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Description : Let me know what fire beats y'all make with this loop :)

Also, message me for custom loops and samples

Description : Dm me for custom loops, also check out my beats on soundcloud and youtube :)

Description : please leave everything down in the comments so I can shout you out and if not, just email to me @jailop512@gmail

Description : just download em and lmk what you think. share links

Description : NBA Youngboy type loop
played on keyboard, reverb and slight chorus added
sounds great with a synth pad underneath

comment what you make!!!
Cmaj7/9, D6, Cmaj7/9, Em7/9

Description : Made this with the chill flute loop. They go well together

Description : not using this so you can have it :)

sounds kinda uplifting idk
threw some reverb and slight chorus on it
pad too

Description : This is in C Harmonic Minor. I love making these samples, but I enjoy hearing what you create with them even more. Please share what you make, and I'll be happy to show it some love.

To contact me for a personal loop or collaboration, check my email in my bio.

Description : cubeatz x murda beatz type loop. im only 16 and if you could leave all your work down below in the comments, i would appreciate it alot!

i have no idea what the key is but the notes are Ab, B, C, D, E, F, G

Description : drum beat for a hip-hop track

Description : violin strings for a hip-hop beat

Description : leave a link :)
i don't think the bpm is 130.. i haven't verified that

Description : chasethemoney, valee, lucki

Description : For a beat I ended up not making.

I added a tad bit of EQ to the kick and snare to give it a more hollow sound.

Description : Could hear Denzel Curry, Injury Reserve, or Kamiyada on this off the top of my head.
808 is C and A flat

Link what u make :)

Description : Made with Garageband

please show me what you made with this loop

Description : Dark trap loop

Make some heat!!

Key: E minor

Description : DaBaby / NLE Choppa type drums

Please leave a comment if you use these in a beat I'd love to hear it

Description : Might work for something like a bladee type beat.

Description : Link your beats in the comments. A great loop for chill trap.

Description : INSANE AS FREAK

Description : Fire then Fire

Description : Hope you enjoy (:

Description : link your beats In the comments. Drum loop I made but couldn't think of a melody for, so I'm letting you guys use it


Loops 1 - 25 of 142
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