Tags : | Indie | 7.94 MB | Reaper

Description : This song is a mix between Indie and House, with a little psychedelic flavor.
The singer is my wife Elaine.

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  1. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Wed 14th Oct 2020 - 4 months ago

    Hello Julio Yes she can brilliantly.
    Very enjoyable to listen to Friend.
    Well done

    Reply by Juliooliveira

    Thank you so much my good friend!


  2. BaoBou
    BaoBou on Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 4 months ago

    Very interesting mix of styles! Love the riff and the bass, that's a good combo.

    Reply by Juliooliveira

    Thank you so much BaoBou!


  3. terryjmhitsong
    terryjmhitsong on Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 4 months ago


    Reply by Juliooliveira

    Thank you for listening bro!


  4. HeathAlexander
    HeathAlexander on Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 4 months ago

    The dirty guitar riff sounds great. The super reverby vocals are very cool as well. Great track.

    Reply by Juliooliveira

    Thank you so much bro!


  5. phantomproduction
    phantomproduction on Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 4 months ago

    I feel a return to the roots 1970 and it is very good !!
    good job bro !

    Reply by Juliooliveira

    Thank you for listening an supporting bro!


  6. ClickbaitCabaret
    ClickbaitCabaret on Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 4 months ago

    Nice grindy guitars. I love the "organ" sound. (I'm not sure if that's what it is) It gives this track a "psychedelic carnival" vibe, like you're tripping at the state fair. Cool track man.

    Reply by Juliooliveira

    The "organ" was made on my microkorg synthesizer. Last week I purchased a Boss ME25, so I put it on the microkorg sound in order to get a more crunch sound.

    Thanks for listening!


  7. xstokes
    xstokes on Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 4 months ago

    Julio! man this rocks! you make the coolest house mixes i ever heard, man this is fearless and totally groovy. big shouts out to Elaine! keep creating, bro. It Is Us!!

    Reply by Juliooliveira

    How kind, my friend!
    I'm very happy to know that you enjoy my production.
    I consider myself an apprentice in this activity, so what you said pushes me forward.


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