge fan of some artist on Looperman. But i never upload because people said to me i sound like shiaaaaaat. Today i got a beat from Shayde beats. IT IS TRAP Type. I never done this before I CANT RAP. But i tried to sing on It. If you read this I WANT TO CHALLANGE ME. PlS send me beats guys. I want to explore music. LOOOOVE BananaLU

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  1. crucethus
    crucethus on Sat 25th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    So I just Listened once, and now I am back again to really in-depth understand what U did here. I am a huge fan of the esoteric. This is a great creative track bar none. It's Schizo but in a very controlled perfectly arranged way. You rap in a drunken rage-like way but perfectly recorded to the grounded trap musical score. The arrangements are a huge deal in my own work, and in yours, you have nailed it. You have created controlled contrived chaos. I love that. Not since ,,,
    have I been this excited about a tune? looking forward to what you bring to the table in the future. The pressure is on now ;-)

    Reply by BananaLu

    Thank you very much crutheus, all the things you wrote are true. Why its sounds so schizo,because i dont play. Im really retarted and i was fck drunk while i recorded. I'm on a hula hula vacation right now. But i record in my Hotel room. There will be something coming soon.

  2. xstokes
    xstokes on Wed 22nd Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    you know, skimming thru the comments what caught me was what you said about being honest. yep. and you are also just one attention-grabbing cat.

    Reply by BananaLu

    I still love you xstokes. Im honest. You cant fight my passion. Love from germany

  3. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Wed 22nd Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Interesting ideas. I would put some distortion on the vocals when they intensify and EQ some of the mids out (If you want).

    Didn't like it at first, but grew on me. Popular music has been a bit emotionless lately.

  4. SpeakUpProd
    SpeakUpProd on Tue 7th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    thats pretty fly. really like how you catch the beat, keep going hard.

    Reply by BananaLu

    thanks SpeakUpProd. yeah this discribes my style of music. The beat and vocals are like enemies in my mind. Most of singers, i hear just let the beat win. But not me Sir. Im inspired by Joe Cocker Or even fck Beyonce. You have to lead the song or you loose the fight :)

  5. ioncewas
    ioncewas on Mon 6th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Hi BananaLu, I think your vocals go really well with the target music. It compliments the vocal's melancholic sound.

    Reply by BananaLu

    Thank you very muchioncewas. My Voice is like melancholic for that because it really happend that day. I wrote this Song in end august 21 and 2nd septmeber my relation. I wasns sad that day... just pure anger and frustration. Im make honest music, hope you all can hear it.

  6. CNI
    CNI on Sat 4th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    sounds really good, i quite enjoyed it

    Reply by BananaLu

    Thank You CNI :)

  7. LJmbbremen
    LJmbbremen on Sat 4th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    was bist du denn fr einer, S A U B E R. Das ist so trippy abgefahren. Ich mag deinen Style. Was fr eine Energie in der Stimme. Was du auf diesen Beat gemacht hast, ist nicht von dieser Welt, was fr eine super Idee. Wrde am liebsten fragen, was dich dazu getrieben hat. Ich sag nur: Weiter so!!! macht Freude deine Sachen zu hren. Ach, dass wollte ich ja eh noch, deine Sachen mal hren. Gehe gleich mal auf dein Profil.
    Gru aus der Musikantenstadt Bremen nach BR-LIN!

    Reply by BananaLu

    Es ist erfrischend auch mal wieder deutsch zu schreiben :)Ich bin ein riesen fan von deiner Musik und Hip Hop ist geil es bringt einen auf andere Wege. Es bringt einem beim schreiben weiter. Ich hre ein paar Tracks von dir und bin begeistert. In dir steckt mehr Creature von dir zeigt mir etwas das ich suche. Du hast den grad von individualitt und Popkultur fr dich abgesteckt und das ist wichtig. Mir gefllt der Sound, wrde gerne mal mit dir zusammen arbeiten.

  8. dimestop
    dimestop on Sat 4th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    PS Banana, moonwalk is like a kick in the teeth to any Street dancer :))) that's a made up media term, they played on, based on Jackos performance in Berlin I think, there's no moon and there no walking, lots of sliding and lots of backward, street dancers back-glide, side-slide, circle-glide, Jacko learnt from Jeffrey Daniel ,(shalamar),but it was first performed in the early 1950's, smaller strides though and was called levetating them, I may not be able to teach anybody about music production etc but can teach the truth about dance

    Reply by BananaLu

    fuck yeahh I think you know your stuff :) I think you care a lot about dancing. That is great. When im in London again we have to meet. Im working on a crazy concept. I was touring a lot in comedy Clubs and they got some crazy dancers. Once I was on stage with them, the move like hell. I danced more Joe Coker on LSD. I have a small visuall concept of music and dance. maybe you can help make it bigger.

