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Description : Just a little mix of a guitar and a hip hop feel.

Description : Country ballad

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Description : I had a dream a few years ago that my Mom was still alive and she met my wife for the first time. This song is about that dream.
This should be classed as Country Rock or Southern Rock but those genres aren't available.
Using a fender Strat on the left, Gibson Les Paul on the right…intro lead is the LP and outro lead is the Strat. Drums written in MIDI. Harmonica, vocals, bass performed by yours truly.
Feedback is always welcome.

Tags : | Pop | 5.03 MB

Description : This sound was composed to celebrate Labor Day ... in my country ... I hope you to share with me this pleasure. ... I will be delighted.

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Description : A fun, upbeat Southern Country Rock style song. Me on all instruments except MIDI drums and Apple percussion loops. My vocals as well.

Tags : | Rock | 3.02 MB

Description : ZiNDA LASH Unreleased Track for BLUE HORNET.ZiNDA LASH Famous Folk Song is our Country.we wish’s a lot of fun with this Folk Rock.What you thinking about this Song & Comment Please….. MUSIC COMPOSITION by Nilooy Morshed.

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Description : Heard the term "Country Rap" on Facebook as a joke. Got me to, I made this. It was fun. Thought I'd share it here.

Tags : | Rock | 3.85 MB | Colab Request

Description : I was really inspired by the independence of America. I really wanted to write a song about the Freedom and the Bravery of the country. Written and produced by Myself.

Tags : | Folk | 4.84 MB

Description : Hello Friends BIDHEE Re is our Unreleased Track BIDHEE Re is Famous Folk Song is our Country we wish’s a lot of fun with this Folk Rock

Tags : | Rap | 5.30 MB

Description : This is my remix of the song "Angels And Demons" from the rap duo "Scandau" (Scandalouz)
They are famous in my country (Bulgaria). They recently released the Acapella of their latest song so I decided to take advantage of it ;)
P.S. In case you are wondering the intro is from animation of Diablo 3.

Tags : | Folk | 8.71 MB

Description : This is a country/folk track in a genre I don't do much, so I thought I'd give it a go. It also has some instruments I don't use much, namely the banjo, mandolin and fiddle. I got the title from a movie I saw a few months ago. Hope you enjoy, Scott.

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Description : Country Rock / pop song I wrote. Tried some slide guitar, banjo and harmonica. Enjoy and leave comments, please.

Description : Just something a little different than what you hear on the radio. I did this track with my cousin Tanelist rapping. With us growing up, me moving out the country, us raising families, and working. We still find some time to make music. Enjoy.

Description : First Of all I'd like to thank All the contributors of samples to this site much Appreciated. In this traQ I used 2 beats one at the beginning and one is the foundation of the traQ, I never use one beat I layer my traQs with about 3,4 or more beats to get a different sound plus effectsin Logic. A big fan of Pat Metheny I was learning a guitar part from the way up album. Wanted to color way out the box so the foundation beat here I couldn't resist (Thank U looperman-l-0373650-0057551-gman15-killer-drum-loop.wav and looperman-l-0676737-0065505-dontrale1-clockwork-snare-and-clap.wav) I felt the Pat part I learned didn't go so I put it at the end and came up with a different guitar part that fit perfectly with this traQ. I'm an Instrumentalist who's goal is to create not just for radio but for movies/TV etc. I listen to all genres especially jazz but when I create I fuze sounds together.....I'm not pop or R&B country jazz...I just like creating good music. Please Enjoy and again thank you for your talents and time (" P.S. as far as collab I like to keep things clean I'm no gangster or from the streets so I won't go there. A child of God so I must represent ("

Tags : | Pop | 3.78 MB

Description : Don't really know what genre this fits pop? pop? Eh, just trying something new :-)

Description : During these last years in contact with other artists on the internet, find some friends who for political issues of his country cannot promote his musical work. One of these countries is the Republic of Iran. The great oppression of citizens restricts their rights. This song with the title "Free Republic of Iran" is a wake-up call for the freedom of expression.
This song will always available for download

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Description : I have been on a bit of a country kick lately and here is one of them.

Tags : | Rock | 3.21 MB

Description : Witches of Pedraforca.
Pedraforca is a mountain in my country which has a very peculiar
There are many legends about the mountain Pedraforca and so was and is considered a magical mountain.
One of the most common legend says that on the night of December 31 witches gather there and prance and dance around the mountain

Description : Some Kind of a country Instrumental I Made for my love one. I'm Far away from her so i just wanna express my emotions through this melodies.

Tags : | Rock | 5.57 MB

Description : A bit of fun using Sugar Bytes Guitarist after the heads up from Static Nomad!! Sort of Country style but more of a rock beat

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.43 MB

Description : New Track featuring lyricists Deep-Thought & Cuffs of he The Country Boyz. Beat production provided by Leo Beatz. New sounds tackling subject matter pretaining to signs and visions or messages divinely inspired, guidance or directions paving paths in life. Maybe god is trying to tell you something!

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Description : Big thank you to the wonderful Romy Harmony, such a nice acapella love it!!! so uhm the track itself is kind a country, progressive, pop! acoustics, the guitar instruments will be replaced at some stage. I'm gonna try to get real guitar recorded melody instead! just for live feel maybe :) 128 bpm Fl Studio 9 - Hope you Enjoy. Thanks "

Tags : | Cinematic | 8.84 MB

Description : This music is composed as a film script, a video clip, and I dedicate it to our friend and great guitarist "Ed" the most Irish of Canadians (Tumbleweed), who is already under snow at the heart of this friendly country called Canada ....
Sung by Jeff Grant (LoveShadow) and the text of James Joyce's poetry recited by Jaff Noël Seijas (AnchorMejans) any two that you can listen on ccMixter.

Just let his imagination wander. Thank you for listening ....

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Tags : | Country | 5.76 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Kyle has one darn good country voice. I hope my harmonies did him justice.

ImproveWithErrror - Lead Vocals
Me- Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars, Resonator, Slide, Bass, Drum MIDI

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