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Description : Hope usable
Description : drums :)
Description : classic piano sample with a bit of panning. great for some classic hip hop. Enjoy :)
Description : Hope usable
Description : Hope Usable
Description : You bitches better follow me on soundcloud Young$wisherMusic
Description : Follow me for daily trap, hip hop, and r&b loops. Message me if you want some personal loops mad for you.
Description : This is another loop with a rhodes organ of mine. I'd like to see what you can make out of it.
Description : well its smooth and stuff
Description : I heard Drum Sample. 85 BPM
Description : I heard Drum Sample. 85 BPM
Description : Just simple, leave a comment if you want it a little different or if you have used it in a track!!
Description : 85 bpm Dmin Strings Loop Viola Dolla Bill. For when you tired of the same old scene and wanting to create a way out! Mix n Match as needed. Peace.
Description : synth
Description : KEY: A-min TEMPO: 85bpm Real hip-hop s#it. Messing with GMS... I like Battery better
Description : Analogue style lead, sounds pretty harsh on its own but stick some drums behind it and it would be great on a grime track, harder hip hop style or anything that wants to pack a bit of punch.
Description : KEY: C-min TEMPO: 85bpm a hand-crafted dualing arp in Harmor
Description : weird
Description : synth loop
Description : Sounds like the intro to a pop anthem. Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : 85 bpm Dmin Pad Loop Black Ice. For the strange and Unusual. Hello from the other side of the fog.
Description : Sad Background Piano .. Made in FL Studio 11 .. Please send me a link if you use it in a song
Description : chill out
Description : pad loop
Description : Enjoy
Loops 1 - 25 of 1385
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