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Description : an unreleased song of mine called virus, i added the drums at the beginning since the timing of my raps is off on most remixes of the original upload just line the drums up to your beat and cut them after as always please tag me if you use -jake buzzard

Description : Just freestylin this brilliant hit with a beat i created..pretty close?
Chk out my demo track on my trax page
Only wet acapella uploaded due to the size limitation. You can email for the dry wav..
dsnick73 at gmail
Beat is up too..

Description : Had a good time with this, was different for me. Heavy on lyrical depth. Written in poetry fashion, hence the repeat. Should easily match, since original beat was simplistic. Re-run of same track at end. First part is more correct.
Start of verse is the hook, the end of first verse is a quasi hook.
Written and recorded by: K-Rich aka K1clean

Description : heres some raw unedited random hums you can chop and rearrange them as i transpose the hums into different keys, enjoy! idk tempo/key

soundcloud: emilynmusic
instagram: emilynsu
discord: Emilyn#7245

Description : Very fitting track for the times. Aggressive, strong word play.
I put the verse first, then put my intro at the end. The intro also has me doing the bassline I wanted on the original track, I wrote to this to.
Think heavy live drum set, guitar rift or bass (like how I did it in my intro at end). Was how original beat was, that never happened. But you do you.

Description : Hook and verse. Hook repeated and flipped. Verse repeated as well.

One them feel good joints, to show where your sights should be or shouldn't be. Thats up to you.
I will re-record this to your beat, if it fits.

Description : Poetic rap. Intro, verse, bridge and hook at end. Written by K-Rich aka K1clean.
Fit the right beat and I will re-record it to yours. Along with doing voice overs and ad-libs.

Description : if used include ft metaled in the title and also please donate any amount you can spare to my paypal to help me keep making great music

Description : One of my earliest compositions. Resinging it now to a different tempo ..couldnt find a good instrumental so i freestyled it with just a beat on my trax page
Wet and dry..

Description : A fun and silly song. Reggae Afro Beat flavor.

Description : Just don't ask me why..collab beat wity vox is on my trax page

Description : For Ruslan's Track Jumbo Dream which he used my beat loop..

Description : Microphone: SE2200A
FX: Celemony Melodyne, Izotope Nectar, FabFilter Pro-Q2, Timeless2 & Pro-R

Eighth Note Pickup

Description : Wrote and sang this to a utube retrowave instrumental POP beat by KHVN \
Only wet..If u need it dry for a commercial release email me
dsnick73 gmail

Description : Use these vocals the way that resonates best with your beat; as a whole or parts of it. Enjoy and please share your work, looking forward to hear your sound!

PS. If there's a producer out here that can give me some tips on how to reduce the static noise even further within garageband, please let me know.

Description : 115 BPM- Key of G Major.

Harmonics- D maj.

The Beat goes like this on the BLOCK letters.

my MIND is a cage,
and I'M its prisoner,
i'm SCREAMING for help,
but NO ONE's a listener. X2

Description : free. beat it. lil peep. listen to me on soundcloud, link on my profile. enjoy.

Description : Here's the vocals for a song I wrote,
I included some parts towards the end that you can stack as harmonies and play around with :). If you want to check bpm and tempo ideas for this song, listen to the free beat I sang it to: Partynextdoor x drake beat - ivory on youtube

Soundcloud: emilynmusic
Instagram: emilynsu

FOR COMMERCIAL USE/COLLAB INQUIRIES please email me at the email on my looperman profile page.

Description : PLEASE PUT (feat. Dream Vacation) if posted. Thanks!
Full song. Loose format so there are a couple options for bridges and choruses. opens with chord and beat for reference.

Description : Sang this to an Afro House Beat
All dry

Description : She remind me off Hilary Banks..maybe a sample type beat?

Want custom written verses or to buy commercial licenses?
Message/email me for a quote

Email me - Mansasworld(at)
Shout me on insta - @MansasWorld

Description : Removed delay and master compression from my demo track ..
Beat and track is up have a listen..

Description : Tried on a house beat sounds cool.

Almost a dry sample

Description : example of someone singing onto this instrumental
(very off key and beat ik)

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