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Description : Please credit me Ft Steelyvibe and send me links to finished tracks. For non-commercial use. Do no upload to commercial sites. Contact me if you are interested in using it commercially prior to any releases.
Description : Dry vox on second part.
I've done a starter bass melody for this track will be putting up soon and possibly a beat too..
Description : From my track Maniac on my track page. Beat loops also uploaded.
Description : Another acapella for you to mess around with :-)

Watch the original on youtube: "How To Loot Brazil - Speed Button"

You may use this for all purposes under the following terms and conditions:

1. You have to name it "How To Loot Brazil - Speed Button ('your name' remix)
2. The acapella HAS TO BE in time with the instrumental/beat and it MUST be in a proper key.
3. Hit me up when you plan to release this and register for royalties.
Description : Extended vocals from the original with rap. There is a back beat with vocals on my track page and also a split beat loop same name.
Description : From one of my reggae style tracks. Sync with my Beat , bass, Synth and licks of same nameon my loops page. Beat bar starts from the first word "fun"
for collab request hit me up
dsnick73 at gmail dot com
Description : Just playin around with a fun rap track..beat and reference track on my Page
Description : In my Looking to collab and get this on a fire beat!.
Description : From one of my base tracks..goes well with my woke up beat on loops page
Tags : 66 bpm | Hip Hop | 1.50 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 3 layers for chorus in sync. other stuff off beat follow first part.
u'll need to tune and pan for a better mix. all dry
Need help ping me...cheers
Description : Another Day A Capella by Shamoozey.
Bpm 104 slow rock beat in the Key of A minor.
Get in touch for commercial prospects.
Description : A high pitched song I recorded over a folkish style beat, the beat at least doesn't fit my vision for the R&B album I want out. Please link anything you've done under, but you should also let me listen to it before uploading it publicly
Tags : 97 bpm | RnB | 377.82 KB | Male | Singing
Description : when the prayers won't work..sync with my miracle beat under my loops section
Tags : 86 bpm | House | 1.51 MB | Male | Singing
Description : from my track same name..beat uploaded as well with same name
Description : Sync with same name Pad beat and Lead
Description : Hey, here's a new acapella for you to play around with!

Watch the original on YouTube: "How To Loot Brazil - Lights Are On"

Note: The acapella starts on the COUNT OF 3!!!
If you wanna use this for commercial purposes, please feel free to hit me up! Make sure your remix is awesome as hell, the vocals are ON BEAT and IN TUNE with the instrumental. Have fun! :-)
Tags : 108 bpm | Pop | 678.44 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Put this up on my track page ..a work in preogress..there is the beat on my loop page called Turn Back Time Beat also the synth Hook called Heart breaker
Tags : 118 bpm | Pop | 2.14 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Uploaded wet vocal too goes well with my Hynotized beat on my loops page
Tags : 118 bpm | Pop | 2.14 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Uploaded dry vocal too goes well with my Hynotized beat on my loops page
Tags : 115 bpm | Reggae | 1.06 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A sleazy little origapella reggae jaunt by Shamoozey coming in at low rock reggae beat 115 BPMs. Feel it? Just imagine below deck on a yacht with champagne and 'in love' with the one of your dreams, holding hands gently rocking with the waves and a big turkey shell knocked me arse over head! On a yacht with you and meeeeeee!
El toucho da nacho und commercialo uso una pellie. (watch out boyo)
Description : The song is about the most beautiful person I ever met in my entire life. The song is a mix of 1990s house and old school gospel feeling and then it transpires into a more old school house beat and then it recaptures that gospel feeling to it in the same time, it must have a gospel organ feeling to it and that neo soul element to that feel as well.
Description : Some super throwback vocals so mine that I found while digging through the archives. Maybe you creative minds out there can make something of this. It originally goes to a snappy dance beat with hip hop elements but, I'd love to hear something new and crafty. PLEASE email me or add a link in the comments to your creation. I ALWAYS love to collab, and join forces with others. Love you all. Thanks in advance.
Description : Old Classic Recorded non traditionally with a pause on my end between verses so it will need to be chopped up to best fit your beat. thanks

Looking for the right beat for it. Then looking to re record it on my end in better quality and get it up for sale.
Description : This is the main chorus vox for my beat Beautiful on my loops page . There are 2 ther vox to sync with this on my accapella page.
Description : Falsetto version of my track Beautiful Chorus beat on loops page
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