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Description : Fast synth and acoustic guitar Arp in A# Minor

Description : click my profile picture to link up.
[tags] synth, dark, arp, ominous

Description : [tags] piano, arp, lofi, sad, trap

Description : [tags] synth, pluck, arp, lofi, distorted, noisy

Description : Made with nexus arp bell

Description : I'm a huge fan of Stranger Things and the sound design behind the music, and I always love making my own little arps and pads in the same style.

Description : Piozone - ARP Electroid

Description : Synth pad designed in the Arp 2600

Description : Hope you will like this loop

Description : Piozone - Arp - Chip Choooon

Description : Lil'arp from Hive, sounds like a drill/trap fr music I don't remember (im2high) but yeh, gift
C#5 and C#6 with Halftime on it

Description : Piano/Arp from srx keyboards/electrax
Please leave a link to your beats on the comment section !

Description : Thanks a lot for all the kind comments and support.
If you want to reach me, please use IG (Click on profile picture)
Greetings and love from India!

Description : C major

Description : yeat x unotheactivist arp

Description : A trap synth arp with a dark melody.
If you use this loop or hear it in a track please leave a link in the comments! Click my pic for more loops or how to contact me regarding packs.
Travis Scott, Kanye West, Gunna

Description : Heavy west coast vibes. Comment down below what you thought of it or what project you used it for! I'd be happy to hear. Also, make sure you check out my other loops for the full pack for this melody!

Description : A loop made using Arturia Pigments in Fl Studio.

Description : A loop made using Arturia Pigments in Fl Studio.

Description : Made with Electra - Roy major legion bank - Arp Sunny, Fab Q3, Half Time
Leave a link of what you made.
Click on my profile to connect with me and collab.

Description : ambient bell arp with a top melody. very spacey. (Try pitching it down!)
(Click my Profile Pic for my info)

Description : Arp pianos for Lil Durk,Lil Baby type beats click in the picture for more loops.

Description : The Arp for my Spaceship Brawl melody, the bass and pad are on my page

Description : The bass for my Spaceship Brawl melody, the Arp and Pad are on my page

Description : A pad for the Spaceship Brawl melody. the Bass and Arp are on my page

Loops 1 - 25 of 2150
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