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About Me

Well i am Verdiqo 34 years old and i have been working with music almost all of my life. First i was for around 12 or 13 years a very succesfull internet dj & had my own show in real life as well on the internet. My name back in the days, Was DJ Lethal Injection. And now again for another 13 years. I have been working as a succesful music creator & mentor along the way as well for other fellow music creators. Just helping them out a bit, and give others music creators a purpose, perspective and a goal for there own music creations. Since than i have been making my own music, instead of spinning tracks from others. And kept things doing differently but keeping it all Original & new along the way. So yeah everything i create is Always something new and non existing in the first place. So yeah i try to stay & keep it Original. Instead of making remixes or whatever on existing music material.

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For music, contests & collaberation projects only! you can mail me at My work can also be found on soundcloud. Where i only show of previews & demos though. But it will give you a idea of what is keeping me busy. To find me on soundcloud search for Verdiqo Incognitus. And there ya go. There you will find me. I can not place links here yet because i am not a verified user yet. So i try it this way. Which will work as well.

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Well most of the time i listen to my own works. Because yeah i can enjoy the things as well that i create along the way. I also listen to a lot of works from other music creators. Cause although i am a experienced music creator. I can still learn each day from other music creators along the way as well. So yeah i am always open minded to things that other peeps try to create along the way as well. So yeah its a win win situation though. A lot of people learn from me, but i also learn a lot about them when listening to there works. They can give me inspiration at times as well. The fun part about music is, that it is infinite. So in the world of music, there doesnt exist a thing called amatures or pros but only equality nothing more or less. Ooh and by the way djs arent music creators. Always keep that in mind. Its just another branch of music and not the same and identical thing as what a music creator does. So yeah there is a huge difference between a dj & a music creator.

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I dont have special influences or inspirations from other people necessarely. I only get ideas & influences from existing music genres and styles. I have been specializing in all kinds of music genres. So yeah nowadays i can create almost everything that does exists in the world called music. So far i have been making 5 complete albums and i am working on the sixth as well. So yeah things go well. When i try to make all kind of things. Music creation is all about the passion and artistry behind the music. And not for getting famous and known by other people. Because i dont have to prove myself to others. Because i already know of what i am capable of. Without proving myself to others. Besides that it isnt even my purpose to be known and famous around all this. For me its simple. I just love creating music, the same thing as a painter like to paint its canvas. It's the artistical aspect that only matters. Not the fame or money.

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