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Description : sad track recorded on a voice recorde

Description : You can listening this version with voice in soundcloud Steven Ed. vs David Es. - Gift.

Description : Groovy track, added my voice and blues harp (modest).

Description : great acapella from on here please check out the artist he is dope af voiceofanation hope you all like stay bless

Description : Magix Music Maker - Soundforge, added a male voice.

Tags : | EDM | 12.24 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : This is one of the first songs that I have produced, with the extraordinary voice of Sergi Yaro. Enjoy it!

Description : Mainstream song, female voice added.

Tags : | EDM | 6.68 MB | FL Studio

Description : So I wrote this song months ago about a real experience lol I finished it, but I removed verse 2 and chorus 2 because my vocals sucked there, and I didn't finish the lyric either. But I finished the rest of the song. This song probably gonna appear on my friend's upcoming album, and he's a great singer, and this is a demo w my voice.

So I need some feedback pleaseee ;)

Tags : | EDM | 12.03 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Hope you enjoy this version. Thanks Sam for your excellent voice!
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Description : made with fl studio 20
searching for rap artist voice over or trap collab

Description : A big intro....

LOOP BY jungomadeit

tags : roddy ricch, llf, live life fast, lil baby, lil durk, voh, voice of the heroes, derez deshon, hotboii, fredo bang, 42 dugg, kodak black, king von, slimelife shanty, pain piano, pain, sad, piano melodies, rod wave

Description : Thanks to Sofia Costa for uploading her beatifull voice on looperman!!

Description : A house style song that needs a voice

Tags : | Trap | 3.23 MB | Logic Pro

Description : So I made a beat out of @jgvfui loop that I call "Gallactic Drill" xD and used uberduck to synthesize x and trippie voice. I just found out about uberduck yesterday. been really fun to experiment on it"""""""""""THE SONG IS NOT FINISHED YET"""""""

Tags : | Electronic | 4.58 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Song with female voice.

Description : Voice Lucas Moutain
Mix koram wat

Description : Ancient is the name of a symphonic metal project.
The album has been written and will have only a few songs distributed for free. Return the Light is the first title track.

Jovana's lyrics and voice (music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL…nVPmW1PVc5i5Tcuz)

Description : Hi guys, i'm back after a long time. Here's a cover of an italian song by Luca Urbani, an underground electronic musician/singer. By the way, the point i want you to be focused on is that this is THE FIRST TIME EVER I SUNG AND RECORDED MY VOICE! I made just this take, so i had to work hard on post-production Of-course i put something mine here, not doing just a copy! All rights reserved to Luca Urbani.

Description : Best part > 4:30
[EDIT2] Voice sync.
[EDIT] I found acapellas by ConsciousEntitySound, (users/profile/522916)
Full revision of my last track.
Differents parts here, 6 min, I know it's too long, I can edit all, if you want to collab with me for the voice.
3 samples used from LM, the rest are midi+vst :

Main drum beat : williusu - Lo-Funk
Snare drill : cg5music - DJ Mustard Type Snares And Claps
Jazz cymbal : laurentwirz - ride cymbal and brushes swing

Tags : | Pop | 4.17 MB | Reaper

Description : Another amazing acapella from Ashesndreams, her voice goes right through you!

Tags : | Pop | 11.45 MB | Studio One

Description : Love Sergi voice. had to do something with it.

Description : voice
music koram wat

Tags : | Rap | 1.79 MB | Studio One

Description : voice kmrs - music koram wat

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.86 MB | FL Studio

Description : Beats from here mixed with sounds of my own including my own voice at times over all its a nifty listen smoke up chill with some headphones with this an enjoy thank you!

Description : hey, its been a while. glad to be back again, and im even more glad to have found my voice again.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1850
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