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Description : If a person is able to make my production better with his voice, let him contact me by mail.
Description : DJ snake is on my favorite DJs and (A Different Way) is one of my favorite songs... but what I hate is, the weird drop.... So I made another one by picking some sounds in the song and adding my owns... so thats the result... I hope you enjoy it! THANKS TO DJ SNAKE FOR MAKING THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG AND LAUV FOR THIS MAGICAL VOICE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RaYka Fl studio -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks!
Description : 110 bpm This is a voice melody made with harmor in FLstudio 12 demo version
Tags : | Pop | 6.13 MB | Colab Request
Description : Named by the name of very,very good human,whos voice is on this track.
Description : instrumental track looking for a voice...
Tags : | Trance | 16.25 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : A combination of psychedelic trance and glitch, with a touch of electrotribal brain manipulation. Inspired, for the most part, by my new friend Gymnopilus. The main modulated bass part was courtesy of my DIY modular synthesizer under MIDI control along with live manipulation. Main drums created from the Zoom RT-123. Has some glitchy percussion which was chopped from a crossbending session of Casio SK-1, megcos keyboard, and my modular. Some field recordings from the local farmers marker in 2015 are also present. 1 UP mushrooms for anyone who can identify where the other voice samples came from! Thank you for listening!
Description : "Future" doesn't really sound appealing to me. I'd rather just listen to your voice until I get sick of it.
Tags : | RnB | 6.81 MB | Colab Request
Description : RnB Track 12/8 - Feel free to add your Voice Lead on it and let us hear it ! BUT : Please, if you plan to use this soundtrack commercially, ask for the license here :
Description : Hello, My name Is Jeyson aka 100k. Im From Providence RI (smallest state) In the US. my latest single " undiscovered" Prod. by Babychris, from my upcoming EP self titled " 100k ". That will be dropping soon! on Oct. 1. ! a " Undiscovered " song was made to relate to those artist's , writers, individuals or anyone who has a special talent or skill . who has felt undiscovered , left out or simply unappreciated. I want to continue to grow as an artist and this is the first step. letting my voice be heard! please let me know if you enjoyed the song. and I just want to thank you for taking the time to listen to the track. and if there's any advice, tips or suggestions I should do next to get to the next big step so that this song is heard by as many people as possible! again thank you for your time. sincerely, Jeyson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7RQJ5yQDZI https://soundcloud.com/ahunnitk/undiscovered-prod-babychris https://soundcloud.com/ahunnitk/overcame-prod-hajjmusic twitter.com/ahunnitk Instagram.com/_ahunnitk https://www.facebook.com/ahunnitk/
Tags : | Electronic | 6.17 MB
Description : Just casual witchhouse track, with some voice inserts. (Loneliness)
Description : English: Watching the movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" I heard a phrase said by Clint Eastwood and thought about making a song based on the far west. This is the result! Español: Mirando la película "El Bueno, el Malo y el Feo" escuché una frase dicha por Clint Eastwood y pensé en hacer una canción basado en el lejano oeste. ¡Este es el resultado! Main Guitars and Harmonics: Nightingale (From Belgium). Additional Guitars: Roddo. Tribal Drums: Ebaby (From United States). Aditional Drums: Flsouto (From Brazil). Claps: Gripme (From United States). Pad: Zacwilkins (From United States). Voice: Clint Eastwood (Taken from the film “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”). All aditional instruments, sounds & FX: Roddo (From Chile). Mixing, Edition and Producction: Roddo.
Tags : | Trap | 3.72 MB
Description : Here's a lo-fi trap beat, with Asuka's Langley voice inserts
Tags : | Trance | 9.55 MB
Description : its a track using some cool vst simple patterns whith a great voice from here in looperman e Soreni
Tags : | Dancehall | 6.78 MB
Description : Nice little collab, my vocals over beat made by FARaWAY. If you like my voice, hit me up for a collaboration! FARaWAY - https://soundcloud.com/mc-khombol Me - https://soundcloud.com/cam-the-c-l-e-a-r
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.78 MB
Description : Song written and sung by Joanna Orozco, this is my first official production of someone other than myself! I play all the instruments in this one. I personally like the end result, and I love her voice!
Tags : | Jazz | 6.34 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Classy bit of jazz with a beautiful voice by Patricia Edward
Description : its a Techhousetrack/Deephouse with a nice Voice from eSoreni.Enjoy it ;)
Tags : | Orchestral | 7.42 MB | Featured
Description : Hey there, Thank you for being more than 100 on my YouTube channel! I really appreciate it and it helps me to compose more! :D I recorded my voice with my brother so as to make an epic choir! I really hope you will enjoy this new thing! :) Score : https://musescore.com/user/2544941/scores/4285511 Don't hesite to subscribe on YouTube for more Celthyan! Also follow me on MuseScore : https://musescore.com/user/2544941
Tags : | Electro | 10.88 MB
Description : Self produced song with voice from internet
Description : Trance track made with voice samples from Steklo. Enjoy!
Description : This is my first song in english, in a psychedelic mood, with some reverb and echo on my voice, and other effects ...
Tags : | Pop | 2.66 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : What????? I did A piano version ?!!! I cant believe myself after two years working on EDM ... But I want you to hear and tell me if you like or nah ... AND about bad quality and noises : i record my voice in the park while i was with my friends ... REALLY Hope You Like cuz im full of stress about your opinion
Description : Here is a demo with a rhythm and harmonies with the beautiful voice of 3v3sound who wrote and sung on the melody I just copy pasted the piano / song part on the arrangement of my piece so the result is not perfect
Tags : | Garage | 11.79 MB
Description : Even with covering fire from the garden, one steps on his(?) words, and still manages to make a fool of himself. Both got that bead drawn on the balcony, neither quite hitting the mark. A face and a voice too disparate. Swaying to borrowed words like a mantra. redux of stray but fleshed out as per the original notes
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1621
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