    CINCOCENT on Sat 4th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    I might have seen you around before but now I know who you are and you got some skill I like it I like what you got so far

    Reply by BananaLu

    Hey CinCoCent thank very are righty 4 years in this forum...i uploaded some weird stuff and deleted it... i wasnt ready. Now in 2021 i quit my job and travelling around europe and asia and doing music, nothing public just fucked up blues bars and underground clubs with a few people in it. i love music and im just warming up. Got a Something weird in my mind and i think the world needs a wake up after all this feeling like house prison shit. I will continue shoot my voice at drunken people at bars...but i fell i should record more.

    CINCOCENT on Sat 4th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Oh shit! Wicked! Hells yea! My stylo and vibes! I fuks with this, shit!
    I see you my boy

  11. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Sat 4th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    I really like this, I'm surprised it doesn't have more likes, a Really good track.
    Well done

  12. pseudoble
    pseudoble on Sat 4th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Love it (again) - your voice is great and I very much like the lofi sound. Im sorry I cant give more constructive feedback I know 'oh wow - it's great' is not exactly useful but it's true - keep em coming and congratulations.

    Reply by BananaLu

    hey mate :) thank you very much. it means a lot to me that like you just listen to the song. I try to approach 2021 with a new mind set in writting style and singing. I want use my voice as a synth instrument and with my writting style just capture a feeling. I think we need more soul in modern production and thats why i love your work. Oh We Oh We is all that why i have in mind when it comes to a modern sound. I would love to work with you and use some beats from you. I like your honesty mate. words cant describe music. Can you describe MJ or James Brown oder Howling Wolf with words ,no , journalist try but fail. There is soul out there in your music and in other new producers... i, travelling a lot this year around and there is a new energy coming. i would love to work with you.

  13. ValveDriver
    ValveDriver on Fri 3rd Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Ok. So, at first, I wasn't sure about it. But after a couple seconds, I was totally on board.

    First, let me say it's good exactly how it is. But in my head, while listening to it, I kept wanting to hear the vocals as if they were being sung through a Megaphone. As in, the low and high frequencies dropped, and a layer of distortion over them.

    Like I said, though, it's perfectly fine the way it is. Maybe you can take this as an idea for a different track. Who knows?

    Good job, man.
    Take care.

    Reply by BananaLu

    thank you very much. I really like your comment and the community. I like your Idea for the Voice im totally down with it i wrote soemthing on your track Red On White. i would love to work with you. I need fresh smoothie ideas like yours. honest banana, love from germany

  14. StrikingDaggers
    StrikingDaggers on Fri 3rd Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Dope track BananaLu! This one's a Fav and Downloaded. Nice work.

    Reply by BananaLu

    Hey Strikking Daggers im a fan of your work too. Thanks for the downloading. it means a lot to me that people just enjoy music.

  15. sirefox
    sirefox on Thu 2nd Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Buen tema amigo BananaLu. Impresionante tu voz. con mucha energa y sentimiento. Me gusta como suena. Que tengas una buena noche amigo mo. Salud y paz.

    Reply by BananaLu

    Hola Sirefoy, muchas gracias por escuchar mis pistas. Soy un gran admirador de tu trabajo. Depp Jungle Walk est en mi lista de reproduccin diaria. Tambin te deseo paz, amigo mo. Amor de alemania

  16. dimestop
    dimestop on Thu 2nd Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Hi mate, I've sent you my direct mail cos I can't do it through here, just for easier sharing, check your LM mails your far from shaaaaat Lu, bananas yes, but not shaaaaat, this is good trap, chest pumpin I'm a dancer first, great vibe and pace, your vocal pinpoint again, screaming crazy, the outro my fav, a good STOP. I'll drop my latest in a bit, you got me, this community will get you, happy your happy here bro

    Reply by BananaLu

    shiaaat there a are mails ? help me where i can find those ive received? I love your latest work but i needed time to really understand it. I love your minimalistic approach but with a huge soundscape. I like your voice too. Just imagine a track with your mellow higher voice in contrast with my voice. mucho bueno. Your dancer... fuck this art is hard. I want to improve my stage presence. I like James Brown and Flea from Red hot chilli peppers mixed with Ian Curtis mental dance- mooonwalkstyle shaaamona.

  17. RitajustRita
    RitajustRita on Thu 2nd Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

    Your voice sounds realy cool on it!!!
    Good choise to do it like this.
    special and I like it!!

    Reply by BananaLu

    Hey Rita Thank you very much. Im ahuge fan of your work . I like your urban style. Im always down for collab. I like your beats :)

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