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Description : Hey check out the chorus to my new song titled nighttime! The full song is on soundcloud in my bio! If you would like the full version download follow me on IG and shoot me a dm! IG: imarka_

If you use this hook please add (FT. I'mARKA) somewhere in your title!

Description : Hey y'all! Here's the full vocals to my song sunkit! If you like these vocals, want more, or even want to contact me please follow me on IG: imarka_ I give out vocals early to my followers and even do some requests!

Please title it: I'mARKA - Sunkit Remix (YOURNAME) to avoid getting copyrighted!

Description : Hey, Yo, Fly, High, Yo,

Description : Hey. just for fun, not so serious haha. Its a dark vocal cover of
The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army.

Do what you want. Follow me on instagram (myhrtic) for more shit like this. BTW i only anwser on stuff i like, because im a piece of shit.

Description : Hey again!
Well i made this just messing around. Use it if you like BUT.... DONT set it as an original mix, that makes me wanna stop put out vocals here. But i do it for you guys so you can play and maybe have some fun (y)

Description : Hey here's the hook to my new song sunkit! The full version is on my soundcloud! Link in bio! Give me a follow on IG for more free vocals: imarka_

Say (ft. I'mARKA) somewhere in title!

Description : Hey guys! Here's vocals to my song "Eye for an Eye" I love hearing all of y'all remixes so please share them with me. If you use my vocals please support the original on my soundcloud. It would mean alot and keeps me motivated to keep making more! Soundcloud and Youtube uses ONLY. If you would like to post elsewhere, please contact me on IG: imarka_

Please Title it "I'mARKA - Eye for an Eye Remix (YOURNAME)"

I hope y'all enjoy!

Description : Hey listen up mate..u wanna start a fight and fuk up my night..well take it outside..
Match up with my GTFO beat

Description : Hey!
I dont own the rights for this lyrics. Its a vocal cover of the original Lena-Satellite. I just got the melody in my head, so i just recorded this shit and put it out here for you guys. I dont know all the lyrics tho. Follow me on instagram (Myhrtic) for updates and new vocals (y) Peace bruuuh from my closet haha

Description : Hey for more contact and follow me on instagramm


Description : Hey ya crazy producerfellaz.
Me and ZHVSULVN is happy to share the vocals from our new collab Fiery Violin.

If you are using these vocals, make sure to set it as a remix. This vocals are not like my other ones(DARK). If you want to hear the original its on youtube ^^. Love you guys and thanks for awesome feedback and lovely remixes you done. I hope you like this, but im working on some new deep vocals so you guys can play with. see ya

Description : Hey y'all! Here's the Hook to my new song "Blacklist" If you would like the Full Vocals check out the Original song on my youtube (link is in bio) and shoot me an email.

This hook is for NON-Profit/Non -Commerical releases only, including spotify, itunes or any other streamimg services that you can Profit from. The song title must have(feat. I'mARKA) in description. Don't forget to share your remixes!

Hey guys you asked and you recieved! I could rerecord it just yet but here's a more solid version with improved mixing on the vocals. I will rerecord it soon!

Be sure to tag me as a FT. if you use.

If for commercial use contact me first!

Description : Hey all just me putting out another lo-fi vocal. It's free for anyone to use including commercial. All I'm asking is some sort of credit in the title and a link to your track! If you get stuck for ideas, I made a lofi track with it. I can't post a link but it's on my tracks If you want to check it out!

Would love some support on it!

Description : Hey! I've gotten a good amount of downloads from the two I released before so I'm gonna keep putting samples out there.

Send me anything you make out of them! I'd love to hear what you come up with and I'm looking to promote anything you make on my social handles.

Description : Hey guys! Sorry for the background noise.

Still uploading these, don't know if they're good but I'm gonna keep trying to get better!

If you make a remix or something, link it to me so I can hear it, please! Comment for licensing.

And make sure to add (ft. kazi)

Description : Hey all. This is my very first full Acapella. I don't have a singing voice so a bit of autotune is fixing it up. Since this is my first one. I GIVE MY PERMISSION FOR ANYONE TO USE FREE! Just add me in the title and send the track my way.

Description : Reggae/Ragga .

Description : Hey heres the full vocals for 'soul searching' Hope you all like this and Iv heard some great tracks for this so far add ft Jenna evans) from the one I put on before. So would love to hear them again.

Description : Hey, hope you like this, sorry I left it with the backing vocals

Would love to hear if you can do anything with this section of the song for now.

E major 125 bpm

please add ft Jenna evans

Description : Hey guys I hope Y'all like my new song! Would love to see what Y'all do with this chorus! The FULL acapella download is in the description of the original on my soundcloud! The link is in bio! Please title it “Ft Lonaboi” if you only use chorus and state that is a remix IF you use full acapella! Please contact me first before you post to Spotify OR ITunes! Thanks and Enjoy!

Description : hey been a while so i decided to upload something for ya'll

check me out on soundcloud and spotify
and show me what you do with this hook.

-Ty Gets

Description : Hey guys! Here's vocals to my new song "I'm so tired" I love hearing all of y'all remixes so please share them with me. If you use my vocals please support the original in my Bio. It would mean alot and keeps me motivated to keep making more! I really hope y'all like the vocals as I've tried something new with my voice!

Lastly please name it: Lonaboi - I'm so tired remix (YOURNAME)

Tags : 160 bpm | Hip Hop | 1.52 MB | Has Lyrics | Male | Unknown | Rapping & Singing
Licence : Licence type not set. Assume non commercial use only

Description : Hey guys! Here's vocals to my new song "Trusted you" I'm still in my feels but I'll be okay! I would love to hear all of y'all remixes so please share them with me. If you use my vocals please check out the original in my Bio. It would mean alot! I really hope y'all like the vocals and sorry for them being so short!

Lastly please name it: Lonaboi - Trusted you remix (YOURNAME)

Description : Hey man! Use this free sample for non-commercial tracks only. For licensed vocals please contact me through my profiles. Thanks and good luck with the production! ;)

It will be much appreciated if you like and follow my Steklo Vocals pages.


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