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Description : Enjoy !
Let me hear what you did with it !!

Description : plain

Description : hope you like

Description : Final part 3/3

Description : Alternative

Description : hope you like

Description : hope you like

Description : without the high piano

Description : La familia es todo

Description : i know you want to download this

Description : Enjoy !
Dmin - Cmaj - Dmaj -Amin

Description : I'm calling this "Jazzy Chords," due to the voicing's I use. You could totally make RnB, Trapsoul, or a J. Cole Type Beat out of this.
1st half (chords) 2nd half (chords+melody)

KEY: F# Major
CHORDS: BMajor - A#7b13 - A#7#9 - D#min7 - Dmin7 - C#min7 - F#7b13
B Major - A#7b13 - D#minor - Amin6
NOTE: (the Dmin7 is a chromatic chord, a chord out of the key)
BASS NOTES: B - A# - D - D# - C# - A#
B - A# - D# - A#


Description : Lmk what you guys make

Description : With the New Year coming soon I felt the need to make a loop for ya'll
KEY: G# Harmonic Minor


Description : Leave work in comments

Description : Notes are- E, F, D, C.
I'd love to hear what y'all make, comment.

Description : "As your personal attorney i advise you to buy the coupe with out the top and to bring as mush cocaine as possible for the road trip"~DR.GONZO

Description : Made By Gladiator II
Hope Y'all Enjoy it
Please comment your work

Description : A riff I did awhile back and couldn't figure out anything to do with

Description : Let me know what you did with it :)

Description : Let me know what you did with it :)

Description : you guys already know what to do

Description : Stole the chords from lucid dreams and played it in flstudio whit omnisphere

Description : Enjoy! Send your work!

Description : im so floated . enjoy .

Loops 1 - 25 of 175
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