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Tags : | Fusion | 7.24 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : I have always liked Santana's guitar playing. I have always enjoyed playing with some good emotion and feel, but a little shred doesn't hurt every now and then either. It's a bit of a challenge playing it a bit more clean, hence the long reverb for added sustain. This is a short cover of the classic but with a few interesting twists. I may ask someone to contribute some solos on sax or trumpet and extend it if anyone is interested. I hope you enjoy it and comments are most welcome.

Tags : | Pop | 1.24 MB

Description : Great young woman been seeing on Disney shows since then in 2009 basically wanna play there medley for this site only I remember seeing them.....

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 10.56 MB | Cubase

Description : standart D tuning, BPM 103
one of my oldest record, found it in archive.

Tags : | Classical | 1.18 MB

Description : I did this without knowing jennaevans just being friendly person hope to learn more about her music thoughs medley on piano

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.29 MB

Description : My cover featuring the amazing Patricia Edwards

Tags : | Rock | 12.58 MB | Reaper

Description : Whitesnake song bb i know you like it xxxxxxxxxxxxxx enjoy

Tags : | Rock | 14.06 MB | Reaper

Description : LZ song for you bb xxxxxxxxxxxx Enjoy

Tags : | Pop | 4.55 MB

Description : 2011 was great for me decided to play miss jojo music on piano cause I dig her medley and swag now not sure know

Description : I found the lyrics on this site and added the beats.

Description : Whitesnake song I love this song and just sung it my way for you bb not perfect but as it is. Enjoy bb !

Tags : | Rock | 11.45 MB | Studio One

Description : Whitesnake song for you bb Enjoy xxxxxx

Description : Starts at 20 secs. A small cover recorded in a noisy trailer with a terrible microphone setup. I'm rusty. But it's fun to sing and harmonize. Nothing serious.

Tags : | Rock | 10.66 MB | Reaper

Description : You take my breath away bb with your voice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tags : | Rock | 9.28 MB | Reaper

Description : This beautiful Marillion song for you bb xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enjoy

Description : Most recent track I've mad, im not sure what genre it falls into ive put DnB but you can decide. feel free to download and cover the track id love to hear what you can do with it

Tags : | Jazz | 10.15 MB | Featured | Reason

Description : This is a cover version of a classic track by 80's smooth Jazz band Sade. Katerina Mrazkova collaborated on this adding the vocals.

Tags : | Rock | 8.43 MB | Adult Content | Reaper

Description : Kiss song for you bb xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wanna touch my love gun ughhhhhhh

Tags : | Rock | 8.44 MB | Reaper

Description : Marillion song for you bb xxxxxxxxxxx

Tags : | Rock | 11.26 MB | Reaper

Description : Enjoy bb xxxxxxxxxx

Tags : | Rock | 12.60 MB | Reaper

Description : This is one of my fav songs of DP Enjoy bb xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Description : Growing pains cover lessons learned and showing gratitude for everything in life.

Tags : | Rock | 12.47 MB | Reaper

Description : Marillion song Enjoy bb xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tags : | Rock | 9.64 MB | Reaper

Description : Dream Theater song

Tags : | Rock | 5.47 MB | Reaper

Description : Its just i give a respect to one of the most Person in the world who will be all the time all over the world Unique and untoucheble with his talent and for you babe xxxxxxx

Tags : | Rock | 9.97 MB | Reaper

Description : Some energy for you babe xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tracks 1 - 25 of 680
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