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Description : God bless the helpful..Sync with my beat same name..(Wet and dry)

Description : Sync with my beat same name

Description : Reflective the current social and educational state of our young generation where being diagnosed with disorders such as "bipolar" "ADHD" and "Asbergers" etc... is becoming an accepted norm. This song will be on the soundtrack of the Standard Deviation which is a new film series which will air this winter.

This song has a hot beat, tight lyrics and a sense of humor.

Description : Now this is just sad..and jazzy...(wet and dry)i've got a cool lofi beat for this on my loops page..

Description : If Used Please Put "REMIX" in the title.For commercial purposes, features, exclusive vocal work and more visit our profile or contact igdtrap atgmaildotcom.

Description : I would like to see who can remix this and put a good beat with it .

Description : All wet..Demo track up soon..

Description : First part 3 layers wet. Second part dry split. High Mid and soft.
Sync with my beat on loops page

Description : Wet and dry..sync with my beat on my loops page

Description : I made this for a PsySpirit beat a while back (can be heard on my youtube channel). Do whatever you want with it.

Description : The original track (verse + beat) can be found on my youtube page. Do whatever you want with this. I hope you like it.

Description : Put "Ft. Michael Mayo" but must buy license to use this vocal on streaming platform.

Please don't use my music with anything explicit.
I reserve the right to ask you to change or remove

Description : I've only uploaded the wet vox this time..let me know if you need them dry. I have a demo build track with just plain beat for collab if u are interested. check it out on my tracks page.

Description : Some of that arabic flavor to the chorus. My beat for this is up as well. Chorus on 3 layers. 2nd part all dry and split.

Description : feel free to make cash off it and put in on spotify apple music etc.

The word 'Back' falls on the first beat, on the 1

however make sure you put Featuring Stevie Rain in the title with a link to my IG which on my looperman profile

post what youve done in the comments

If you're an established producer or artist and want a hook, I can write one for you or sing your lyrics, just hit me up on instagram.
I just want to get my name out there

Description : Dont take this too seriously...First partt wet and layered.
second part dry split. Sync with my beat

Description : *FILE UPDATED AS OF 6:47 EST WED June 12. WET MIX only, added second verse+bridge/rap.

Do a great remix and I publish to stores (weekly) and rev share 50/50 with the best ones :).

Please do not use this commercially or monetize it in any way/ads/etc.

Please put FEAT. NORBZ in your titles, and link to the original, THANK YOU!!

Link to:

Description : Sync with my trap beat on my loops page. Wet and dry

Description : UPDATED NEW FILE AT 9:19pm EST (Tuesday June 4)


* The mix is wet for the beat it was on - adjust sections/volumes/cuts/etc at will :)

Current mix to link to:

Description : A quick geography and history flash.
Sync with my Drop Down Beat on my loops page. wet and dry

Description : U heard it. Wet and dry. Beat up too

Description : A song I wrote to DMX's Slippin beat... I feel like the song is dark and a bit sad.

Description : My version of this beautiful song.(only wet , let me know if u the dry vox) Remember to get your own rights if you putting this up anywhere. There is a demo track with an acoustic beat on my tracks page if you wanna collab with some acoustic guitar and soft pads..cheers. Nick

Description : Originally a remix to Meek Mill's 24/7
Throw this over a chill lofi beat with some effects or something
Credit me as Sean Pharo
Hit me up for commercial use

Description : Watch the original on youtube: "How To Loot Brazil - Nothing Can Beat It"

Free usage for non-commercial purposes under the following terms:
1. The instrumental HAS TO BE in time with the acapella and in an appropriate key. No dilettantish cacophonic crap, please. Thanks.
2. You have to name it "How To Loot Brazil - Nothing Can Beat It ('your name' Remix).

For commercial purposes:
Same terms as above. Contact me first to approve of your remix and for royalty splits etc.

Have fun!

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