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Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.69 MB
Description : standart B tuning
Tags : | Rock | 10.45 MB | Featured
Description : My cover of the great Harry Nilsson song. The man wrote some awesome tunes. Don't forget to put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em both up!
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.65 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : First a big thanks to: AmirMofrat for drums1&2-gangsta loop, YMCMB for Underground scratches, Paradoxal for white noise lift up, Rockymutto for strange high hat loop, Amare for high hat & high hat 1. Song will cover modern life is responsible for many modern neurosis's . Presently researching facts for the lyrics
Description : Standart B tuning, bpm 245. Enjoy !
Tags : | Dance | 6.66 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : In the end it came up a cover of an old track of mine with a new arrangement. This is gnarly mega-glitch that has been hot-wired to provide the listener a cornucopia of dawg chasing and barking at breakneck speed to get one to dancing the Zombies (anti-zombie pills are provided. But please dance responsibly and if you lose your feet let someone else drive).
loops by David Borelli; cufool; Alen9r; kaynine; tevysound2-harmor; king_pin; baltesa and more
Tags : | Rock | 7.12 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : My newest cover song originally released by John Cougar Mellencamp on his Scarecrow album.

Me performing all except for MIDI drums and piano.
Tags : | Rock | 3.84 MB
Description : Recorded music just with virtual instrument.
I'm available for colabs.
Tags : | Pop | 5.29 MB | Featured
Description : Recorded music just with virtual instrument.

Set list
Daw.: Ableton
Drums.: Dw
Bass.: Fender Precision
Acc GTR.: Taylor 714CE - Martin D-41
EL GTR.: Gibson Les Paul R8 - Fender Stratocaster 50s
Keyboard.: Rhodes
Mix & Maste.: T-Racks 5

I'm available for colabs.
Tags : | RnB | 6.25 MB
Description : To be honest man, making this song was both sad, and good. If you want to see the cover art follow this link:
Description : Here is a little clip of my metal cover for "Bad At Love" by Halsey. If you listen you'll be able to here the riff from one of my old songs "Crown". I released a clip from it on here a long time ago and never finished the song. But I'm hoping to finish this cover.
Description : A cover of "Assistant to the regional manager" by the band The Devil Wears Prada.

I've handled re-amping of the guitars and bass and did the mixing and mastering.

Feel free to love, hate, bash, critique, comment.

Description : [ This is a cover of Down under by men at work ]

This song is what I stand for, I am an Australian and hold by it and I made this with great Pride. I am happy to be Australian and I encourage you all to listen to this and bring some Australian into your own lives! You are all welcome to the land down under

My Youtube:
Description : Definitely not the original but my own take of it!!
It's a sad but cheery song that reminds you of good times.

This is a cover from the Song "May it Be" from Lord Of The Rings
Description : Music by Watts
Vocals by Young KoeKaine
Mixed by Watts.
Description : NANCY AJRAM - 3am Bet3alla2 Feek COVER BY MERRY HORANY (Brodka Remix) نانسي عجرم - عم بتعلق فيك -

Tags : | Pop | 16.00 MB | Adult Content
Description : Here a RE-WRITTEN LIRICS Produced cover
of the song.
How deep is my love from BEGEES.

i wrote completely new lirics more british version and re produce from zero the BASE MELODY.

Please enjoy comment and share.
Description : It's a honor, and a pleasure to make some like this to people who likes EDM, so I'm very thankfull to show the world all my work.

Cover by: Matt Vipper
Tags : | Deep House | 7.97 MB
Description : Hello there this is my mashup
You can listen on spotify and support me
Tags : | Rap | 1.96 MB | Colab Request
Description : Cover From Original Track By Roxette - Listen to Your Heart....Call Me add to get Full Tracks (Free)
Tags : | Country | 7.15 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My latest in my recent series of cover songs. The line "don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy" was very impactive to me in my late teens. One of my all time favourite songs; the Eagles were talent stacked to say the least.
I am performing all except drums and the banjo (during the finale) which are done in MIDI.
Tags : | Pop | 10.53 MB | Adult Content
Description : My mix of Ousidde's cover of Rockstar. All vocals owned by Ousidde. All original production and arrangements owned by myself. Updated 4 Jan 2018.
Tags : | Rock | 4.90 MB
Description : This is my latest single which is available wherever digital music is sold, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Music. It is a David Bowie cover.
Tags : | Fusion | 10.63 MB | Featured
Description : One of the Most epic songs of my lifetime. {COVER}
Description : a Strings Version of one of Eyna's Classics

The Incredible Instrumental By Aristo Quartet
Tags : | Rap | 10.26 MB | Adult Content
Description : Made another song with my buddy
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