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Description : Friends, that's my vox.if you want to use commercial then contact for licence from here,
Description : Hello Guys So IMPORTANT Message. I may be removing my acapellas from looperman because people are not listening and expecting to use them free from commercial use. So I might just be removing all acapellas. But thanks for everyone else who was listening. This may or may not be my last acapella post here I'll let you guys know. Name the song "Michael Mayo - Die Out (Yourname remix) Or to pay to use contact me at itsmichaelmayo.com or
Description : Hello All. The hurricane is behind us and so I am back to music. I included the music piece in the end. It came from my DAW (a synth plugin). Hope this helps. Please ft. eSoreni. You can use these vocals in any non-commercial project, for free download only. Please do the right thing and get the license from my website at www.esoreni.com if you want to use commercially. Do not use my vocals in any song that is vulgar, sexual, or just plain inappropriate.
Description : Hello its Friso here,Producer behind the bands Sync Diversity and Hype Blast. Here is the full fx acapella from our 90s Eurodance project Tonight.The project was original released under our project Hype Blast. in a second edit. we have combined both acts . for 2017 we are scheduling a re release of our project and searching for new remixes in different genres. besides this fx acapella we have a full remix package available including the raw seperated acapella's if you are interested you can contact me at
if you wanna upload your remix online please use a platform such as looperman or soundcloud. DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR MIX TO YOUTUBE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. Credit your remix track like this "SYNC DIVERSITY & HYPE BLAST - TONIGHT (Your name Mix)". (check our profile for detailed instructions avoiding DMCA takedowns)
Commercial use is not allowed. links original mixes 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67DKdlpsbdI 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh81m8Jfz2k
Description : Hello this track is great for deep home so do a great job I like to see what you did be sure to put ft.josé erthal send me an email:
Description : Hello this track is great for deep house so do a great job I like to see what you did do not forget to put ft.josé erthal send me email:
Tags : 125 bpm | House | 2.20 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Got the flow going here with a 125 BPM dance/house track
called 'Hello Bro' a sick popper for the DJs and music producers!
Please Ft. Shamoozey in your 'title' remix.
Get in touch for commercial release of this a capella.
Tags : 99 bpm | Weird | 4.38 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Hello
Description : Hello! Here's another free vocal sample for you guys. For more vocals/acapellas - please check my profile. Thank you!
Description : Please credit as NEW$HOES and Miss Elm link to Facebook and or Soundcloud thanks. Original song here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3hZmIzdhJU
If you use for commercial uses, please contact me prior.
Description : Make A track with this acapella and post link with your work in comment section.
Description : hello , if you use this acappela add me to credits as Backster , and send me the link by email
Description : Hello and Farewell in Korean on tempo. If you use it then please let me know and post a link in the comments.
Description : dance track hook and verse
Tags : 100 bpm | Pop | 6.28 MB | Female | Singing
Description : Hello folks !! Haa aah thg .
Cheers ;))
Not sure at all about the tempo ...
Tags : 120 bpm | Rock | 8.00 MB | Male | Singing
Description : [music&lyrics; are copyrighted]
Feel free to use this song in your project provided your project is
b. please send a copy post a link of your project so the community can hear your talent! :D
c. give credit as either ("yourName" REMIX)F.A.F.(FriendsAreFakes)by Scrapesociety OR Scrapesociety-F.A.F.(FriendsAreFakes)("yourName" REMIX)
d. enjoy the creative process :D

COMMERCIAL USE/COLLABORATION please contact me via profile page

i believe the tempo is correct at 120bpm
here is a link to the original


i had to trim 24sec due to file size. i cut at 1:36-1:46 = 10 sec and 2:58-3:12 = 14sec all lyrics are there however.

looking forward to hearing what you can do with this :)
Description : Hello everybody it's my new acapella style house electro.

For my Greece Country.

Description : Vocals & Lyrics: Michael Hauck
published by: Redlight-Media
copyright: Redlight-Media / M Hauck

You can use the Vocals for your NON COMMERCIAL Projects.
If you like to use the Vocals for profit release please contact us:

IF YOU USE THE VOCALS please only in written your Production as a Remix .....
TWIN M - Came To Say Hello (XYZ REMIX)

For all others please writte us a request ;-)
Description : Hello this is jus some more random stuff
Description : tha new hook
Description : This is a chorus vocal I did and I do have the full vocals for full song which I personally wrote.

I've looped the chorus. It has a sweet melody to it. I can see reggae on this one or an acoustic. You never know. You might have a tune ready for this one or waiting for quality vocals.

As usual drop me a message if you need the full vocals song. I'd upload them here but I don't want the upload to take too long that is all.

Drop me message here and it be sorted. And when you do use the vocals be cool to link back and all that jazz. Thanks.
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