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  • From : NVT, The Netherlands
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About Me

Well i am Verdiqo or Verdi in some cases. I am 40 years old, and i have been making music now from 2007. The reason why i started creating my own music. Is that i wanted to do something totally different than what i used to do. I wanted something new refreshing and challenging. So than there came this day while i was spinning records on the internet doing a live show and the such. That i was wondering myself. I have been spinning records for so many years. Why don't i try to create my own music. And thats how my real journey started in the universe of sound and music. At first of course it sounded all terrible and amaturistic. But i kept going and going constantly improving and refining my techniques, sample bases & sound collections. When the years passed one by one i was constantly evolving and growing towards the things that i wanna to achieve. And well now i am here.

Instruments I play

I just started to learn to play the keyboard because it is the most diversive instrument on the market. Also i play different kinds of flutes as well. Like the piccolo, tin whistle and some others along the side as well.

Software I Use

1. Ableton Live
2. Audacity
3. Komplete Ultimate Package
4. Samplitude Pro X
5. Sequoia
6. Different kind of VST's & Plugins

Hardware I Use

Listening To Right Now

The weeknd

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

There are way to many sources that i get my inspiration from. From music to movies to classical works. And hell even novels and stories.

My Music Sounds Like

Like everything. Except without the mainstream boring, continueing & repetitive music elements parts. I always try to stay as fresh, unique and different as i can be.

In My Other Life I ...

Besides being a music creator. I do a lot of things really. But most of the time i read, study and write a lot about all kinds of matter and subjects (In a blogging sense). Also i work as a coach helping singers & music creators out when needed.