Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

Acapellas (12)

Description : Alien Love Song

Description : A love/praise song for a young girl back in the day who really deserves it.

Description : A song I made with amazing Progressive Punk Vocals.

Description : They don't cover it.

Description : Outsider Music (Abstract Melodies) Key is A minor (Flat) Alt Key is 1A

Description : It's ok to be different my friends, people will hate on you but there's a little place special to all of us ~ you just gotta find it

Description : A Praise song

Description : Dark times for this one.

Description : A bunch of freestyles

Description : A Coded Message for my spirit friends.

Description : All naturally/inorganically deep voiced and are either in 4th or fifth harmonics.

Description : A song about the one I love.

Acapellas (12)
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