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Description : PLEASE listen to the original song so you can figure out how the acapella should fit into the beat:
Description : Verse 1 is 32 bars, Verse 2 is 16 bars.
Please listen to reference track for timing the acapella -
I wrote this to a half time beat.
**Please give credit to 'Ease' if you use this acapella**
Message me/comment for dry stems and separate audio, I'll be happy to send.
Description :
beat by grisley
Description : The beat i recorded this to was sold so i put it here lol enjoy, non profitable use only unless you contact me first
Description : 'Hail a Hey', an original acapella masterpiece by Shamoozey was created to a chant of monks footing tonic wine in a pit and a reggae beat
coming in on the outside rail at 90bpm,
This acapella, a two to one shot, would make some good practice for new music producers and seasoned maestros alike, so get creative with a basic vocal. Get in touch for commercial use and please Ft. Shamoozey in your new title. Gracias, Danke, Thanks, Slainte
Description : This is an inspirational and motivational hip hop piece originally spit to a staccato type of beat.

Check the tempo
contact at facebook kamalsupreme IM
Description : Chopped up vocal in 120 bpm tempo. Works well with a good beat. No copyright - use as you like. But please send me links to finished tracks, so I can hear what you have done
Description : Tempo: 160
Key: A Minor

*Free for personal use only, not free for commericial use (i.e spotify, itunes etc..)*

Hey, guys. Can anyone make a beat to these vocals, looking to release on my next project if it's very good.

Send me submissions:

My soundcloud:
Description : Another Toronto Style (yes I live here) Lazy Dubby Drowny vocal - RnB track of mine I just stripped the vocal from to see what you guys can do with it.

EDIT: I may have exported with the latter part of the song starting at a 1 or 1/2 bar delay - the "you got me feeling like I never felt before" should always fall on the 1-1 beat with "you" hitting the first kick.. To fix simply cut the track in half, line up the last chorus as above, and pull backward/forwards on the halves to find a mix point..


Please put 'FEAT. NORBZ' in your title, and link to the original in your description wherever you upload it. And please link to it from here so can listen to it :). Enjoy!
Description : Just a liie something i played around with, who could add a nice beat to this?
Description : wanna put a banging instrumental on this? go ahead, it starts one beat into the first bar and ends one beat out of the last bar.
Description : This is the song that I felt inspired by the punk band, Bad Brains, British rock and roll singer, Joan Armatrading, and jazz/blues legend, Nina Simone and I am hoping that somebody can add an acoustic guitar to my acapella and could give it a smooth and soft but soulful hip hop drum programming and lots of psychedelic guitars and if anybody is finished with the beat with my acapella to the instrumental beat, please leave a link on the comment box, if anyone has a Soundcloud account, please share the link to the comment box as well too.
Description : This is a song I wrote and recorded with, in a style of Fetish by Selena Gomez & Gucci Mane, the song is trappy but with more alternative hip hop and trip hop based, the drum pattern is hip hop, trap, and trip hop influenced and it needs to be in a 124 BPM and a little bit more bass heavy and a bit more hard-edged, if anybody has an idea, please leave a comment with my acapella and the requested beat of how it should sound. Thank you
Description : Tempo: 82.
Key: B Minor.

If used please send me a link.

For custom vocals email me at:

Please insert Cole The VII ft. (Artist Name), or Remix.

This acapella is a chill type, hip hop beat. Can also be used for other genres too.
Description : hey
here is the title tonight with sepharina the voice of the artist with who I collaborate
the acapella is for your news beats, music and remix for any style musical
you can take parts that interest you or any
I think the beat is 120 or 128 bpm
playing at the ear is better
let me know your work and just put in credit "sepharina" on your song
Description : If u remix this please don't change the name of the title is all i ask of ya'll. This pella here is definitely right for Halloween. I made this about last month september. This pella is about me staying at a spooky town in just moving into a hunted house. Putting this one together with a scary sounding beat was fun. This is an exclusive pella, Use this however you want. If used, just credit "H.M.S."
Description : Additional parts to a previous acapella. In Em. Please credit me: ft Steelyvibe. For non-commercial use. For commercial use please contact me.
Description : The Version of the Acapella from my song 'Game of Life' That already has limiting and FX on it
First verse is 16 bars and the second is 21 (including the "Next")

If you use these vocals please put in the title

(Feat. Worm x Shadow Puppet)

The Metronome is to help fix the vocals to the song/beat. Sync it to the first beat in the bar.

Yes, if you email me (in my profile) you can have the DRY Vocals as well if you need them for your mix.
Description : Electronically enhanced vocal. Chords Em & C. Please credit me:ft Steelyvibe.
For non-commercial use. Please contact me for commercial use prior to release.
Description : Lets get down here with the 'Valley of Love'
Another Original Acapella by Shamoozey. Looperman loop used for this acapella: looperman-l-1552089-0107216-mysavess-future-beat Get in touch
for 'commercial use' of this acapella. As always, please ft Shamoozey in your title remix.
Description : A Rap im using for a song i haven't quite finished. releasing it for your use! hopefully you find a way to use it.
16 bars ending on the first beat of the 17th bar.
Description : "Cats Keep Coming At My Neck" has that "Get off me",

"Fall back" swagga with tight low key lyrics and a phat

house beat. It's hip house at it's best!

Contact Kamal on facebook kamalsupreme
credit rezawrectaz music ascap for published songs
Description : Here is a rap track i made on a beat i jacked off youtube hopefully one of you guys can make an original beat for it, hit me up if you got any questions
Description : Original acappela by Shamoozey. BPM 120. Key of Am. Chords A minor, G, (Em, A,) and D. Its called 'City Girl'
This one would have a nice rock beat, with a lttle blues/country rap thrown in feel to it.
Would suit a few different genres. Please Ft Shamoozey in your title remix!
To release commercially, please get in touch with Shamoozey for commercial projects.
If not, Shamoozey will activate his assets and bring you gumbas to fruition like you deserve! Danke!
Description : Anyone into Jason Bourne? Shamoozey was inspired by the Mini chase
in The Bourne Identy.. Not sure of BPM
but a version can be heard here with the use of a Looperman beat
Please 'credit' Shamoozey in your remix and be sure to share. Have fun! Ta Ta Soluna!
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